Who Is Brooke Shields' Ex-Husband Andre Agassi Married To Now?

Brooke Shields and Andre Agassi's marriage was anything but a grand slam. However, the tennis player got a second chance at love after his tumultuous relationship with "The Blue Lagoon" actor.

Shield and Agassi's relationship began in 1993 after meeting at a tennis match, per Hello Magazine. From then on, the two continued to explore their romance, and four years into dating, they decided to tie the knot. Although it was supposed to be one of the happiest times in the couple's life, Shields knew she made a grave error. She revealed in her memoir, "There Was a Little Girl," "It hit me all of a sudden — I knew I had made a mistake. For the next two years, we saw very little of each other." Not only did their busy lifestyles keep them apart, but Shields also admitted that Agassi was controlling. While speaking on the "WTF with Marc Maron" podcast, the actor shared, "My first husband, you know, it's like, people say you marry your father or whatever that thing is. I married a very controlling person." The two were not a match made in heaven, and in 1999, they officially called it quits.

Two years after her split from Agassi, Shields married her husband, Chris Henchy, per People. The "Pretty Baby" actor moved on relatively quickly after her breakup with the tennis player, but so did Agassi. Not long after he and Shields called it quits, the tennis pro walked down the aisle once again.

Andre Agassi married a fellow tennis player

Andre Agassi met his perfect match before he even wed actor Brooke Shields. After winning his first Grand Slam title in 1992, the tennis player was thrilled to be attending the Wimbledon Ball, not just because he would be honored, but also because he was supposed to dance with the female tennis title winner, which happened to be Steffi Graf, per People. Unfortunately for Agassi, the ball didn't go how he planned and the dance was canceled. He shared, "I don't get to dance with Steffi, but there will be a kind of consolation match: a formal introduction. I look forward to it all night. Then it happens." Although he asked to talk with Graf, nothing ever came from it, and a year later, Agassi met Shields.

But, call it fate or whatever you like, because after Agassi split from Shields in 1999, he reconnected with Graf. Agassi asked Graf to a practice tennis match, and from then on, the rest was history. Two years later, the couple took the next step in their relationship by walking down the aisle in Las Vegas, per News 24. They released a joint statement, sharing, "We are so blessed to be married and starting this chapter of our lives. The privacy and intimacy of our ceremony was beautiful and reflective of all we value." Unlike Agassi and Shields' marriage, the tennis player and Graf's romance has continued to last.

Andre Agassi knew the universe wanted him to be with Steffi Graf

Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf are a power couple, and the universe seems to think so too, at least that's what Agassi believes. When asked by The Cut how he knew Graf was the one, the tennis player responded, "Well, I figured there was a fifty-fifty shot. I already made one bad call; I thought maybe my chances could go up to 75. But sometimes the universe whispers, sometimes it screams." Agassi admired Graf from afar and loved how she seemed like the complete opposite of him. It seemed like even the universe was trying to bring the two together. He shared with the outlet that amidst his divorce from Brooke Shields, the actor had done something that made it clear that Graf was the one. He shared, "When you're in the process of getting a divorce and your wife is preparing for single life by putting up a picture in a heart-shaped magnet on the fridge of the most-ideal legs she wants to strive for and it happens to be your future wife's legs, that's the universe screaming. It's a bullhorn."

The universe and Agassi weren't wrong, the two tennis players have been happily married since 2001, per People. The couple even had two children, Jaden Gil and Jaz Elle, in the months and years that followed their nuptials. So despite his messy split from Shields, Agassi ended up finding the one for him.