Who Is Nicole Appleton's Millionaire Husband, Stephen Haines?

Nicole Appleton — one-fourth of the UK girl group All Saints — has found her better half in Stephen Haines. The happy couple officially went public with their romance on Instagram in February 2019, though their romance reportedly dates back to 2018. Then, in March 2019, Metro shared photographs of the two beaming in what was believed to be their first proper public outing. 

Appleton and Haines decided to get married in 2021. Appleton took to Instagram to share details of their wedding, which took place at Cliveden House, the same venue where Meghan Markle stayed before her wedding to Prince Harry. As The Sun reported, Appleton and Haines tied the knot about a year after Appleton gave birth to their daughter, who was born in 2020. "After hiding my pregnancy for the last 9 months...which was SOOOOO difficult & keeping her a secret from all my friends...I can finally announce our incredible news!!...Our little girl 'Skipper Hudson Haines' has arrived," the "Never Ever" singer posted to Instagram in March of 2020.

Here's everything you need to know about Haines.

Stephen Haines was a high-ranking Meta executive

Nicole Appleton spent much of her career serenading adoring fans with her three fellow band members. Stephen Haines, on the other hand, worked in tech. According to his LinkedIn account, Haines was the director of global agency development for Meta (formerly Facebook). Haines started this role in March 2020. However, Haines started working for Meta 15 years ago. His first role with the social media company kicked off in December 2007 when he joined as the UK commercial director. Over the past decade and a half, Haines received two promotions.

In September, Haines announced in a LinkedIn blog post that he was preparing to leave Meta. "After nearly 16 years I want to share the news that I have decided to leave Facebook/Meta towards the end of October this year!" wrote Haines. "I joined a company that changed my life forever and undoubtedly changed the way we connect as humans too. When I started, we had less than 50 million users, mostly in the US, an English only platform, local competitors in every market in the world, and an evolving business model." Haines also thanked several of his co-workers and bosses — including Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg. Toward the tail end of his update, Haines let slip that he's kind of playing it by ear with what's next. But one thing's for sure — he's ready to kick back and soak up some quality time with the family.

Stephen used to work for Yahoo!

Meta isn't the only big tech/media company that Stephen Haines has worked for. According to LinkedIn, Haines also held two positions at Yahoo between 2002 and 2007. He started as head of agency sales and then transitioned into the role of head of agency strategy. Haines' eventual Yahoo departure was a big deal within the tech world. According to Campaign Live, Haines initially joined the company to grow their ad revenue. Naturally, Yahoo wasn't happy with Haines after he quit the company to pursue a career at Meta (then Facebook). The media giant had recently lost two other pivotal employees around the same time.

Although Haines hasn't spoken much about his role at Yahoo over the years, he's periodically given comments about the tech landscape while working at Meta. During a 2013 interview with The Lighthouse Company — a London-based headhunting firm that connects businesses with qualified leaders — Haines spoke passionately about how tech was changing the world of media as he complimented the company for its innovation. "Being in this space, the technology space, it really is sort of changing the way that media works," said Haines. "And I think it's one of the biggest things to happen in the last 50 years in terms of a shift of how users use the media, how clients and agencies engage."

So, who is Stephen Haines? A dotting father, compassionate husband, and distinguished face in the tech space.