All The Worst Dressed Celebs At The 2023 CMA Awards

With all eyes trained on the biggest names in country at the 2023 Country Music Awards in Nashville on November 8, stars emerged on the red carpet looking every bit the superstars as they are. There's no denying that these A-listers sure know how to dress to impress and pull off striking looks, even if it means subjecting fans to an overload of bizarre cowboy hats, cowboy boots ready for stomping, and bolo ties. Lots and lots of bolo ties.

Although the majority of the stars paraded in their best threads (shout out to Lainey Wilson, Megan Moroney, and Colbie Caillat!), we couldn't help but pay attention to the select few who veered off the course, intentionally or otherwise. From singers impersonating traffic enforcers to stars looking like they wandered in from a parent-teacher conference, our fashion radar didn't fail to pick out an intriguing assortment of fiascos. Lo and behold, here are the 2023 CMA Awards attendees who missed the sartorial mark in our book.

Priscilla Block channeled... a crossing guard?

We're kicking off this "what were they thinking?" party with Priscilla Block, who appears to be a repeat offender in Worst Dressed lists. She already made it to our 2023 People's Choice Country Awards Worst Dressed, and now the "Just Over You" singer is a front-runner in the "boldest" fashion choice category with her traffic enforcer ensemble. Clad in a two-piece officer's uniform, heels, and an actual traffic cone, the star pulled up to the red carpet looking like she was ready to apprehend a speeding driver than to belt out a tune. If her goal was to be the most talked about person on the block, we'd give her an A for her effort, and maybe a caution sign for the next time she graces a red carpet!

Post Malone should have ditched the solo cup

What is with Post Malone's insistence to just not give? Granted, country music is not exactly his arena, but it would have been nice if he had made more of an effort to dress to the nines. Instead of stunning everyone with an expertly curated outfit, he played it too safe with a simple black suit, a silver bolo tie, and a cowboy hat to top it off. In true Post Malone fashion, he was also nursing a red solo cup in his manicured hands, because, well, we don't exactly know.

Lindsay Hubbard's giant ribbon was a distraction

Lindsay Hubbard was all about class and sophistication with her sparkling silver halter gown. But just when we thought she had the understated elegance look locked down, she posed sideways to reveal a cut-out on her dress that showcased her hipbone, giving it its own red carpet moment. A giant ribbon also happened to make its way to the dress, presumably to give it an extra oomph. Suffice it to say, these quirky additions to what's supposed to be a classy dress just weren't working. Maybe Post Malone was right. Less is sometimes more!

Luke Combs was a checkered mess

Luke Combs should give his wife, Nicole Hocking, an apology for showing up in a non-complementary outfit, sabotaging their couple style game. While Hocking was an absolute vision with her vibrant red dress that resembled the structure of a rose, we can't say the same for Combs, who arrived at the scene proving that he indeed missed the memo. The "Fast Car" crooner was decked out in a checkered brown suit, a purple shirt, and brown suede oxfords, resembling more of a chessboard than a country superstar.

Luke Bryan needs to take more risks

Another Luke who committed a fashion mishap in our book is no other than Luke Bryan, who decided to pull up with a look that screams Boring with a capital B. While his "Country Girl" tunes got us shaking, his outfit got us snoozing. To be fair, he isn't exactly known for being a fashionista, but his get-up at the 2023 CMAs left more to be desired. He showed up wearing an all-black ensemble, with the only thing being remotely flashy was his black leather jacket. Better luck next time, Luke!

Keith Urban should put in more effort

Sorry, but did the husbands of country music decide to just not try this year? Nicole Kidman put her husband, Keith Urban, to shame with her stunning cutout gown that gave her chiseled abs their 15 minutes of fame. Urban, on the other hand, sported a moss green tie-dye shirt, a pair of nondescript black pants, and chunky black stompers that looked like they belonged in Roblox. At least he attempted to accessorize a bit, but overall, it was a huge miss. PSA to celebrity husbands everywhere: take some notes from your respective wives, please!

Nate Smith was too biker chic

Nate Smith took a page out of Luke Bryan's fashion playbook and decided to also skip the style memo and dress in an outfit worthy of a heavy sigh. Opting for an entirely monochromatic get-up, he showed up to the A-list event paying homage to all things black. He was in a black shirt, a pair of black jeans, black loafers, a black jacket, and, to add insult to injury, a shiny black snapback cap. Are we at a motorcycle convention or an awards show? We can't tell!

Mickey Guyton missed her chance to shine

While we're a fan of keeping things simple, Mickey Guyton took it to the next level by wearing the non-flashiest outfit she could find. Instead of strutting on the red carpet with an ensemble that rocked everyone's socks off, she opted for an incredibly subdued yellow mini dress with a cut-out in the middle, which is sadly the most interesting part of her entire outfit. Pairing her lemon-hued piece with silver heels that had crystal accents, and minimal accessories, she seemed to toe the line between effortlessly chic and effortless — full stop.

Lindsay Ell gave high school prom

We appreciate bold color choices, but maybe not ones that will have us squinting. Lindsay Ell took making a statement too literally by swimming against the tide, sauntering to the event decked out in a bright purple gown that showcased her toned legs, finished off with a pair of silver blocked heels. Her beautiful lavender hair even blended with the rest of the ensemble, but the vivid shade of her dress was just too much for our peepers. Does anyone have extra sunglasses lying around?

Reyna Roberts had us scratching our heads

Sartorial risk-taking is one thing, but Reyna Roberts pushed it to the limit by wearing an outfit that seemed to have been borrowed from Lil Nas X's closet. In a bid to tame her fiery red locks, she made a bold fashion choice by donning an all-white ensemble, starting with a daringly snug corset, barely-there pants with more cutouts than a Swiss cheese (seriously, was there a cutout sale we missed this year?), pointy red heels, bright white gloves, and a black cowboy hat. While we admire the urban cowgirl confidence, she could have gone with a less perplexing outfit. This entire look was a head-scratching spectacle, to say the least.