Celebs Who Can't Stand Donald Trump Jr.

The following article includes references to sexual abuse and racism.

Thanks to his dad's presidency, Donald Trump Jr. can count some celebrities as friends. When "Bawitdaba" singer Kid Rock struggled to up jump the boogie during a holiday party in 2022, Donald Jr. was there to film his DJing fail. And after British comedian Russell Brand was accused of sexually assaulting four women, Don Jr. was there to share a meme on Instagram. It grouped Brand with WikiLeaks hacker Julian Assange and Andrew Tate, who has been charged with rape and human trafficking. The mugshot Donald Trump posed for after surrendering on racketeering charges in Georgia was included in the meme, too. "One day they'll be coming for you. I don't believe in this much coincidence and neither should you," the eldest Trump son warned his followers in September 2023.

Donald Jr. is quite active on social media and often utilizes it to quickly respond to the many celebrities who criticize his father; for someone who penned a book titled "Triggered," he seems to be easily set off himself. When Oprah Winfrey interviewed Jennifer Lawrence for The Hollywood Reporter in 2017, for example, Lawrence joked about what she'd do if she ever met Donald Sr. "I've got a pretty good speech. And it ends with a martini to the face," she said. Don Jr. quickly came to the defense of the man who infamously once boasted about grabbing women's genitals by tweeting, "I'm pretty sure that's not how it would end..."

But Donald Trump Jr. isn't just the ex-POTUS' white knight; he's done his pops proud by gaining his own group of vocal Hollywood haters.

Sam Asghari wanted Donald Trump Jr. to leave Britney alone

As Donald Trump's head-turning civil fraud trial began in New York City in early October 2023, Donald Trump Jr. appeared to have something else on his mind: Britney Spears not being the exact same person she was during the heyday of her pop music career in the early aughts. On his Instagram page, Donald Jr. shared a meme that consisted of an older photo of Spears alongside a more recent screengrab from an Instagram video of the singer dancing with knives. The respective images were captioned "America under Trump" and "America under Biden." (Never mind that George W. Bush was president when the first image was taken.) Spears' ex-husband, Sam Asghari, fired back at Don Jr. in a post on his Instagram Story. "It's not okay to be a bully," he wrote.

But Spears had suddenly become a favorite target of the Trump son, possibly because her soon-to-be-released memoir "The Woman in Me" had made her the Hollywood hot topic du jour. When Donald Jr. shared a similar meme days later, it earned another social media smackdown from Asghari. "Hey, little Trump. You won't stop bullying so I'm here to tell you that being a bully doesn't make you cool nor [does] it makes you friends — and it certainly doesn't require intelligence to be one," he said in a video on his Story. 

Weeks after Don Jr. shared the memes, Spears would have a best-selling book, and he'd allegedly be asking a courtroom sketch artist to make him "look sexy."

Tommy Chong got a high from Don Jr.'s diagnosis

Hey, man, Tommy Chong is no Donald Trump fan. On X, formerly known as Twitter, the comedian has regularly painted Donald Sr.'s time in the White House as a really bad trip. "Trump is a narcissist, an idiot with moron tendencies," Chong wrote in 2021. "Trump is the political pandemic that lied his way to the one term presidency," another tweet read. In November 2020, we learned that the "Still Smokin" star's dislike of The Donald extended to at least one of his family members: the ex-president's oldest son. At the time, the global COVID-19 pandemic had been ongoing for around eight months, and Joe Biden had recently won the presidential race. "Mixed emotions? Donald Trump Jr. tested positive for Covid 19 today. Humm! How do I feel? I know it's serious! But I am smiling!" Chong tweeted.

Donald Jr. announced his positive diagnosis on Instagram, telling his followers that he was asymptomatic but planned on self-isolating. He also revealed that his plans for a special trip with one of his sons had gone up in smoke due to the test result. During a Fox News appearance the prior month, he had dismissed the number of coronavirus deaths at the time as "almost nothing," even though over 1,000 people died of COVID in the U.S. the day of his interview alone. 

If Chong knew this, perhaps he was getting a little high from that special strain of pleasure known as Schadenfreude.

John Legend schooled him on why his dad is disliked

In March 2016, a Donald Trump rally at the University of Illinois Chicago had to be canceled because so many protestors showed up that it became a security issue. Donald Trump Jr. later took to X to claim that a few student protestors were unable to provide a reason for their presence there. In response, "Made to Love" singer John Legend offered a possible explanation for why the students weren't buying Donald Sr.'s promise to make America great again. "I think they were protesting your racist father. This isn't complicated," he tweeted.

Donald Jr. apparently didn't believe that finding racism repulsive was a good enough reason to protest a politician. "Here we go again. That can't be the answer for everything you don't like. That's why the country is so divided now!" he wrote. Legend then shot back, "No. It's just the answer when racist racists are saying racist s*** and are endorsed by the KKK." The musician's social media squabble with Don Jr. soon attracted the attention of angry MAGA acolytes, but Legend brought receipts. 

"Yes, Trump trolls. I'm the real racist," read his mocking reply to their taunts. Legend's tweet directed them to a Daily Beast article about how Donald Sr. allegedly discriminated against Black people who hoped to rent apartments from his company back in the '70s. A DOJ lawsuit against the Trump Organization claimed that the company had their applications marked with the letter "C," an abbreviation for a racist code, and any such applications would later be denied.

Yvette Nicole Brown's social media takedowns

"Community" star Yvette Nicole Brown has been one of the most vocal members of X's celebrity community when it's come to walloping Donald Trump Jr. with her words. During Donald Trump's hush money arraignment in April 2023, Donald Jr. tweeted a link to a Breitbart article that included a since-removed photo of the daughter of the judge overseeing the case. He shared the same link on Truth Social. MSNBC legal analyst Joyce Alene argued that he was unfairly putting the judge's daughter in danger by placing the image before the eyeballs of his followers. "Lying, threatening people and stealing from the dim and gullible is what [the Trumps] do," Brown wrote in response to one of Alene's tweets. "I hope the @ManhattanDA is paying attention to what every trump is doing — especially @DonaldJTrumpJr he's the biggest simp."

Brown has often referred to the Trump son as "Tang Jr.," but she's also called him "Dusty Loser Jr." and a "complicit smear of human sewage." The latter was included in a tweet accusing Don Jr. of helping his dad rile up the insurrectionists who broke into the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Brown has shared some thoughts about his relationship with his father, too. "Your dad still doesn't love you and he never will," read another tweet directed at him. "I know you already know that, but all your antics are so sad I wanted to remind you so you can just sit down somewhere and heal." Ouch.

He got trashed by Tom Arnold after calling him 'garbage'

"True Lies" star Tom Arnold was mocking Donald Trump in 2019 when he tweeted, "Don Jr's NYC apartment has not been robbed yet! Eric Trump's either! Really bad news!!" This was in response to Donald Sr.'s disingenuous tweet saying it was "Really bad news!" that the home of late Democratic congressman and civil rights advocate Elijah Cummings had been burglarized. Ahead of sharing that message with his followers, Donald Sr. had fired off a series of tweets criticizing Cummings and the city of Baltimore, which the congressman represented. Arnold clearly picked up on the sarcasm in the then-president's tweet about the robbery.

Donald Trump Jr. decided to fish for a little compassion after being dragged into the middle of this snarky social media spat. "No we just get daily death threats and exploding packages of white powder sent to our homes you piece of garbage," he fired back at Arnold. However, the actor didn't apologize or express any sympathy for Donald Jr.; instead, he decided to recycle another Trump insult in his retort. His post included a photo of Trump Jr. holding a severed elephant tail. "This is Donald Trump Jr. He is holding the tail of a beautiful African elephant he murdered as she got up from a nap," he wrote. "Donald Trump Jr. is the real piece of garbage." For refence, yes, Don Jr. really did once kill the symbol of the Republican party (more on that below).

Bette Midler saw toil and trouble in his eyes

On X, "Hocus Pocus" star Bette Midler has likened both Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. to toads, but the members of the Trump family don't just remind her of ingredients that might be found floating around inside a witch's cauldron. In another tweet, the queen of Halloween referenced a different fall holiday while roasting the former first family in 2019. "Thanksgiving was 5 days ago and it's time for all of us to throw out that disgusting, dried-out turkey. And Don Jr, Eric, Ivanka & Melania too," she quipped.

Midler previously singled out the oldest Trump son in another 2019 tweet that racked up over 34,000 likes. "Donald Trump Jr. was interviewed today behind closed doors, by the Senate Intelligence Committee," she wrote. "I doubt they will find any intelligence in him, so I'm asking for a friend, Is there a plan B?" 

And she didn't think that Donald Jr.'s eyes were infamously red and watery because he'd just listened to "Wind Beneath My Wings" ahead of his 2020 RNC Speech. Her theory involved the woman he would later pop the question to, former Fox News personality Kimberly Guilfoyle. "Donald Trump Jr. looks like he's been crying. Did Kimberly G. yell at him?" she wrote. Guilfoyle did get pretty loud during her own speech, which Midler cracked another joke about. She tweeted, "#KimberlyGuilfoyle is a real yeller. No wonder Don Jr. is so into her. She makes him feel like a kid again!"

Aubrey O'Day hated who Donald Trump Jr. became

Danity Kane singer Aubrey O'Day met Donald Trump Jr. when she competed on "The Celebrity Apprentice" in 2011, and she soon became one of his biggest celebrity admirers. In fact, O'Day claimed to Page Six that she and Donald Jr. had an affair while he was still married to Vanessa Trump, whom he divorced in 2018. O'Day once considered Don Jr. her "soulmate," but she was not a fan of the way he started behaving when Donald Trump decided to run for president. "I saw him choose a life that was inauthentic," she said.

O'Day revealed that she wasn't convinced her ex had really swallowed that red MAGA pill, but even if he were faking his far-right political beliefs, the change had been a tough pill for her to swallow. "The man that he's become is a ridiculous joke," she told Hollywood Life in 2022. "And I'm so sad about who he's become with his platform. I don't think he had much of a choice." The star also revealed that it took going to therapy for her to realize that the old Donald Jr. was gone for good. 

On a since-deleted "Mea Culpa" podcast appearance in July 2023 (via Out), O'Day told Donald Sr.'s ex-attorney, Michael Cohen, that Don Jr. allegedly once had sex with her inside a restroom at a gay club. But these days, she's been seeing him post homophobic and transphobic content on his Instagram page. "There is no way that I could have ever loved somebody like what we see today," O'Day said.

He raised hell about Ron Perlman and got burned

In 2018, Donald Trump Jr. thought that he caught one of his family's famous detractors in a "gotcha" moment. We don't know whether Ron Perlman was on his radar at that time — the "Hellboy" star had previously joked about Donald Jr. being a "greaseball" — but the tweet that Don Jr. responded to was a MAGA magnet. It began with an outrageous anecdote about producer Harvey Weinstein. "Harvey Weinstein told me to make sure I shook his hand at a charity event, so I stopped in the mens room and pissed all over my hand," Perlman wrote. This is where Donald Trump came in. Perlman's own wet and wild behavior apparently got him daydreaming about what fast food workers might do to Donald Sr.'s favorite greasy feasts while preparing them. "I think about that every time lil donnie opens up his KFC," he concluded.

Perlman's tweet came months after convicted sex offender Weinstein had been accused of sexual abuse by dozens of women, and the mention of Donald Sr. was a beacon that irresistibly beckoned to Donald Jr. "So you knew he was a rapist and rather the actually do something or say anything you pissed all over your hand???" he replied. Perlman then pointed out, "I never said I knew Harve was a rapist." He added, "I DID know he was a prick though." 

While this exchange was actually rather civil comparatively speaking, Perlman later called Don Jr. "living proof that scumbagedness does not in fact skip a generation."

The Kathy Griffin roast of Donald Trump Jr.

After Kathy Griffin posed with a fake severed head of Donald Trump on social media in 2017, a number of companies severed their ties with the comedian. Donald Trump Jr. went on "Good Morning America" and said of Griffin, "She deserves everything that's coming to her." The following year, Griffin appeared on "Real Time" and thanked host Bill Maher for being one of the few people to offer her their public support at that time. She also responded to Donald Jr.'s "GMA" interview by assuring him, "I'm not decimated."

The political stunt put Griffin at risk of actually getting canceled, but even being investigated by the Secret Service didn't stop her from continuing to criticize the Trump family. On X, she slammed Don Jr. for allegedly stealing jokes from other users in 2019 and previously called him "Eddie Munster." She also let him know why she thought he and Kimberly Guilfoyle made a perfect match. "As my father used to say, 'Honey, It's always good when two a**holes find each other. Takes them off the market for decent people," the comic wrote on Instagram.

Griffin found a way to capitalize on the scandal by calling her subsequent world tour "Laugh Your Head Off," and she suggested that she'd be getting the last laugh in this feud. "I have actually performed twice at a prison," she tweeted in 2018. "I have seen the full body cavity search chair that Don Jr will not be happy sitting in. It makes me happy to think about it."

Donald Trump Jr.'s a favorite target of Jimmy Kimmel

When Donald Trump Jr. tried to tweet-shame Jimmy Kimmel into replacing the Donald Trump jokes in his "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" opening monologue with some about Harvey Weinstein in 2017, the Trump son was rewarded with something else: a link to the aforementioned "Access Hollywood" video of his dad bragging about being able to get away with sexually assaulting women. "Note to DJTJ, next time you're defending your father and you think it's a good idea to draw a comparison between him and a freshly accused sexual predator, don't. It doesn't help," Kimmel later said on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

In the years that followed, Donald Jr. became a popular source of material for the host and his show's writers. When Don Jr. testified in his father's civil fraud trial in NYC in November 2023, Kimmel called him "the fraudigal son" and reacted to an awkward joke the "Triggered" author made about wishing that he'd put on makeup when he saw cameras in the courtroom. "Here's the thing about Don Jr.: What he lacks in intelligence, he also lacks in charisma," Kimmel quipped. During another monologue that March, the late-night host pointed out the empty picture frames in a video that Donald Jr. had filmed at home. "Those are pictures of his friends," he joked.

Kimmel previously roasted both Donalds in a November 2020 tweet that has received over 156,000 likes, as of this writing. It read, "If Donald Trump gets any more embarrassing we're gonna have to start calling him Don Jr."

Ana Navarro-Cárdenas disliked sharing her chair with him

After Donald Trump Jr. appeared on "The View" in 2019, political strategist Ana Navarro-Cárdenas voiced her displeasure with the seating arrangement while co-hosting the show the following day. Donald Jr. had borrowed her chair, and she joked about wanting to "disinfect" it.

While Navarro-Cárdenas didn't get the opportunity to spar with him then, she and Don Jr. engaged in a war of words on X in 2021. In response to Navarro-Cárdenas being diagnosed with COVID-19, Donald Jr. went low by mocking her weight. "Given the Ana Navarro news, I think it's time for a national conversation about the dangers of Covid-19 & obesity," he tweeted. Navarro-Cárdenas later learned that she wasn't actually sick — she'd received a false positive on a COVID test — but she did fire back with a sick burn. "Fortunately for you, if you want to have a conversation about the effects of obesity on people with COVID, your dad is a phone call away ... assuming he answers your calls," she wrote. "Or just ask your sister to call him for you." Yikes!

Navarro-Cárdenas and Don Jr.'s social media skirmish later became a topic of conversation on "The View," which gave Navarro-Cárdenas another opportunity to smack her nemesis down. She deemed Donald Jr. a talentless "dimwit" (via Deadline) and suggested that he randomly attacked her because all he had going on for him was his "father's name and fame and fortune."

Michael Rapaport joked about the nepo baby changing diapers

Comedian Michael Rapaport just might be one of Donald Trump Jr.'s biggest haters. One of "The War at Home" star's favorite topics in the F-bomb-riddled videos that he's shared on X is how much Donald Jr. has benefited from nepotism; he's often dumped on the Trump son by suggesting that he has no skills of his own and has had to rely on his father for employment. "Your only responsibility in life is cleaning your dad, D**kstain Donald Trump's, doo-doo diaper and making sure his contour is good when he goes out in public," the actor said in one 2020 video.

Months later, Rapaport slammed the privileged Trump Organization exec when he began hawking autographed copies of his book, "Liberal Privilege," during the coronavirus pandemic in late 2020. He suggested that a better use of Don Jr.'s time would be boxing up kitchenware to help his father prepare for his exit from the White House. 

A few days later, Rapaport had a hearty laugh over the news that Donald Jr. had tested positive for COVID-19. He joked that this was what Kimberly Guilfoyle meant when she shouted, "The best is yet to come!" during her RNC speech. Rapaport also directly addressed Don Jr. "You were just on Tucker Carlson, talking about, 'Uh, the symptoms of COVID-19 are next to nothing.' No, Junior. Pig D**k Junior, you're next to nothing," he said. "... You've never won anything, you've never earned anything, ya f***."

Donald Trump Jr. got mocked by shock jock Howard Stern

Howard Stern has done a lot of personal growth since Donald Trump appeared on his show in 2004 and agreed with Stern when he described Ivanka Trump as "a piece of a**." However, Donald Trump Jr. isn't happy about the shock jock toning down his outrageous behavior. During a 2020 appearance on the "Jim & Sam Show," Trump Jr. complained about this and Stern's comments about Trump supporters. Stern had suggested that Trump Sr. wouldn't let your average MAGA voter stay at one of his hotels, and he was brutally honest when he shared his own opinion of them. "I hate you for voting for him, for not having intelligence," he said on "The Howard Stern Show" (via Newsweek).

Donald Jr. pointed out that some of Stern's listeners from his raunchier years likely voted for Trump Sr., but Stern didn't care. When he responded to the younger Trump's criticism on his show, his words were dripping with sarcasm. "He is such a wit. He is such a genius. He would have made a fortune if he wasn't under his father's thumb," said Stern (via Deadline). 

Don Jr. tried to prolong the feud by retweeting a 1993 photo of Stern in Blackface, but the radio host called him out for deciding to pick a fight with him instead of focusing on more pressing matters. Admitting that he'd changed and would never do a sketch like that nowadays, Stern said (via Deadline), "It f***ing distresses me that Donald Trump Jr, and Donald, themselves won't go into psychotherapy and change."

Many stars have found Donald Trump Jr.'s hunting abhorrent

One of Donald Trump Jr.'s favorite hobbies is hunting trophy game, and he seems to prefer prey that your average MAGA voter can't find bounding through America's amber waves of grain or scaling its purple mountains. After he traveled to Mongolia and killed an endangered argali sheep in 2019, CREW reported that almost $77,000 of taxpayers' money was used to fund his trip.

His love of killing for sport has angered a lot of celebrities, including Cher. In 2019, she tweeted screengrabs of articles about Donald Jr. and Eric Trump's hunting trips and Ivanka Trump's controversial Chinese trademarks. "HERE ARE THE, 'LET THEM EAT [cake emoji],' TRUMPS," she wrote. "NOT ONE OF THEM WORTH A DAMN." Meanwhile, one of Jim Carrey's political paintings depicted the two older Trump brothers getting gored by the tusks of an almighty elephant; the angry pachyderm is presumably getting revenge for Don Jr. killing one of its kind and chopping off its tail. 

Donald Jr.'s hunting has also earned him some criticism from stars across the pond. Former "The View" host Sharon Osbourne deemed it "disgusting" in a 2016 Instagram post that included a photo of Don Jr. and Eric posing with a dead cheetah. And in 2017, "Love Actually" star Hugh Grant tweeted the infamous photo of Donald Jr. with the severed elephant tail in hand. The actor captioned it, "Americans often ask me to define the British word 'Wanker.'"

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, help is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website or contact RAINN's National Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).