A Deep Dive Into Taylor Swift's Younger Brother Austin's Love Life

Taylor Swift's brother, Austin Swift, hasn't been nearly as open about his love life as his big sister. Not that he's had any reason to! Taylor's music career requires incorporating her most painful relationship regrets into her music. And while that's probably been incredibly therapeutic, she's also been paid quite well to divulge her relationship woes.

With that said, Austin has built up a successful entertainment career as an actor and a producer (sometimes on Taylor's projects). And she's supported him every step of the way. "I think the best advice I get from Taylor is that she says I can do things — in the sense that a lot of times I'm more reserved and cautious, and she's like, 'You can do it, you can handle it,'" Austin revealed to ET in 2018.  

Despite his own fame, Austin has lived a much quieter life than his superstar sister. While even casual fans could recite Taylor's entire dating history with their eyes closed, most would have difficulty narrowing down Austin's romantic past. But it wouldn't be impossible. For example, Austin has reportedly been in a relationship with model Sydney Ness for well over a year. 

Austin Swift and Sydney Ness are still going strong

Austin Swift and Sydney Ness appear to have been dating since at least September 2022. E! News published photos of the adorable couple holding hands as they walked through New York last Autumn. At the time, Austin and Sydney looked cozy, casual, and completely unaware they were being photographed. However, that just made the seemingly candid photos that much sweeter from our perspective. The outlet also noted that Austin and Sydney didn't confirm a relationship at the time. But come on, they totally look coupled up in the snaps.

One year later, Austin and Sydney accompanied Taylor Swift to support her boyfriend Travis Kelce during the October 1 Kansas City Chiefs game, according to People. As the outlet noted, Austin and Sydney got the V.I.P. treatment as they sat with Taylor and her entourage in the private box. If you missed this outing, it's probably because Taylor and Kelce's burgeoning bond had completely captured the internet's attention. By the way, that's probably not going to slow down anytime soon. Just saying!

Has Austin Swift spoken out about their relationship?

Although Austin Swift and Sydney Ness have obviously gotten quite close, they haven't made their relationship Instagram official — or any kind of official. Over the past year, the creative pair has posted about their relationship on Instagram a whopping zero times. Meanwhile, Ness has posted many photos chronicling her career as a Ford model and her passion for photography. In October 2023, she posted to Instagram celebrating her delightfully colorful fashion spread for Consuela — a "fashion and lifestyle brand," according to the company's Instagram account. She has also worked on campaigns for Venus Swim and JustFab.

Meanwhile, Austin hasn't updated his Instagram since he and Ness reportedly started hanging out. One of Austin's last Instagram posts came in February 2022, when he touted his work on Taylor Swift's music video for "I Bet You Think About Me." 

Despite the lack of social media contact, it's pretty safe to assume that Taylor approves of their relationship. According to People, Ness was one of the seven lucky ladies who spent the Fourth of July with the singer in 2023. She even made it onto Taylor's Instagram grid. "Happy belated Independence Day from your local neighborhood independent girlies," Taylor captioned the photo of her friends, which included Selena Gomez.