Michael Strahan Leaves Us Guessing Over Lengthy GMA Absence

Michael Strahan has finally made his on-air return, and we feel even more in the dark.

Over the last few years, the former football star and his optimistic personality have been a bright light for "Good Morning America" and "Fox NFL Sunday" fans. However, since the end of October 2023, the former professional athlete has been noticeably absent from his anchoring duties. According to The Los Angeles Times, Strahan's last appearance on "GMA" occurred on October 26, with his last appearance on "Fox NFL Sunday" on October 22. While the morning personality refrained from updating his fans directly, a "GMA" rep shed some light on the situation in a statement to ET. "Michael Strahan will not be with us this week as he is dealing with some personal family matters," they told the news outlet on November 6. "We appreciate everyone's thoughts and concerns."

It didn't take long for fans to flock to social media to express their concerns for Strahan. One "GMA" viewer on X, formerly known as Twitter, wrote, "@RobinRoberts, where is Michael Strahan? He's never been gone this long." In response to the post, Roberts promised that Strahan would return soon. Fans also swarmed Strahan's Instagram comments with heartfelt messages. "Good morning, miss you on gma and NFL. Praying you and your family is okay," one user wrote on his most recent Instagram post. Fortunately, Strahan made his grand return to "Good Morning America" and "Fox NFL Sunday" on November 15 and November 13, respectively. However, his response to his absence has left us confused.

Michael Strahan kept it short and sweet during GMA return

On November 15, Michael Strahan returned to "Good Morning America" after three weeks. At the start of the show, co-host Robin Roberts expressed her happiness over his return, stating, "Can I just say we have tears of joy because Michael is back here at the desk" (via the New York Post). In response to the heartfelt words, Strahan said, "It's great to be back with you both." However, the former NFL star didn't elaborate on his absence and instead segued into one of the day's top stories. "It's great to see Jeremy Renner conquering another mountain or hill as he's on his way to recovery," he added, per Inside Edition. While Strahan remained mum on his situation, fans were happy to him back on their screens. One X user wrote, "@michaelstrahan it is a GREAT morning seeing you on Good Morning America today! Happy Hump day!" Another viewer said, "@michaelstrahan is back on GMA!!! That makes me happy!!"

This isn't the first time Strahan has had an extended absence from "Good Morning America." In April 2023, the beloved host took an extended three-week break from the show, which left fans concerned. After a fan on X asked Roberts about Strahan, the longtime anchor replied, "He's been enjoying a well deserved Spring vacation, he'll be back tomorrow." Strahan also took a break from "GMA" in August 2023 to move his daughter, Sophia Strahan, into her dorm at Duke University. "Dropped off the youngest of the tribe @sophialstrahan at college!" he announced on Instagram.

Michael Strahan appears in good spirits

Despite his weeks-long absence, Michael Strahan is undeniably in good spirits, as evidenced on the November 17 episode of "Good Morning America." During the episode, Strahan showed off his racing skills as he competed against Formula 1 driver Logan Sargeant on the track. "I want you to give me everything you've got. Do not take it easy on me. I'm not here for second place, and I'm not here for charity," Strahan told Sargeant, per ABC News. Surprisingly, Strahan won the race — a victory he joked felt better than winning the Superbowl.

Similarly, following his return to Fox NFL, Strahan appeared on the show's TikTok channel, where he participated in a quiz asking for the meaning of military terms. Though the reason for his long hiatus remains uncertain, there is no denying that whatever it was, Strahan has maintained his upbeat and optimistic personality. And, of course, fans couldn't be any happier!