Reese Witherspoon's Kids Ava And Deacon Phillippe Live Wildly Lavish Lives

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe's nepo babies, Ava Phillippe and Deacon Phillippe, are all grown up, and they're taking full advantage of having parents with famous faces and deep pockets. According to Forbes, Witherspoon had a net worth of $440 million as of 2023, so she can certainly afford to help her kids along as they do Hollywood-adjacent work in fashion and music. However, she's seemingly tried to raise her children not to have that spoiled rich kid mentality she and Ryan's "Cruel Intentions" characters possess.

Shockingly, always opting for pink over orange isn't the best advice Ava has ever received from her mom; it's that "pretty is as pretty does." She explained to E! News, "As pretty as you ever look on the outside, you're only as pretty as you are on the inside and the way that you treat other people." On the "Good Inside With Dr. Becky" podcast, Witherspoon shared another important lesson she's taught her children: Failure is an option. "I think learning from failure is actually a valuable tool that you can't take away from kids," she said. "You rob them if you don't let them sit in the discomfort of the experience." And when you're doing that learning from the comfort of a luxury apartment in NYC, it's got to take some of the sting off, right? You just have to learn to ignore the haters like those who came for Deacon when he showed off his swanky space.

Deacon Phillippe can record music in his NYC apartment

Deacon Phillippe was just 17 years old when he scored a 2020 Interview magazine interview about his musical aspirations. He said his father gave him his first crash course in music production, and by 2023, he was ready to drop his debut album, "A New Earth." By then, he'd also scored a role in "Never Have I Ever." Executive producer Mindy Kaling told ET that she cast Phillippe in the Netflix series after Witherspoon told her that he wanted to give acting a shot. This is the kind of thing that rubs critics of nepotism the wrong way — much like Phillippe's apartment.

While he was making music and acting, Phillippe was also attending college at New York University. For his second year at school, he moved into an upscale apartment that makes those "Friends" abodes seem quaint in comparison. He gave Caleb Simpson a tour for one of the vlogger's TikTok videos, which began with Phillippe saying that he and his roomies pay "West Village prices" for rent. Their spacious, two-story apartment featured a fully outfitted kitchen, a large vinyl records display in the living room, and a spiral staircase leading up to the second floor. Phillippe's room was large enough that he was also using it as a recording studio.

In the comments section, some TikTokers called Phillippe a "nepo baby." One person snarked, "How much do you pay? The correct answer is: ask my mom and dad."

Ava Phillippe attended an actual ball

When Ava Phillippe was 16, her nepo baby status scored her an invite that would definitely have a teenage Elle Woods squeezing with delight. She was one of the lucky few who got to attend the Bal des Debutantes in Paris, an exclusive event where the children of the famous, well-connected, and fabulously wealthy are introduced to high society while wearing high fashion. Her escort was actual royalty: Padmanabh Singh, the Maharaja of Jaipur. Phillippe and Singh were given the honor of performing the opening waltz to a song from the movie "La La Land," according to People, and Phillippe looked like a princess as she spun around in her gold Giambattista Valli Haute Couture ballgown.

A ball attended by the elite sounds very "Bridgerton," which Phillippe paid homage to when she landed a modeling gig for the Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton makeup collection in 2021. Phillippe told E! News that McGrath contacted her personally to ask her to participate in the campaign.

Phillippe's charmed life has also provided her the opportunity to appear in an ad for Beyoncé's Adidas x Ivy Park clothing line, and she's partnered with the luxury label Celine. In one of her Instagram ads, she's pictured posing with a purse worth almost $4,000. She also makes regular appearances on the red carpet with her supportive mom. "I'm so proud of my kids," Reese Witherspoon told People. "They're thriving in the world and I'm so happy for them."