Below Deck: Why Captain Jason Chambers And Aesha Scott Will Never Get Romantic

When Bravo announced its new "Below Deck" series "Below Deck Down Under" in 2022, viewers were stoked, especially after seeing that the captain would be Jason Chambers. As the youngest captain of "Below Deck" to date, he dazzled fans, the crew, and charter guests alike with his good looks. Nicknamed "Captain Cutie," the stews fawned over him upon first sight, but as for the chief stew Aesha Scott, she only felt platonic vibes for her boss.

"It was amazing because he was really like a friend to me. You know, like, I have so much respect for the hierarchy, so I really did respect him as my captain," Scott told Bravo's "The Daily Dish." She continued, "We had this vibe where it was like he was the captain, but I was in charge of the interior, and we were, like, this friendship that just supported each other, really. You know, we both leaned on each other." The two worked closely together for two seasons and formed a close bond, but while it may seem natural that Scott and Chambers would get together, they have more of a sibling love for each other.

Aesha Scott thinks of Captain Jason Chambers like a brother

"Below Deck Down Under" fans ship Aesha Scott and Captain Jason Chambers, but it's never going to happen for the yachties. Although the two have nothing but love for each other, Scott stated during BravoCon 2023 that Chambers is like a "brother" to her, per Bravo. She added, "I don't look at him and my panties start to drop. I'm just like, 'Hey, bro.'" Scott, who is in a relationship with her boyfriend Scotty Dobson, told fans during the event that even if she were single, there'd be no chance of a romance with Chambers. "I can truly tell you I've not once felt attracted to him. Right from the start, it's been so platonic ... Trust me, my boyfriend is everything."

Chambers is fully in support of his chief stew's relationship, and in a touching Season 2 episode, he helped Dobson surprise Scott with a visit between charters. "The one that has my heart. Having Scott surprise me during the season was the BEST THING EVER," she gushed on Instagram. "You are soooo busy that you lose any connection you have with the outside world. We work 16 hour days every day for six-seven weeks and we don't go home to our houses/loved ones at the end of the day, so having Scott there was such a precious link to my familiar world." 

Now that Scott is fully in love, her one wish for Chambers is to have him find his soulmate as well.

Aesha Scott wants Captain Jason Chambers to settle down

It's no secret Captain Jason Chambers is easy on the eyes, and Aesha Scott revealed that he had some love "connections" during BravoCon 2022, per Page Six. "There was some conversations after BravoCon with one or two people that we met. But it wasn't much of a sliding [into the DMs]. It was more of a catch-up, but nothing's come to fruition," she shared. While Scott didn't spill who Chambers had hooked up with, she stated that it wouldn't be hard for him to get dates. But as she added, "I just really want him to find someone because he's so in love with his daughter. He's such a good man."

He's going to need to find a special someone soon to help him with his contacts, as Scott was seen doing all throughout "Below Deck Down Under" Season 2. On a "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" appearance, the host asked what Chambers' "grossest" habits were. "Well, I don't know if it's gross, but I think everyone can see he's a grown man and he doesn't know how to put contacts in. So maybe we can work on self-growth?" she answered (via Bravo). Chambers, who was also in the episode, explained that he can't get the left one in and stated, "I keep dropping them in the sink and ... they're expensive!" Looks like his future partner has to be comfortable with sticking contacts into his eyes.