Diamond Pro Tells Us How Much Dodi's Ring For Diana Is Worth Today

Season 6 of "The Crown," which follows the last days of Princess Diana's life, has sparked intense interest in her post-divorce romance with billionaire Dodi Al Fayed. Although Diana and Al Fayed's romance didn't last very long, the public has long theorized that the film producer had plans to propose to Princess Diana at some point in the future. A 2007 inquest into their deaths confirmed that Al Fayed bought a ring from a jewelry store on August 30, 1997 — one day before he and Diana died in a car crash, according to The Guardian. Officials later found a ring inscribed with the French translation of "Tell Me Yes" in their home. There was also a receipt that referenced an engagement ring in French.

Although the proposal was never confirmed, "The Crown" — which has been known to weave creative fiction into the royal family's historical timeline — featured Al Fayed's proposal in Episode 3. In real life, however, the ring's value and intent is still up for debate. The Guardian estimated that Fayed spent around $11,600 on the ring, which would've been considerably less than he spent on his ex, Kelly Fisher, per Vanity Fair. "Dodi had given Kelly Fisher this $200,000 beautiful diamond," said correspondent Julie Miller. "The theory is if this was going to be Diana's ring and photographed by every media outlet in the world, he would never just present her with this approximately $11,000 ring."

Here's what Diana's ring might be worth today, according to Mike Fried, CEO of the Diamond Pro. 

Princess Diana's engagement ring cost six figures

Nicki Swift consulted with Mike Fried, CEO of the Diamond Pro, who provided an exclusive estimation of the current value of Princess Diana's ring. "The ring from Dodi Al Fayed is a unique, custom ring that carries tremendous value for craftsmanship alone," said Fried. "The details together make for an impressive ensemble: the beautiful 1 carat emerald cut in the center, the surrounding trillion-cut diamonds, and the yellow gold accenting in the shape of a star." He continued, "The thick band adds further depth and character to the ring." Fried believes the ring is worth almost $100,000. "Although the ring doesn't feature a massive stone, it carries bravado, style, and value," Fried added.

Fried's estimation certainly seems closer in value to something purchased with Princess Diana in mind. In fact, a 1997 report by The Washington Post claims that Diana actually signed off on the ring. Alberto Repossi, the jeweler who designed the ring, spoke claimed that the couple actually arrived at the store 10 days earlier and picked out the ring together. Al Fayed then returned alone — the day before their crash — and purchased the ring. "He said he loved it and he was certain the princess would love it as well," claimed Repossi. As for why the jeweler publicized such private information about the couple, he said, "I would never have spoken of the ring if it had not already been revealed. My pain does not permit me to rejoice in the publicity."

How much Princess Diana's ring from Prince Charles cost

Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed's burgeoning romance ended the night of their fateful car crash, which means that the world never got to see where their relationship was headed. And though Al Fayed is often remembered when reliving the tragic events of their car accident, Princess Diana's previous marriage to King Charles takes up a much larger part of her legacy. Although the former spouses' relationship was eventually defined by unfortunate circumstances, including infidelity, their courtship started out on a much shinier note. Years before their marriage ended, the then-prince proposed to Diana with a gorgeous sapphire ring. According to People, the ring was worth around $37,500 when Charles popped the question. The outlet also reported that Diana picked out the ring.

While speaking with Marie Claire, House of Garrard, the historic jewelers who designed the ring, revealed that it carried a close connection to Queen Victoria and her personal preferences. "Queen Victoria absolutely loved sapphires, so Prince Albert always used to buy her sapphires," shared the company with the publication. They continued, "There's a very famous sapphire brooch which Queen Elizabeth wears regularly, passed down from Queen Victoria. That was the inspiration for the sapphire engagement ring that the Duchess of Cambridge wears. Prince Charles had always seen this beautiful sapphire brooch of his mother's, which House of Garrard had created. When he went to House of Garrard, he saw that ring and thought it was perfect.