The Popular Dating App NFL Star Jason Kelce Met His Wife Kylie On

Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce had a 21st-century meet-cute. Like many people, the couple put themselves out there and met on a popular dating app, which led them to a happy marriage.

Jason has two important rings to him — his Super Bowl ring and his wedding ring. The NFL star and his wife, Kylie, have been married since 2018. In a sweet ceremony, the couple said "I do" in front of 170 guests in Philadelphia. Although the pair have only been married for five years, they have gone through a lot together. The couple welcomed three beautiful girls into their lives, and Kylie has supported Jason in his football career, which led him to the Super Bowl twice. Through it all, the football star has continued to be head over heels for his wife.

In September 2023, the Philadelphia Eagles star appeared on "The Pat McAfee" show and gushed about his wife, Kylie, and their documentary, "Kelce." He shared, "My wife has been in hiding for a long time. I think one of the best things about the documentary is that everybody got to see everything she does and everything she goes through — and the tremendous person and wife that she is." Jason and Kylie have a truly swoon-worthy love story thanks to a simple swipe on a dating app.

Jason Kelce and Kylie McDevitt met on Tinder

Tinder may have a reputation for hookups, but that doesn't mean serious connections can't form on the dating app, and Jason and Kylie Kelce are proof of just that. A bit embarrassed by their meet-cute, Kylie revealed in their 2023 documentary, "Jason won't let me lie about this. We met on Tinder."

When appearing on Jason and Travis Kelce's podcast, "New Heights," Kylie shared more details about the Philadelphia star's Tinder profile. For years, Jason believed there was a photo of him in his profile that showed he was an NFL star. But, the mom of three revealed that his profile never featured any proof he was in the NFL, and it was all because of the way his photo was cropped. She shared, "It was cropped to fit Tinder, and so the only thing you could see was his face. So you couldn't see the lower thirds, the ticker, anything — you couldn't even see the Eagles emblem on his shirt."

So, Kylie swiped right without knowing anything about his status, and it wasn't until she and her friends looked him up on Google that she discovered he was a well-known football player. But even after Kylie looked Jason up, she wasn't sure it was really him. She shared, "It can't be him; it's a catfish." Still, Kylie took a chance and went on a date, but it wasn't love at first sight.

Jason Kelce fell asleep on his date with Kylie McDevitt

Jason and Kylie Kelce's first date was definitely memorable, but not in a good way, at least not for Kylie. During an appearance on the "New Heights" podcast, the mom of three revealed that Jason fell asleep 45 minutes into their date and was completely inebriated. As if it couldn't get worse, Jason's teammate, Beau Allen, had to carry him home, and the football star didn't make it easy. Jason said, "I was wiggling free. I was making it difficult for him. It became a challenge. But I definitely fell asleep, definitely got too inebriated." Even though he was drunk, Jason says he was "sober enough" to know that Kylie was the "most beautiful woman" he had seen in his life.

While many would say one and done if they had a first date like Kylie did with Jason, the mom of three decided to give him another shot. She shared in the "Kelce" documentary that the football player begged for a second chance. She explained, "The next day, he called and was like, 'Can we try that again?'" Kylie and Jason went on another date, and she admitted that he "did much better" on the second go at their romance.

Talk about a comeback!