Lauren Graham's Opinion About Plastic Surgery Is Crystal Clear

Lauren Graham, who famously played Lorelai Gilmore on "Gilmore Girls" and its Netflix revival, has been praised for her youthful beauty since the early 2000s. When the sitcom about the tight-knit relationship between a single mother and her daughter premiered in 2000, Graham was 33 years old. However, she could almost pass as an older sister to her onscreen daughter, Alexis Bledel. And though it's been over two decades since the original installment premiered, she still manages to wow fans with her youthful looks. Unfortunately, this hasn't saved Graham from escaped speculation about her plastic surgery habits. 

Over the years, several outlets — including Life & Style — have raised questions about whether Graham has gone under the knife. Fans have also openly inquired about Graham's evolving looks. In 2022, several "Gilmore Girls" fans on Reddit debated whether or not Graham had undergone cosmetic procedures before filming the revival "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life." Most of the users agreed that she had. 

"Yes, she obviously had fillers and it has not settled down when she filmed AYITL so it looked very puffy," wrote one Redditor. "It is such a shame because it was really distracting. While watching the revival her face was all I could focus on." Of course, fans can only speculate to certain depths, so here's what Graham has publicly shared about her thoughts on plastic surgery.

Lauren Graham wants celebs to be honest about their plastic surgery

Lauren Graham has never shied away from the topic of aging. In November 2022, Time published excerpts from Graham's book, "Have I Told You This Already," which included her views about her aging process. In the excerpt, Graham revealed that she hadn't fully realized that she was getting older until her "year of broken bones," when she broke her foot and her wrist in quick succession. After segueing into her appreciation for Nora Ephron, who'd also written essays about aging, Graham lamented the fact that makeup artists were the only people who knew what procedures celebs were secretly getting. Of course, they wouldn't share the details. 

"I wish 'Everyone' would just publish their activities to be studied in some sort of medical journal for aging actors," wrote Graham. "That way we could all distinguish between what's real and what's fake, what are the results of genetic blessings and what are the results of pricey doctor's visits, and then decide for ourselves." Although Graham didn't confirm the rumors of her own plastic surgery secrets, it sounds like she'd be open to it under the right conditions. 

The topic of aging also came up when Graham appeared on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" that same month. During the interview, Graham expounded on her love of Ephron and the double standard women face regarding aging. She also agreed with Clarkson that aging was a gift that not everyone is blessed with.

Lauren Graham previously denounced plastic surgery

Although it's unclear whether or not Lauren Graham has ever gone under the knife, she was obviously blessed with a gorgeous foundation. She went on record in 2011 and expressed a disinterest in altering her looks. "I don't ever plan to do it, but I don't know how I would feel," shared Graham with (via CNN). "I have an interest in looking good, but I have a fear of not looking like myself. I've had much more success than I ever thought, not being iconic in the beauty sense, so maybe I'll just continue to rest on my personality." 

With that said, Graham has admitted to trying out an alternative beauty treatment. In 2016, Graham appeared on "Ellen" and detailed her experience with cryotherapy. The beloved actor plunged full steam ahead into the beauty treatment, which reportedly helps to slow down the aging process. However, it wasn't as straightforward as she imagined it would be. "First of all they take your blood pressure," revealed Graham (via Today). "It doesn't instill confidence, you what I mean? Like you might faint, or die, but if you look youthful, who cares?" Hopefully, Graham has transitioned into less-risky beauty treatments.