The Sweet Relationship Between Kelly Rowland And Blue Ivy Carter

Kelly Rowland and Blue Ivy Carter have an adorably sweet relationship. Of course, this is a natural extension of Rowland's relationship with Beyoncé, Carter's superstar mother. Although it's been nearly two decades since Rowland and Beyoncé were active members of Destiny's Child, they've maintained a tight-knit friendship that's stood the test of time. Not only was Rowland present at Carter's birth, she was also one of the few lucky folks who knew Beyoncé was having a baby girl before the world knew. Unfortunately, Rowland also told the world before her famous parents.

During a 2011 interview with Bang Showbiz, Rowland excitedly revealed that Beyoncé's husband, Jay-Z, was going to take great care of their "little girl" (via Billboard). Of course, outlets ran with her revelation, thus ruining the surprise before the famously private famous couple could reveal what they were having. In 2022, Rowland appeared on the "Yeah, I F***ed That Up" podcast and revealed that her faux pas was one of her biggest regrets. "When I made a mistake and told the sex of Bey's baby when she was pregnant with Blue ... That was the worst moment ever," revealed Rowland (via Business Insider). Fortunately, Rowland's mistake didn't have any bearing on her bond with the family. 

Kelly Rowland is impressed with Blue Ivy's talent

Blue Ivy Carter had no trouble generating support after joining Beyoncé's Renaissance World tour, and Kelly Rowland was one of her biggest supporters. During an interview with E! News, Rowland praised Carter for the work she'd put into performing. "I'm very proud," Rowland said. "She works very freaking hard, period. But how could she not, you know? She sees her mother in action and she sees her father in action and how they apply everything, hard work to everything that they do." Such a supportive aunt! 

And while we doubt that Rowland would've admitted if she wasn't a fan of Carter's performance, she definitely wasn't just being nice. A sly fan caught Rowland's genuine reaction to seeing Carter on stage in 2023. In the YouTube clip, Rowland can be seen proudly jamming out next to Jay-Z as Beyoncé and Blue Ivy performed on stage. Rowland also went into full auntie mode as she filmed snippets of Carter's performance on her phone. The best part is that the concert-goer who filmed the sneaky video was standing behind Rowland, so the singer definitely wasn't putting on for the cameras. Imagine being able to say that Kelly Rowland is one of your fans!

Blue Ivy is also close with Kelly Rowland's son

Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland have been close since they were in the single digits, and their children are following suit. Blue Ivy and Rowland's oldest son, Titan Weatherspoon, hung out even as babies. While chatting with Meredith Vieira, Rowland revealed that the youngsters were already having playdates while she caught up with Beyoncé and Michelle Williams. "Just the other day we were able to sit down and just have lunch together and just chill, and that always feels good, you know what I mean?" said Rowland in 2015. "Titan's screaming, Blue's probably climbing something."

This wasn't the first time Rowland dished on her son's bond with Blue Ivy. While speaking with People, Rowland revealed that the kids are like family. "They are extremely close. It's the sweetest thing. It's the greatest thing about friendship, when you're able to grow up together and your children grow up together," she said. "They act like cousins." Given that their mothers usually refer to each other as sisters, she's not far off! However, don't expect Weatherspoon and Carter to head up a second generation of Destiny's Child. Rowland revealed to ET that though both are musically gifted, the idea is "nothing we've discussed." Bummer.