3 Clues Mark Cuban Was Ready To Leave Shark Tank

Mark Cuban is officially leaving "Shark Tank" after months of speculation regarding his attachment to the show. Cuban announced his impending exit while appearing on the "All The Smoke" podcast in November. "Next year, our 16th year, is gonna be my last year, so I got one more year to go," said Cuban during the episode. However, Cuban, a judge since Season 2, only had positive things to say about his experience. "We've trained multiple generations of entrepreneurs that if somebody can come from Iowa or Sacramento or wherever, and show up on the carpet of 'Shark Tank' and show their business and get a deal, it's going to inspire generations of kids," he added.

Cuban also confirmed the news of his exit to The Hollywood Reporter, citing his family as his inspiration for leaving. "I just want to have a couple summers with my teens before they go off on their own," Cuban shared with the outlet. The billionaire also asserted that he wasn't leaving because he was unhappy with the show itself. "Nothing to do with the show," continued Cuban. "I love it. I love being on it. I love what [it] represents and how it motivates entrepreneurs around the world." Despite Cuban's evident love for "Shark Tank," there were a few signs he was gearing up to say goodbye.

Mark Cuban has many other irons in the fire

Mark Cuban turned 65 in 2023, which puts him at the standard retirement age for most workers. And while everyone knows that billionaires don't play by the same rules as everyone else — and Cuban could've retired decades ago — no one could really blame him if he wanted to switch up his routine a little. That said, Cuban recently revealed that he actually wasn't looking forward to retirement while appearing on the "Re: Thinking" podcast. But that's not the most interesting part. He also revealed that he was looking for ways to make his Cost Plus Drugs company — which helps Americans access "safe, affordable medications," per their website  — more accessible to the public.

"If I'm 25 and I'm doing this again, I'm probably [thinking], 'Okay, what can I do to get acquired?'" revealed Cuban on the "Re: Thinking" podcast. "But now...the marginal value of my next dollar is [minimal]. It's not going to change my life a lot. So my decision-making process is completely different." Between Cuban's pharmaceutical company, his "Shark Tank" obligations, which usually required filming at least 20 episodes per season, and his other business obligations — like owning the Dallas Mavericks — and his desire to be more present with his children, it's possible that Cuban was spreading himself a little too thin. Without "Shark Tank," Cuban will have one less job on his plate.

Mark Cuban has many Shark Tank regrets

Even though no one can deny that Mark Cuban's run on "Shark Tank" has been highly successful, he wasn't entirely satisfied with the journey. In 2022, Cuban revealed that 25 % of "Shark Tank"  investments had been failures. "Fifty percent ... have been good and continue to go on, and 25% where I just think to myself: 'What the hell was I thinking?'" Cuban shared with Denver 7 in September 2022 (via CNBC). Unfortunately, Cuban's "Shark Tank" regrets aren't just tied to his failed investments. He also missed out on a huge one.

Although Cuban passed over several viable businesses over the years, there's only one that he revealed he regrets. According to ABC News, a flower delivery service created by John Tabis appeared on "Shark Tank" but failed to land any investors — Cuban included. While speaking with the outlet, Tabis explained their business model. "Flowers are largely sourced in the U.S., out of Ecuador and Colombia and, as a result, have a very long and convoluted supply chain," said the entrepreneur. "They go from farmers to exporters to importers to wholesalers to florists and then you buy them from some website," Tabis continued. And while the company went on to be successful, Cuban didn't get to have a hand in it. "That's the one I regret not doing, 'cause that's a deal I would've loved," admitted Cuban.

He spoke about leaving before

Mark Cuban waited until 2023 to make his formal announcement about leaving "Shark Tank," but actually first mentioned his plan a year ago. In 2022, Cuban revealed to CNN that he was considering leaving "Shark Tank" in order to maximize his time with his kids. "It's not so much Cost Plus Drugs as it is having a daughter who just went to college," said Cuban about his motivation for leaving the ABC show. "It used to be when they were all in high school and went to the same two schools, all of our schedules could be worked out together. But it was more a question of wanting to spend more time with my family," he added.

Cuban has long publicized his desire to make more quality time for his family. In 2020, Cuban detailed his daily work routine and explained how he incorporated quality time with his wife and children. "After dinner, my wife and I always try to force some family fun or have family movie night, but with three teenagers it's getting harder and harder," wrote Cuban on Medium. "They are doing their own things more. I will say that the silver lining of quarantine has been spending a lot more time with family." And while Cuban admitted that his kids sometimes get sick of him, he feels quite the opposite. "It's the highlight of my day, every day," he added.