How Camille Lamb's Wild Side Got Her Fired From Below Deck

Casting the "Below Deck" crew can be tricky, especially when the captain is getting a completely new yachtie. That was the case with Camille Lamb during Season 10, who was initially hired as a deckhand and stew but wasn't stellar in either role. After Captain Sandy Yawn — who was filling in for Captain Lee Rosbach — saw that Lamb was struggling with the two roles, she put the "Below Deck" newbie in the interior full-time. That didn't seem to help. Lamb's work ethic wasn't up to par, and she kept getting into spats with Alissa Humber.

When hearing that Lamb was curt to Humber over the radio (Captain Sandy hears all), she was given a last warning to shape up or ship out. Unfortunately, Lamb didn't heed the ultimatum and was caught drinking by the chief stew, Fraser Olender, while overturning the boat for the next charter guests — even though her work wasn't done. That was the last straw for Olender, and he went straight to Yawn to tell her that he was done with his third stew.

Yawn called Lamb to the bridge to inform her that the heads of each department had an issue with her, adding, "I'm letting you go this morning." A visibly upset Lamb called the decision "debauchery" and later had much to say about her firing.

Camille Lamb claimed she was set up by producers

Camille Lamb was clearly not ready to leave "Below Deck" early — or take responsibility for her lackluster skills — and blamed producers for getting axed from the show. As reported by In Touch Weekly, Lamb stated in her Instagram Stories that confessionals were scheduled during turn-over days. "That day is designed to appear as if we are working all day. Which we are doing some things but also one by one being taken off the boat for hours to do interviews, 'confessionals' as they call them. Where they offer you drinks or better yet 'truth serum,'" the former stew shared. She went on to state that a producer asked her to sit on the dock with the other cast members, and that's when Fraser Olender saw her sitting with a glass of champagne. "Not saying it was a set up, but it felt like it," Lamb continued.

Olender defended his role in Lamb's firing and told ET, "Truth be told, she was just making everything harder when it was just so unnecessary. So yeah, it's a shame. But I'm glad I made that exact decision, and I'm glad that Captain Sandy sort of gave me the ultimatum to make that decision." He admitted it was difficult for him to fire her as he did "like her a lot," and it turned out the two were better off as friends on shore.

There are no hard feelings between Camille Lamb and Fraser Olender

The beef between Camille Lamb and Fraser Olender is all water under the bridge. Watching back on the season, he didn't realize just how bad it was between Lamb and Alissa Humber. "Ultimately, Camille was always on her best behavior when she was around me and that's what I missed out the most on," the chief stew revealed, adding that Lamb was bringing the interior's morale down. Still, the firing didn't affect Lamb and Olender's friendship. "We do talk, I actually really like her outside of work and we got on phenomenally well and we had some brilliantly funny moments that sadly weren't shown," he shared.

As for Captain Sandy Yawn, she doesn't regret her decision either. "I stand by it," she told E! News. "I fire people because if they're the one singular thing where everything else is evolving around them, that's the problem I have to eliminate," she added. Yawn mentioned that Lamb came to a fundraising event hosted by the "Below Deck Mediterranean" captain, and there's no love lost between the two. "I'm not friends with Camille, we're not buddies. She showed up, I love the support and it's like another colleague in the industry ... I have to say I'm very neutral when it comes to the crew." Suffice it to say, fans probably won't see Lamb in a future season of "Below Deck Med."