The Supernatural Star Who Dated Jessica Simpson In The '90s

If you learned that Jessica Simpson dated a "Supernatural" star in the '90s, which one would you assume it was? If you guessed Jensen Ackles, you may be as intuitive as his character, Dean Winchester. Or, you probably caught that episode of "Newlyweds," when Simpson — who was married to Nick Lachey at the time — implied that Ackles shattered her young heart. According to Us Weekly, Simpson and Ackles had a brief romance in 1998, which means their relationship took place seven years before Ackles' long-running drama debuted in 2005.

Although Simpson has never shied away from discussing her various suitors over the years, she's shared little info about what went down during her time with Ackles. Simpson also declined to dish on Ackles in "Open Book," her best-selling memoir. With that said, the pair enjoyed at least one public outing when they attended the 1998 Teen People launch party. Simpson and Ackles fully embraced the late '90s aesthetic as they happily posed together in the photos. Interestingly enough, Simpson and Ackles' reported history didn't stop "Supernatural" writers from name-dropping Simpson in an episode 18 years after their romance ended. But why didn't they last?

A country star came between Jensen and Jessica

Unfortunately, Jessica Simpson broke up with Jensen Ackles because he cheated on her with LeAnn Rimes. Although Simpson didn't name-drop Ackles in the "Newlyweds" episode, she dropped enough hints for fans to place him in her story. However, she did name Rimes. Simpson revealed that Ackles was "dating LeAnn Rimes at the time he professed his love to [her]" (via The Irish Examiner). According to Contact Music, Jensen and Rimes started dating after she booked a role on "Days Of Our Lives," on which Jenson starred from 1997 until 2000.

Unlike Ackles, Rimes decided to address Simpson's accusation in 2004. According to Rimes, Simpson had things all wrong. While speaking with Contact Music, she denied cheating with Ackles, but admitted to being friends. "We were friends, but there was no real dating," Rimes explained. "He's a great guy, but there was no cheating." Fortunately, whatever possible animosity Simpson and Rimes may have once had between them had dissipated by 2009. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Rimes and Simpson played nice as they co-starred in a promo for The Academy of Country Music Awards.

Inside Jessica and Jensen's love lives today

Jessica Simpson and Jensen Ackles have seemingly found their respective soulmates. Simpson has been married to Eric Johnson for nearly a decade. The happy couple have three children, two girls and one boy. Simpson gushed about Johnson in September as she wished him a happy birthday. "Eric turned 44 on Sept 15 and his family gave him all the love cells we have to celebrate his life," wrote Simpson on Instagram. "My heart is so taken with this Man, I could hardly call it my own....We love youuuu. (he ain't an Instagram guy, but I always think the more good wishes the better.)"

Jensen has been married to his wife, Danneel Ackles — a fellow actor — since 2010. Jensen and Danneel also have three kids, one girl and two boys. Jensen and Danneel also seem like a perfect match. Proving how compatible they are, Daneell even appreciates the voice Jensen used to portray Dean Winchester. Well, sometimes. "Sometimes I'll say something at home, and I'll say it in 'Dean voice,' as it's known in the house, and my wife is like, 'Stop using the Dean voice,'" shared Jensen with Us Weekly. "But then there's times where she's like, 'Maybe you could use the Dean voice.'"