Meet Chicago Med Star Torrey DeVitto's Fiancé Jared LaPine

Torrey DeVitto, best known for her beloved roles on "Chicago Med" and "Pretty Little Liars," recently got engaged to her boyfriend, Jared LaPine. DeVitto revealed the news to her Instagram followers in late September. "Earlier this month at 5 pm on a weekday while walking the back trails at the farm, still in my PJs and goat boots, he got down on one knee, in what I hoped wasn't poison ivy, and asked for forever," wrote DeVitto alongside an Instagram carousel of herself and her new fiancé. "My answer was obvious," DeVitto added. The actor's engagement news comes just a few months after she and LaPine went public with their relationship.

DeVitto's fans are obviously surprised and excited about the engagement, but the news was just as surprising to her. According to a Us Weekly source, LaPine managed to pull off a surprise engagement just six months into their relationship. "He proposed at home on her farm in Michigan. It happened over Labor Day weekend," said the insider. "It was a big surprise, even though they had talked about it someday, she didn't know it was happening that week at all." The source also revealed that they're not quite in the wedding planning stage yet but will be soon. As DeVitto and LaPine gear up to plan their dream wedding, let's talk more about LaPine's charming career path.

Jared LaPine is a writer and director

Jared LaPine may not be quite as famous as Torrey DeVitto, but his profession perfectly complements the career of his gorgeous fiancée. Of course, this means LaPine is a director who has worked on a wide variety of television shows and movies. LaPine worked as a production assistant on several popular children's programs — including "Dog With A Blog" and "K.C. Undercover," starring none other than the fabulous Zendaya. LaPine also worked on more mainstream programs such as "Girls" and "Ghost Girls."

LaPine is also an accomplished writer who has worked on three short films: "The One That Rolled Away," "The One That Likes You," and "Welcome Home." In 2018, LaPine revealed on Instagram that he and his friend, Wil Granaderos, worked on "The One That Rolled Away" together. "My good friend @wilgranaderos and I wrote and directed a short film that we are very excited to share!" wrote LaPine. The film starred "Thirteen Reasons Why" star Timothy Granaderos and "Grey's Anatomy" star Chelsea Alden. That same year, LaPine attended an Unreasonable Shorts screening of the film with his collaborators.

Jared is a dog lover

Jared LaPine's Instagram account contains many photos of himself and Torrey DeVitto. However, DeVitto isn't the only special person in LaPine's life. Over the years, LaPine has dedicated several Instagram posts to his furry companions. And they're absolutely adorable! In 2018, LaPine happily posed with a black and white dog, which he revealed he'd had since he was a teenager. "I've loved this sweet boy since I was 15," Lapine wrote alongside the Instagram photo. Unfortunately, it seems that LaPine said goodbye to this particular hound in 2020. "If you knew Louie, you loved him. RIP Partner," LaPine posted to Instagram. "I hope you're chewing on a tree somewhere." That's not LaPine's only dog, however.

Although it's impossible to replace the void that forms when a pet is lost, LaPine does have a new dog to spend his days with. In November 2019, LaPine introduced a new pup named Cash to his followers. "Everyone, meet Cash," wrote LaPine. "He's my new dog and I love him." LaPine has also commemorated each of Cash's birthdays since he joined the family. For his third birthday, LaPine wrote, "Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet Baby Boy. Best Partner in the game." Of course, we have to point out LaPine's adorable selfie with Cash (above), which perfectly encapsulates their bond.