Here's Who Rob Riggle Is Dating Now After His Disastrous Divorce

Rob Riggle was married to his ex-wife, Tiffany Riggle, for 21 years. Just before their split, Tiffany — an interior designer — spoke about how different her career was from her comedian husband. "I think they're on polar opposite ends of the spectrum!" she told Sotheby's in 2019. The following year, in 2020, the pair filed for divorce. They appeared to end things rather amicably, but the divorce eventually became a litigious, drama-filled mess.

In 2021, Rob filed court documents claiming that his ex had stolen money from him, and that was only a fraction of the allegations. According to the documents obtained by TMZ, the "21 Jump Street" actor had moved into a smaller home owned by the family while Tiffany stayed in their main house with their two kids. Rob claimed that his ex had entered the home he stayed in and stolen $28,000. Rob believed not only that she had allegedly stolen but also that she was spying on him. Convinced of her surveillance, the "Hangover" actor had his home thoroughly searched — allegedly discovering a hidden camera in a smoke detector. Part of the footage included a tape of Tiffany installing that camera and counting out the $28,000 that had gone missing. 

Two years following their tumultuous split, Rob found a new romance with professional golfer Kasia Kay in 2022. They crossed paths on the set of "Holey Moley," gradually growing closer as time went on.

Kasia Kay gushes over Rob Riggle

As mentioned, Rob Riggle met his girlfriend Kasia Kay while doing commentary for the mini-golf game show "Holey Moley." Kay was a contestant on Season 2 of the series, and her episode aired in 2020. The two became friendly but were not involved romantically until later.

It wasn't until two years after they met that "The Other Guys" actor and Kay became Instagram official. She posted a photo alongside Riggle on the red carpet in June 2022. "So proud of you @robriggle," she wrote in the caption. Following the post, Riggle became a mainstay on the influencer's page. "So many beautiful moments and memories from @bronze_buffalo_ranch ... thank you honey @robriggle for make it happen," Kay captioned an October 2022 post. She included snaps of the couple wearing cowboy gear while riding horses on the ranch. At the end of their first year together, Kay shared a sweet "Happy New Year" post alongside photos of the couple embracing.

Kay's affectionate Instagram posts weren't just a beginning-of-relationship flourish; she kept them going well into the new year. In March, the pro golfer celebrated playing her favorite golf course with her "favorite person." The next month, she had kind words for Riggle on his birthday. "I'm beyond grateful for you and your love that fills my heart every single day," she wrote about the star. The pair have also bonded over NFL football.

How Rob Riggle made his girlfriend a football fan

Dating Rob Riggle has made Kasia Kay a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan. In addition to being an actor, Riggle works as a commentator covering the NFL for Fox Sports, but he was a Chiefs fan before landing the gig. "I have a bias, and I'm very clear about it, and I don't apologize for it either," Riggle told Chiefs Wire in 2020 after the team made it to the Super Bowl. "I'm a lifelong Chiefs fan, and I've waited my whole life for this," he added.

In fact, Riggle's fandom for his hometown team is so intense that his first Instagram post featuring Kay was at a Chiefs game in September 2022. "The @chiefs newest fan @kamk725 brought them some luck!" he wrote in the caption of the couple posing on the red carpet. Later that year, the model posted photos from her first time at Arrowhead Stadium. "I couldn't imagine it to be any better than this," Kay wrote in the caption beside a photo of her and Riggle posing on the sideline during the game. It was an exciting first season for Kay to root for the Chiefs, as she was able to stand on the sidelines while they punched their ticket to Super Bowl LVII.

Besides posting pictures of Kay at Chiefs games — or partying with Travis Kelce — Riggle has also added some other shots of his girlfriend to social media. He uploaded a cute snap with Kay in October 2022 when the pair visited Las Vegas together.