The Real Reason Josh Hutcherson Had Nose Surgery

Plastic surgery and Hollywood go hand in hand, but it might surprise you that Josh Hutcherson has had some work done. Back in 2012, "The Hunger Games" star went under the knife for a nose job. He was pretty hush-hush about the whole deal and didn't rush to spill the beans on why he went for rhinoplasty. But, as secrets in Hollywood go, he eventually let the cat out of the bag about his reason.

Hutcherson got his start in the entertainment industry at a young age. He landed his first credited role in the TV movie "House Blend" in 2002. Acting from a young age to adulthood, Hutcherson is no stranger to switching things up to fit a role. In 2012, Hutcherson revealed to BeFit that he was required to get in shape for his role in "The Hunger Games." He shared, "My training was with an ex-navy seal guy named Logan Hood ... It wasn't like lifting weights. It was like carrying heavy things around and throwing things."

Not only has Hutcherson transformed on-screen, but he has also undergone a physical transformation for personal reasons. Here's why the actor decided to have nose surgery.

Josh Huctherson fixed a deviated septum with plastic surgery

Josh Hutcherson shocked everyone when he tweeted that he had gotten plastic surgery in 2012. The actor wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, "just had surgery to fix my broken nose. recovery sucks ... thank god for a marathon on lifetime." Fans filled the comments with well-wishes on his recovery, but many were also confused about how the actor could have broken his nose. Did it happen when he was filming the sequel to "The Hunger Games?" Did it happen on his off time? This was running through many fans' minds, but it turns out Hutcherson didn't actually break his nose.

Hutcherson's reps later revealed to E! News that the actor had undergone nose surgery, better known as a rhinoplasty, to fix a deviated septum. According to the Mayo Clinic, a deviated septum is the result of a "nasal septum is significantly displaced to one side, making one nasal air passage smaller than the other." This can make it more difficult to breathe, and many turn to plastic surgery to get it fixed — Hutcherson included. It's unclear how long the recovery was, but the "Five Nights at Freddy's" actor had been spotted out in Los Angeles on several occasions rocking a bandage on his nose. Without his full recovery on display, many probably wouldn't even be able to tell that Hutcherson had any work done.

Josh Hutcherson confessed he didn't have a broken nose

Josh Hutcherson tweeted about a "broken nose," but the truth was a bit different. His nose wasn't actually broken; he had a deviated septum. You might say his nose was "broken" in a not-so-typical way, but it wasn't due to any deliberate action. His reps later confirmed he underwent surgery to straighten his septum. Aside from that tweet, Hutcherson kept mum about the whole procedure.

It wasn't until he was well into his recovery that Hutcherson decided to clarify his reasons for his rhinoplasty. According to Young Hollywood, he told TMZ, "[I had] a deviated septum. It was 90 percent blocked in my right nostril, just got to get it healed up and everything." The actor seems to have had just one procedure, as he has not had any additional procedures — at least not any that the public is aware of.

Still, Hutcherson is one of the few male actors who has been vocal about getting plastic surgery, even though he hasn't shared much about his procedure. It's more of a rarity for male celebrities to admit that they have gotten work done. Those who have been willing to share their nips and tucks include Simon Cowell, Gene Simmons, Enrique Iglesias, and more, as noted by E! News.