Kel Mitchell's Daughter Allure Is Growing Up To Be Gorgeous

Allure Mitchell, the daughter of comedic actor Kel Mitchell, has carved her own path outside of her father's celebrity sphere. Before Allure came into the picture, Kel was already a Nickelodeon star. In 1996, the "All That" actor became half of the hit sitcom "Kenan & Kel." The series concluded in 2000, and Kel welcomed his secondborn, Allure, a year later.

Four years after Allure was born, Kel and Tyisha Hampton — the mother of Allure and her brother Lyric — got divorced. Things only went downhill when the couple's six-year marriage ended. In the following years, Hampton alleged that Kel owed her more than a million dollars in back child and spousal support. According to Radar, during a 2023 court hearing, Kel said, "Tyisha has pained me as a deadbeat father, not only to this courtroom, but to the community, and my entire public platform." The judge ruled in Kel's favor, declaring that he did not owe his ex-wife a payment.

While Allure grew up to be stunning, her relationship with her famous father hasn't been quite so pretty. As we know, the facade of social media doesn't always tell the whole story. Beyond her gorgeous and glamorous Instagram photos, Allure has navigated some major ups and downs in her personal life.

Inside Allure's college education

An ambitious and dedicated college graduate, Allure Mitchell's beauty goes deeper than her stunning looks. In May 2023, Allure excitedly announced that she'd graduated from college in an Instagram post. Wearing her cap and gown, she flaunted her diploma in a photo series. Allure shared details about her degree in the caption, writing, "Thank You Cal Poly for four incredible years! I am proud to say I have earned my Bachelor's of Science in Finance, Real Estate, and Law with an emphasis in Business Law from Cal Poly Pomona's college of Business Administration."

At California State Polytechnic University-Pomona, Allure enhanced her education as a student assistant, according to her LinkedIn page. In that position, she utilized a number of skills pertaining to areas of leadership, marketing, customer service, and more. Before attending college, she was a clerical assistant at Pasadena City Hall and student intern for Assemblymember Chris Holden. Allure used many of the same skills in all three roles.

Allure opened up about her personal life

While Allure Mitchell isn't a famous actor and entertainer like her father, Kel Mitchell, she has dipped her toes into content creation. Allure is a co-host of a podcast called "Life's A Playlist." Conversations focus on mental health and self-improvement, particularly from the point of view of a twentysomething. In January 2024, the podcast's debut episode was released on YouTube.

In the podcast's first episode, Allure shared a few key details about her personal life. She said, "I realized, in four years, this is my first time being single during the holidays." Reflecting on her mixed emotions about not having a partner, she revealed, "Yeah, it's still kind of sad, like, I have those moments where I miss having affection and all of that, but at the same time, it's kind of exciting." In being single, Allure described the freedom of not having to deal with relationship conflict over holiday planning and logistics.

Fans can catch glimpses of Allure's life on her Instagram page. Evidently, she loves spending time outdoors and with her friends. In one post, she shared beautiful photos of natural scenery. "I love earth," she wrote. Another post featured smiling snaps of Allure and her friends on the beach.

Kel Mitchell's presence in Allure's life

In watching Allure Mitchell grow up, Kel Mitchell has shown excitement over his daughter's achievements. The famous father has cheered Allure on during some of her important life moments. In May 2019, he shared highlights from Allure's high school graduation in a series of Instagram photos and video clips. Posing with her loved ones and walking in her ceremony, Allure beamed with joy. Kel wrote, "She did it!! Congratulations @alluremariah So proud of all your accomplishments and you have a blessed, bright beautiful future ahead! I love you so much! And I am very proud of you!"

Kel was literally right by Allure's side when she made her transition to college. In an August 2019 Instagram post, the adoring dad wrote, "First day of college! Class started today and she is officially a college student! So proud! Enjoy this next chapter princess you got this!" The father-daughter duo looked radiant in an accompanying smiling selfie. Allure's dad also took to Instagram Stories (via People) to share an inside look at his daughter's first day at college. There, fans got a peek of Allure's dorm room and roommates.

But Kel Mitchell and Allure's relationship hasn't been picture-perfect

Kel Mitchell's relationship with Allure Mitchell has been anything but picture-perfect, as the star's daughter has expressed deep frustrations about his role in her life. In December 2022, Allure called out Kel in a brutal TikTok post. Hollywood Unlocked shared screenshots of Allure's revealing video, which included the text of a purported conversation between the pair. When pointing out that Kel doesn't spend time with her, he responded, "Allure I'm an actor."

Allure described her dad's lack of emotional support throughout her childhood and how supporting her financially wasn't enough. "My father is the type of man to fake as if he's in my life but he's not." she wrote. "I now live completely independently without any parental help I did this to prove to my father that his money was never what I needed, and growing ... it boggles me that'd even think that's what I cared about," she explained.

The aftermath of Kel and Tyisha Hampton's messy divorce affected the actor's relationship with Allure. The former couple's daughter reportedly shared her TikTok video amid a court battle between the two. Court documents stated that Kel repeatedly tried to see his kids. After six years of not seeing them, Kel, Allure, and Lyric had reunification therapy in 2012. In a court hearing, Kel shared that his children seemed hurt by him.

How Allure feels about other family members

Unlike her dynamic with Kel Mitchell, Allure Mitchell's relationship with her mom, Tyisha Hampton, seems much more tight-knit. In a 2020 Instagram post, Allure shared a series of mother-daughter photos and videos depicting their close bond over the years. She wrote, "Forever and always!! I love you mama." Allure also defended Hampton in a TikTok video slamming Kel. She accused her dad of not providing her with medical insurance due to concern that Allure's mom would use it. "He lives in this delusional world that my mother is 'out to get him' no she's out to get what's owed to her. You owe my mother so much," Allure wrote, according to Hollywood Unlocked.

Despite Allure's rocky road with Kel, it sounds like she's warmed up to her dad's young kids, whom he shares with his second wife, Asia Lee. In 2020, Kel talked to People about navigating fatherhood with their daughter, Wisdom, and newborn son, Honor. Referring to his growing family, Kel shared, "They're [Allure and Lyric] loving it. Now with the older ones, you have someone who can babysit, as well!"