The Worst-Dressed Celebs At 2024 Super Bowl

The Super Bowl attracts over a hundred million viewers each year. This year is no exception. A record-breaking number of people are estimated to have tuned in to watch Usher, with a possible Justin Bieber twofer. Some even wanted to watch a football game, apparently. Bizarre. However, we're here for Super Bowl's worst-dressed celebs, and going by previous years' track record, there'll be some rich pickings. All that aside, though, it's basically about Taylor Swift at the 2024 Super Bowl.

Sorry, sports fans, but plenty of folks just want to see Taylor Swift cheering on her Kansas City Chief's tight end beau, Travis Kelce, from the bleachers. The rumor mill has been in overdrive with fantastical T-Swizzle story after fantastical T-Swizzle story. One of the biggest is that Kelce will get down on one knee if the Chiefs win. But hold off on popping the champers for now. A source told Page Six that wedding bells are still a way off for the love-struck couple. "Taylor and Travis discussed it, and there is a plan," they claimed. "They will get engaged on their one-year anniversary in July." Still unlikely, but more likely than a Super Bowl proposal, win or no win.

So, engagement speculation out of the way; let's get down to the important Super Bowl matter. What did Swifty and her squad wear? And did she fumble it and land on the list of the worst-dressed celebs? Hut, hut, hike!

Taylor Swift's corset and jeans would be better suited for a nightclub

Sorry Swifties! Taylor Swift has landed on the 2024 Super Bowl's worst-dressed celebs list. In fairness, T-Swizzle was fresh off the private jet red-eye from Tokyo — but then any fan worth their salt would know that as they would have followed her every move on the "Taylor Swift flight tracker." Creepy.

Still, with an estimated $1.1 billion in the bank, T-Swizzle could have afforded to consult a stylist. Instead, she opted to wear faded black jeans with giant rips in them, and a fitted black corset top, which made it seem like an outfit she literally just threw on without thinking. The number 87 necklace was a nice touch as a tribute to her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, but the red satin varsity jacket just gave overall Sandy from "Grease" vibes.

Blake Lively's red tracksuit made her look like a Wannabe Spice Girl

Blake Lively was hanging out with Ice Spice, so she must have decided to form an alternative Spice Girls for the day and dress up as Sporty Spice. Because that's exactly what her outfit seemed to be. Lively rocked a red Adidas tracksuit and white top. She finished off her look with a ton of chunky gold bangles. Sadly for Lively, her tracksuit jacket didn't fit properly, so it hung off her shoulder the whole time. So annoying.

Still, she didn't seem too concerned as she cheered on the Kansas City Chiefs with Ice and their girl squad leader, Taylor Swift.

Jason Kelce's outfit was giving Cabbage Patch Kid

Sure, his brother is a bona fide NFL superstar. Sure, his brother is dating a bona fide music superstar. The spotlight is totally on Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. But does Jason Kelce really need attention that badly? It seems that way, given the horrendous yellow and red checkered overalls that made him look like a life-sized Cabbage Patch doll. What other excuse is there for the style travesty?

Never mind, Jason. Perhaps the Philadelphia Eagles will make it to the Super Bowl next year. Hopefully, Travis Kelce will rock some midnight green, silver, black, and white overalls in return.

Kristin Juszczyk's jacket would have looked better as a blanket

It's nice to be supportive of your other half. Still, there's a fine line between support and overkill. Kristin Juszczyk definitely crossed that line in her red and black Juszczyk 44 ensemble. 

Kyle Juszczyk's wife makes a living (well, you know) from custom reworking old clothing, but her Super Bowl look wasn't the best ad. Featuring a red blazer adorned with 49ers insignia of various sizes, the numerous numbers and "SF" logos cluttered the entire look.

Still, she was determined to drum up publicity anyway. "Let's make these KJ Designs 3-0 in the postseason!!" She captioned a video of her modeling the atrocity. "I can't thank you all enough for all the support! This has been one of the best weeks of my life. Let's get that W Niners! & let's go FOURTY four."

Travis Kelce's fit was doing too much

As he strolled into the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, Travis Kelce looked like he was straight off the plane from a Tokyo Taylor Swift concert — or a night at the blackjack table. We honestly couldn't tell. 

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end wore a gloriously shimmery black and silver sparkly Chanel-type checkered number, complete with a matching silver bag, shades, and a couple of chunky silver necklaces ... all during the daylight hours. Though the look may have worked in other circumstances, the all-black, shimmery look, including a full-length coat, was no doubt over-the-top. Plus, the fact that fans speculated it was likely tied to marketing yet another Taylor Swift album has us rolling our eyes — we get it! 

Jared Leto didn't get the memo that the Super Bowl isn't theater

Jared Leto apparently decided to go to the Super Bowl LVIII disguised as Russel Brand. An idea that, let's face it, probably isn't the best given the plethora of British comedian's current legal woes and allegations of sexual misconduct.

Still, Leto was unabashed. Long flowing dark locks? Check! Bushy Mephistophelian beard? Check! A flowing but tight-fitting shirt that billows under all atmospheric conditions? Check! Showing off plenty of white chest? Check! And, of course, the obligatory long silver chain and black shades. Full-out Brand.

Elon Musk's ill-fitting tee shirt made him look like a tired tourist

Elon Musk looked like a regular Joe Schmo Las Vegas tourist dad who'd just popped out from Circus Circus for a couple of hours. In Musk's defense, he was with one of his 500 children, but it's not like he couldn't afford a nanny to come along for the big day — even if the Super Bowl tickets cost a fortune.

The tech billionaire isn't exactly known for his style prowess. Still, he could have gotten a haircut and splashed out for a more flattering T-shirt.