Here's How Much The Stars Of Shahs Of Sunset Are Really Worth

Bravo's "Shahs of Sunset" offers a glimpse into the luxurious life of Beverly Hills' most elite group of Persian Americans. They've got the luxe homes, the fancy cars, and all of the Louboutins (Lilly Ghalichi told Forbes she bought her very first pair with her first paycheck working at a law firm, and we've all seen Mercedes Javid's shoe closet). The gang's enormous display of wealth — and the attitudes that come along with a life so pampered — have led to mass outrage among Iranian Americans, at least according to the Los Angeles Times. It's nothing Reza Farahan's signature sense of self-deprecating humor can't shake off, and the truth of it is, most of the stars on "Shahs" don't actually rely on Bravo for a paycheck. They're real-life businesspeople who just so happen to enjoy airing their insane drama for the world to see.

So, how much are your favorite "Shahs of Sunset" stars actually worth? It might not be as much as you think — or it might be a whole lot more.

Shahs of Sunset's Golnesa Gharachedaghi boasts an entrepreneurial spirit

Golnesa Gharachedaghi is "Shahs of Sunset's" resident trouble maker. The fiery daddy's girl is apparently worth a whole lot of cash — but it's hard to tell just how much she raked in on her own merit. Fans of the series will remember that Gharachedaghi regularly bragged about the $7,000 per month allowance she received from her father, a wealthy architect, during the show's earlier seasons, but more recently, the reality star put on her entrepreneurial hat. So, how much does that bring her?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, GG is worth an estimated $12 million, and part of that comes from three independent sources of income. The star launched a line of hair extensions with her sister that's at least successful enough to be mentioned in ET. As depicted in Season 7, Gharachedaghi reportedly "found [her] purpose through Cannabis" by launching WüSah, a line of medicinal THC and CBD products. Though we can't tell exactly how much Gharachedaghi pulls in from "Shahs," we do know her co-star, Reza Farahan, received around $18,000 per episode in 2013, according to TV Guide. Considering GG is a central cast member, that figure has probably only increased over the last couple of seasons.

Mercedes Javid nabs the big bucks in luxury real estate

Mercedes Javid's life has changed a lot over the last few years. The fact that she was single and inching deeper into her 40s was a major punchline on "Shahs of Sunset," but the star finally got married in 2018 and had a baby with the help of IVF. There's no shame in her timeline being a little relaxed as Javid was a mega career woman who was busy building a real estate empire.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the "Shahs of Sunset" star is worth an estimated $5 million. A large swath of this income seemingly comes from her work as a real estate agent at Keller Williams, the largest real estate franchise by agent count (according to their website, and you know how companies brag on their websites). If we've learned anything from "Million Dollar Listing," it's that luxury real estate agents can make a lot — especially if they work on mansions in Beverly Hills, and are one of Bravo's most dramatic reality stars. 

Like her co-star, Reza Farahan, who also works at Keller Williams, Javid probably makes at least $18,000 per episode. At an average of 13 episodes per season (or more), that means she probably doesn't ever have to pound a "For Sale" sign into a front yard ever again if she doesn't want to.

Mike Shouhed's net worth increased after some business rebranding

Mike Shouhed's dating life has long been a central plot point for "Shahs of Sunset." His divorce — and the cheating scandal that unfolded during the divorce — wasn't easy. As it turns out, neither was his professional life. According to The Washington Post, Shouhed "lost his hat" as a real estate agent navigating "the Las Vegas housing meltdown." Thankfully, the star managed to rebuild his business as a real estate agent in Nest Seekers International's Beverly Hills office. Nest Seekers is no stranger to Bravolebrities, either. According to a press release from the firm, his co-workers include "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Marisa Zanuck and "Sell It Like Serhant's" Ryan Serhant.

Shouhed doesn't just sell houses — he also helps you move into them. The dude is basically a one-stop-shop for hopeful homeowners. After his divorce, the reality star bought — and rebranded — a moving company. According to The Blast, Shouhed invested around $115,000 for a 33% stake in Royalty Moving, which might have actually been a colossal waste of time, as Shouhed claimed his business partner "had no intention of paying him back," and he was never "paid back a single penny." 

Nonetheless, a hundred grand might be chump change for the star. He's reportedly worth anywhere between $3 million and $8 million.

Reza Farahan doesn't need his Shahs of Sunset paycheck to rake in the millions

Reza Farahan is a "Shahs of Sunset" fan favorite. Much like his co-stars, Mercedes Javid and Mike Shouhed, he's not relying on a Bravo paycheck (which was in the ballpark of $18,000 per episode in 2013, according to TV Guide).

Farahan is an accomplished real estate agent at Keller Williams, alongside his designer shoe-obsessed co-star, Javid. It's helped him amass a $7 million net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth, which he used to buy a luxurious home in Los Angeles (the kind of home that has a literal golden chandelier hanging in the master bedroom).

If there's one thing Farahan does want us to take away from "Shahs," it's the fact that he and his motley crew of uber-rich Persian friends are massive successes — even the ones who turn to daddy for a paycheck. In a stereotypically self-deprecating phone interview (via Newsday), the star said he prefers the Iranian American stereotype of "successful" and "wealthy" as opposed to "terrorists" who own "camels" and "Uzis." Do you blame him?

Destiney Rose isn't going the typical reality star business route

Destiney Rose has been slowly establishing herself as "Shahs of Sunset" mainstay since joining the show in 2017. At that point, she wasn't exactly a Bravo newcomer. You might have missed it, but the Persian beauty was a member of the often glazed-over Bravo show, "People's Couch." In other words, she was one of the people on the couch, though she doesn't appear in the IMDb credits.

During her time as a semi-professional TV commentator, she was also a manager at a nightclub, where she worked with her sister, Cathy. According to Bravo, she has an interest in "classic cars, knives, firearms, archery, and fencing," but hasn't yet turned any of those specific hobbies into a business, forgoing the trajectory of a typical reality star (see: GG's weed and Rob Kardashian's socks). She does, however, professionally flex her managerial chops with her event planning company, Liquid Sweets.

Her business — along with her reality TV paychecks — has helped the star build an estimated $1.2 million net worth, according to Fame Ranker. If she keeps it up, she should soon be able to afford more classic cars than she can shake a collectible knife at.

Shahs of Sunset's Nema Vand is a multi-talented millionaire

Nema Vand may not be the richest "Shahs of Sunset" cast member, but that's probably because he focused on building a career in the entertainment industry rather than something a little more traditionally lucrative. His co-stars are real estate agents, and his sister is a pharmacist, but he's worked as the president of a casting agency — and not one of the agencies that cast the big stars.

Vand is (or was) the head of Extras on Avail, a firm that provides extras to productions like TV commercials and movie shorts. Before their domain lapsed, Vand's company website claimed he'd been in business for "over 15 years" and had a network of more than 2,000 extras (non-union Craigslist ads be darned). It's unclear if Vand still runs the company, and the business' Facebook Page appears to be inactive, but either way, he's probably not hurting.

Vand isn't just a reality star, he's also a TV producer, podcaster, and meme maker. According to his IMDb page, he worked as a line producer for his sister's show, "Dr. Mona Vand: The Modern Pharmacist," and as an associate producer on a short called "The Scarecrow." His podcast, "Off Brand," regularly records new episodes, and he runs the Instagram account @thatsoffbrand. Overall, he describes himself as a "digital media director." At the time of this writing, Vand's collective endeavors have earned him an estimated $1 million net worth, according to Distractify.

It's not all about the money for Asa Soltan Rahmati

Before Asa Soltan Rahmati (pictured, right) left her full-time role on "Shahs of Sunset" in 2018, she might have been the poorest cast member. Some reports claim the Iranian-born singer is worth just $250,000. Other claim she's worth a cool $3 million. Either way, she's worked for everything she has. Unlike some of the other cast members (ahem, GG), Rahmati doesn't come from money.

In a blog post for Bravo, the reality star admitted that she's been supporting her parents since she was in her early 20s. "We are a very very close knit family ... all money is OUR money," Rahmati wrote. "And if there is no money, you better believe that I am laser focused on getting it. Since my father lost his business a few years ago, it got more serious, and I more than ever realized that I want and need to make a lot of money and really take care of them. My father doesn't have a retirement plan or anything like that."

So, how does Rahmati support her parents? The star bought a property in 2003 that tripled in value. She rents it out, which she claims is her "main source of steady income." She also has a line of alkaline water called Diamond Water, but it seems to have floundered in comparison to blk., a similar product produced by fellow Bravo stars, the Manzo brothers. As of this writing, Rahmati is also focusing on crafting kaftans, halter dresses, and swimwear.

Shervin Roohparvar is juggling multiple businesses

Shervin Roohparvar's Bravo paycheck took a hit in 2018. Per Reality Blurb, the former star was reportedly demoted alongside Asa Soltan Rahmati ahead of "Shahs of Sunset's" Season 7. To make matters worse, the pair allegedly discovered the news in a Bravo press release. Unfortunately, tabloid rumors are just that — rumors. Rahmati admitted she decided to step back to focus on her family and career, and it looks like Roohparvar did the same. According to Bravo, he's running a "business empire," including "two computer companies in a tech space in Silicon Valley" and a "headphone company in San Diego."

To date, the reality star's most prominent endeavor seems to be a perfect blend of his two passions: tech and the restaurant business. The same year Bravo supposedly demoted him, Roohparvar became an advisor at Tyme Commerce, which is described in a press release as a "personalized omni-channel end-to-end food platform." The company, which is also one of his investments, officially launched in 2019.

That's not to say Roohparvar has always been successful. Around the same time he announced his role at Tyme, Seattle Eater confirmed that his restaurants, Alchemy and Vine & Spoon, had shuttered over unpaid rent. Aston Manor wasn't long behind them (Dance Music Northwest says you can blame the tax man for that one). At the time of this writing, it's unclear how much any of that impacted his overall net worth. All we know is that there's a lot of money in tech.

​Sammy Younai's net worth stems from his work as a property developer

Sammy Younai followed a similar path to some of his fellow "Shahs of Sunset" cast members. Though the former reality TV star isn't a real estate agent, he makes a heck of a lot of money in the real estate business. Whatever Bravo gave him to expose his personal drama was just the icing on top. We'll call it lunch money for the uber-expensive, five-star lunch you know he can afford.

According to Bravo, Younai is a property developer who works on constructing multi-million dollar homes — just the kind of gold-chandeliered Beverly Hills chateaus his "Shahs of Sunset" pals frequent. Though he's been known to occasionally pop up on screen since officially leaving his full-time role before Season 2, he's been pretty busy behind-the-scenes building, building, building, and selling, selling, selling. He told The Daily Dish that he built and sold around $40 million worth of real estate since Season 1, and yes, even though Reza Farahan trash-talked the home Younai was working on during his time on the show, it did eventually get put on the market for $13 million.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the star's hard work paid off. He's got an estimated $10 million net worth.

Jessica Parido wears many hats

Jessica Parido had a rough go during her time on "Shahs of Sunset." Her divorce from Mike Shouhed, who she was married to for less than two years, was some of the juiciest — and hardest to watch — drama ever seen by the Bravo series. She even got called out on "Watch What Happens Live," when Mercedes Javid accused the star of using her ex to get a "Rolls Royce and a Rolex and a Chanel."

It's true: some of Parido's castmates tried to paint her as someone who chases money. She famously battled Shouhed over spousal support, which he attempted to deny, but she's a working woman. The star is a registered nurse, a career path less traveled by supposed gold diggers. She's also a mom. In 2019, Parido revealed that she had given birth to a "miracle Boy" after believing she was sterile. After a tough handful of years, she's got a lot to celebrate.

Today, Parido runs an online boutique called Glam Envy. It's unclear if she's still working in healthcare, but according to Glassdoor, a job as a registered nurse could earn her around $89,000 per year of base pay in the Los Angeles area. That's not half bad. All in all, the star has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She can buy her Rolex and Chanel all by herself, Mercedes.

Lilly Ghalichi is the wealthiest Shahs of Sunset star

According to Bravo, Lilly Ghalichi is a wasted talent of sorts. The "hot Persian Barbie" could have very well gone the way of "Legally Blonde," but instead, had absolutely no desire to become an attorney. That doesn't mean she didn't pass the bar first (which kind of seems like a whole lot of effort and a mountain of law school tuition wasted on absolutely nothing but bragging rights).

Nonetheless, Ghalichi did find success beyond "Shahs of Sunset" fame (and the Bravo paycheck that undoubtedly contributes to her impressive net worth). The self-proclaimed "Persian Princess" moved to Los Angeles, where she started a line of lingerie-inspired swimwear. She's got a line of false eyelashes, which she reportedly wore while she was giving birth (the lashes were the "MILF" variety, so they're basically made for popping out babies). She even launched a line of hair extensions called Lilly Hair, a jewelry collection called Lilly Ghalichi by Avitan Jewelry, and a non-alcoholic Champagne business called Glampagne. In other words: she's done some work, she's still doing work, and she can likely read her own business contracts, to boot.

Ghalichi's entrepreneurial spirit has certainly paid off, because she's the richest cast member on "Shahs of Sunset." At the time of this writing, she boasts an astounding estimated $50 million net worth.