Why Jennifer Lawrence Kicked Robert De Niro Out Of Her Wedding

Weddings can be a stressful affair at the best of times. Add an A-lister VIP and Hollywood legend to the guest list, and the pressure amplifies. Just ask Jennifer Lawrence. She ejected Robert De Niro from her nuptials after it all became too much to bear.

Lawrence and her art dealer beau, Cooke Maroney, said "I do" in October 2019, following a whirlwind romance. "They met through Jen's friend Laura ... The relationship has been going on a few weeks," a source told Page Six shortly after they met in June 2018. "But they have been very private and careful not to be seen together." J-Law took the big day very seriously. Some would even say she bordered on being a Bridezilla. For instance, Lawrence's wedding dress had its own hotel room. Well, it was worth a pretty penny.

According to People, Lawrence's longtime employer, Dior, designed the fabulous frock. Apparently, the fashion house's top designers jetted in for the wedding, closely guarding the gown like it was a state secret. "The entire Dior team loaded the dress in the car the morning of the wedding," a source claimed. De Niro wasn't the only famous face among the 150 guests. Adele, Emma Stone, Ashley Olsen, and Amy Schumer attended, too. Oh, and Kris Jenner. Still, De Niro was the only celeb to be unceremoniously ejected from Lawrence's wedding.

A-lister wedding woes

Jennifer Lawrence, she's just like us! Because who hasn't ejected Robert De Niro from their wedding? Well, in theory, J-Law didn't kick him out of the nuptials — she axed De Niro from her rehearsal dinner the night before after her anxiety reached peak levels.

Lawrence opened up about her super stressful wedding woes in an interview with E! News. The actor, who starred with De Niro in 2012's "Silver Linings Playbook," 2013's "American Hustle" and 2015's "Joy," admitted she 86'd the octogenarian for his own good. "I looked over, and I saw Bob, who doesn't know anybody, and he's kind of wandering around, and I immediately was like, 'No, this isn't what he wants to be doing. I don't want him here,'" J-Law explained. "So I went over and whispered, I was like, 'Go home,' and he was nice."

Lawrence said that despite De Niro appearing like a fish out of water, he still managed to turn on the old Hollywood charm while there. "He like talked to my parents and was polite — but I was like, 'Go.'" Luckily for J-law, De Niro took it all on the chin. In fact, he told People that he enjoyed himself and didn't feel in the slightest bit awkward. "I wasn't [uncomfortable]... It was fine. I mean, I only came for that part of it anyway," he insisted. "It was nice! It wasn't that long — maybe I stayed an hour, if that."

The marital Hunger Games

It turns out that Robert De Niro wasn't Jennifer Lawrence's only wedding headache. J-Law told E! News that she found the whole day taxing and trying. "It's so stressful," the actor shared. "You're not having fun. You're just like, 'Is that person having fun?'" Lawrence said she constantly worried about her guests' comfort levels. "I'll never forget; I was freaking out about the guests being cold," she admitted.

J-Law shared that her friends put on a brave face, carrying on and keeping calm, insisting everything was wondrous. However, her mom was determined to keep it real. "It's freezing out there; your grandmother almost died," Lawrence recalled her mother complaining. The "Hunger Games" star may not have enjoyed her wedding day, but she's loving every minute of married life with her husband, Cooke Maroney. "I really enjoy going to the grocery store with him," she told Vanity Fair. "I don't know why, but it fills me with a lot of joy. I think maybe because it's almost a metaphor for marriage."

Meanwhile, J-Law is also embracing motherhood. She and Maroney welcomed their son, Cy, in April 2022. She told Vogue that his arrival marked a new chapter for her. "The morning after I gave birth, I felt like my whole life had started over," Lawrence said. "Like, Now is day one of my life. I just stared. I was just so in love."