Donald Trump's Sneaker Line Has Everyone Delivering The Same Blow

Donald Trump's announcement that he's getting into the sneaker business has everyone thinking about the former president's financial woes. If only he possessed the Midas touch and could turn the gleaming gold lamé uppers of his "Never Surrender" high tops into the real deal.

The frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination showed off his latest merch at Sneaker Con, where his appearance was met with some boos from the crowd of shoe enthusiasts. Trump told them that he'd wanted to release a line of sneakers for over a decade, so he's had plenty of time to dream up a design. What he came up with was a gilded shoe featuring a "T" emblem and a pseudo-American flag. Trump fans had to act fast to get their hands on a pair, as only 1,000 were being sold on the Trump Sneakers website. Those who have already purchased theirs for the low, low price of $399 will also have to wait a while before rocking them with their MAGA snapbacks, as the shoes are not going to ship until July. Oh, and purchasers might not get exactly what they think they paid for, as a disclaimer below the sneakers' pictures on the website reads, "The images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product."

These details, combined with Trump's current financial issues, have many speculating that he's not just hawking high tops because he's always been a sneakerhead.

Speculation is rife about the so-called Trump sneaker.

Donald Trump became a sneaker salesman after he was ordered to fork over $350 million in his civil fraud case, a penalty he was slapped with after a judge ruled he had inflated the value of his assets. There's also speculation on X, formerly known as Twitter, that Trump is inflating the value of his "Never Surrender" sneakers, as similar designs can be purchased on Temu for under $20 a pair. But even at $399 a pop, one X user observed, "Trump is going to have to sell a lot of these clown shoes to pay his $350+ million fine." The New Republic points out that it would take over 1.1 million sales to get the amount that he needs, and again, only 1,000 pairs were made available for purchase. Some reports have suggested that the former president may need to part ways with one of his properties to raise the funds required.

There's speculation that the people who placed their orders before the sneakers sold out will never get to wear them. "If those dips***s think they'll ever receive those stupid shoes I have a master's degree in economics from Trump University to sell them," one person tweeted. There's also a conspiracy theory that Trump made the bottoms of the shoes red because Louboutin has trademarked red soles. "He can get sued and then claim that he can't send the shoes while the lawsuit is going on but he will keep the money," another tweet read.