Why Brittany Mahomes Chose To End Her Professional Soccer Career

Before they were married, Brittany Mahomes and Patrick Mahomes were an athletic power couple. When they were in college, Patrick was tearing it up on the football field for Texas Tech, while Brittany was dominating on the soccer pitch at the University of Texas at Tyler. "Her competitive nature is one of the many things I love about her," the future NFL star told UT Tyler Athletics in a joint interview with his then-girlfriend in October 2016. "I'm constantly letting him know that he's not the only one breaking records," Brittany added.

Following an impressive college career, Brittany signed a contract to play professionally for UMF Afturelding/Fram in Iceland. The chance to play pro was a surprise for the UT Tyler standout. "Honestly I didn't even see myself playing college soccer when I graduated high school," she told UT Tyler Athletics after inking her deal in May 2017. Unsurprisingly, Patrick was on hand when Brittany officially signed the contract. "An opportunity opened up for me in Iceland and I could never pass up such an amazing experience to go do what I love," she added.

Playing overseas made the influencer realize she did not love the sport as much as she thought. "While I was in Iceland, I realized you know that you have to have a huge passion if you want to play soccer," Brittany said in a YouTube video for Vitality's "Elite Leader Series" in November 2020. She left Iceland after one season and returned stateside to pursue her true passion.

Brittany Mahomes and Patrick Mahomes train together

Brittany Mahomes left her soccer playing career behind, but she stayed within the realm of athletics as she became a fitness trainer. "By the end of my first season, I truly began to fall in love with being in the gym more than being on the soccer field," she wrote on her Brittany Lynne Fitness website. It was during her time in Iceland that the former pro soccer player became serious about her training regimen. "I didn't have a ton to do outside of soccer, so I found myself spending a ton of time in the gym working out, creating workouts, and posting them online," she told Sports Illustrated Swimsuit in February while appearing in that year's issue.

Of course, fitness is integral for Patrick Mahomes as well, and the couple have enjoyed joint workouts. "We had to go to bed early because we had to get up early and go train together," Brittany told Men's Health in an interview from February 2021. According to the Instagram star, she and Patrick hope to branch out into fitness branding together in the future. The focus may have been on fitness, but she did return her attention to soccer.

In December 2020, Brittany joined the ownership group for the Kansas City Current, an expansion team in the National Women's Soccer League. Brittany said in a press release that her experience in Iceland gave her an appreciation for the players. A few years later, Patrick became involved with the team.

What players said about Brittany Mahomes as an owner

A little over two years after Brittany Mahomes joined the ownership group for the Kansas City Current, Patrick Mahomes announced he was joining the ownership team as well. "I am excited to join another championship-caliber club as it continues to make history," he wrote on X, formerly Twitter, in January 2023. Later that year, plans for a $120 million stadium for the Current were revealed. It was a landmark announcement, as that was the first facility of its kind in Kansas City that was dedicated to a professional women's sports team.

Since becoming a part-owner, Brittany has made an impact on the city, the team, and the players. "She drops in a lot. She comes and says hi to the girls, and she's awesome," KC Current forward Michelle Cooper told People in November 2023 while discussing the former pro-turned-owner. The social media star also used her pull with her NFL quarterback husband. "Brittany always makes sure to be able to get us Chiefs tickets, which is really fun," Cooper added.

Not only were Brittany and Patrick involved with soccer professionally, but they also incorporated it into their family lives. When their daughter, Sterling, was still an infant, Patrick was asked what sports they would have her play. "I mean, obviously, she's gonna play soccer," he said on 610 Sports Radio in November 2021. "I mean, between Brittany and our love for soccer, I'm sure she'll be out there kicking it around a little bit," Patrick added.