Scandalous Details About Lauren Boebert's Oldest Son Tyler

This article references domestic violence.

Representative Lauren Boebert and her family are no strangers to controversy, and her oldest son, Tyler Boebert, is no exception. Lauren and Jayson Boebert's divorce thrust them in the news amid revelations of cheating, which he admitted to in a Facebook post. Since her filing in May 2023, the far-right Colorado lawmaker and her ex-husband have had some run-ins with the police. In January 2024, they were investigated following a public fight at a restaurant during which Lauren allegedly punched Jayson in the face, The Daily Beast reported.

Just days later, Jayson was once again involved in a domestic dispute — only this time it was with Tyler. The then-17-year-old called 911 after getting in a physical argument with his father, who he said had come home drunk, according to Jayson's arrest warrant. Tyler actually called his mother first, and it was Lauren who advised him to call the police. Tyler accused Jayson of reaching for his rifle when he realized what his son was doing, the document states. Jayson was charged with three misdemeanor charges.

These consecutive brushes with the law aren't new, though. Lauren has been arrested several times, all of them for minor reasons. Jayson's criminal history, on the other hand, is a lot more disturbing, including charges of domestic violence against Lauren and lewd exposure involving a minor. Unfortunately, it looks like Tyler has learned a thing or two from his parents. Even before he stepped into adulthood, he was drawing attention to himself for all the wrong reasons.

Tyler Boebert could be charged with multiple crimes

On February 27, Tyler Boebert was arrested in Colorado in connection with a series of car break-ins and theft of property, the Rifle Police Department shared. The 18-year-old faces a whopping 20-plus criminal charges, among which are four felony counts of possession of identification documents — including driver's licenses, passports, and social security cards — and a count of conspiracy to commit a felony. A police summary report accused Tyler of committing the crimes with two girls and a boy, all minors. 

The six victims listed ranged in age from three to 64. One of them reported the contents of her purse had been taken, including her wallet. "I sent my older daughter to get my purse from the car and she was like, 'Mum the car is a mess, everything is everywhere,'" Roscely Alvarado told KJCT-TV. The mother-of-two said the incident had an impact on the 11-year-old, who feels unsafe in her own home. Tyler and the others are accused of making several purchases with the stolen cards, CPR News reported. 

In a statement, Lauren Boebert made excuses for Tyler's behavior and lamented he has been unable to get his life in order despite all the chances he has gotten. "I love my son Tyler, who has been through some very difficult, public challenges for a young man," she said. But she noted he should face consequences nonetheless. "[He] should be held accountable for poor decisions just like any other citizen," she added. 

Tyler Boebert reportedly made a sex tape with another suspect

While Tyler Boebert's arrest was embarrassing in and of itself, it became even more scandalous when one of his acquaintances told authorities he had filmed a sex tape with one of the underage girls accused of participating in the crime spree, the Daily Mail reported. Police had been interviewing the teenager in an attempt to identify Tyler and his alleged accomplices, who had been caught on surveillance footage. The female acquaintance contended Tyler himself sent the tape to one of their mutual friends.

While the status of the relationship between Tyler and the teenager in the supposed tape is unclear, authorities determined they are likely boyfriend and girlfriend. "[The statement] leads me to believe that they do have a possible relationship with one another," the officer wrote in the affidavit shared by the outlet. The two girls police accused of committing the crime in their summary report are listed as being 16 and 17.

Tyler hasn't faced any criminal charges relating to the alleged sex tape, the Daily Mail noted. Despite being an adult now, Tyler could legally be dating either the 16- or the 17-year-old. While the age of consent in Colorado is 17, there is an exception for consensual partners older than 14 and with an age gap of four years or less. Less than a year before his arrest, Tyler was in the news for controversial reasons alongside his girlfriend. Could this teenager be the same girl? 

Tyler Boebert became a teen father in 2023 at 18 years old

When Tyler Boebert was arrested, his son was just months old. In March 2023, Lauren Boebert announced at a Conservative Political Action Conference that she was slated to become a grandma at 36 the following month. Tyler turned 18 on March 21, 2023, just weeks before his girlfriend's April 2023 due date. Lauren, who had Tyler when she herself was 18, preferred not to disclose the age of Tyler's girlfriend, making only a point to highlight she was older than 14.

Identified as Naomi Rocha by Raw Story, Tyler's girlfriend was around 16 when she gave birth to Josiah. But Tyler's alleged accomplice and new girlfriend isn't his baby mama. "We are not together," Rocha told Raw Story in January. "We were for a year and a half." Still, the two seemed to have a positive co-parenting relationship, at least before his arrest. "We do 50-50," she said.

At the conference, Lauren claimed her biggest fear surrounding the pregnancy news was whether Tyler and his partner would go through with it. "Our biggest fear is, 'Are they going to choose life?'" she said. Lauren highlighted her pride in the teens for embracing the morals of rural conservative America. "Because we value the preciousness of life," she said. She vowed to do everything in her power to help Tyler and his then-girlfriend become the best parents they could be. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like Lauren's plans are off to a very good start.

Tyler Boebert's 2024 arrest wasn't his first run-in with police

In September 2022, Tyler Boebert was behind the wheel of Jayson Boebert's Expedition when he crashed and flipped the vehicle into a creek, Westword reported. Tyler wasn't alone. Noble D'Amato, a friend of Tyler's who was in the passenger seat, suffered multiple injuries, including concussions, that required hospitalization. "I still have problems with my hand," D'Amato said in April 2023. "My thumb almost got cut off. It prevented me from getting a welding job, because I can't hold a TIG torch anymore."

Lauren Boebert released a statement that D'Amato said severely downplayed the extend of his injuries on purpose. "The injury reported was superficial at best and was addressed by medical professionals out of caution," she said. According to D'Amato, who was 19 at the time of the crash, Lauren's disdain wasn't surprising. "They just don't give a f***. It's the entire family," he said. 

D'Amato stated Tyler had been going well above the speed limit. "That shows you how much he just doesn't care," he said. "He was driving so f***ing fast." Tyler received a ticket for careless driving causing bodily injury, which was later downgraded to a ticket for defective headlights. To some, Tyler got off easy because of who his mother is, Newsweek noted. D'Amato can't say the same for himself. In addition to his injuries, he walked away from the ordeal with a couple of charges for being in possession of Xanax and some marijuana.