What You Don't Know About Kevin Miles, Aka Jake From State Farm

"It's Jake, from State Farm" is a quote loved by millions across America, and Kevin Miles has reaped the benefits of being one of the most likable faces of commercials. His friendly, affable demeanor makes people want to buy home and auto insurance from him, but as we all know, Miles is just acting the part of an insurance agent. If you were wondering why you never see the original Jake From State Farm anymore, Miles took over in 2020 and went from being an unknown actor to starring in commercials with Patrick Mahomes and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Being known as Jake from State Farm is what put Miles on the map, but many may not know that he is a trained actor. As reported by Forbes, he attended the Chicago Academy for the Arts in high school to study theater and then went on to get his bachelor's degree at Webster University's Sargent Conservatory of Theater Arts. After graduation, he took a big leap and moved to Los Angeles. "I didn't have an apartment. I came with two bags and a pillow," he recalled. Miles' life before State Farm was very interesting and it continues to be even more so after his fame — here are some things you didn't know about the actor.

Kevin Miles' viral moment with Donna Kelce was staged

Taylor Swift has been stealing the scene during NFL matches since she first appeared at Travis Kelce's game in September 2023. However, his brother Jason Kelce attempted to poke fun at the couple by tweeting a picture of Kevin Miles sitting with his mom, Donna Kelce at a Philadelphia Eagles game the following October. "I also have a superstar in my corner. @JakeStateFarm." In the photo, Miles is wearing his red State Farm zip-up jacket and khaki pants, while Mama Kelce is pointing at him in her Chiefs gear. Miles also tweeted a pic of him and Donna smiling at the camera, with the caption, "In my red era with Mama MaAuto."

It turns out that the whole thing was staged by none other than Ryan Reynolds, who is no stranger to hilarious spoofs, per The Hollywood Reporter. He and George Dewey, co-founders of their company Maximum Effort, realized that they could turn Swift's appearance into a marketing opportunity for State Farm. Miles was shooting commercials in Illinois at the time Reynolds hatched the idea and he had only two days to make it out to Philadelphia for the game on October 1. Of course, with Reynolds and Swift being pals, he cleared it with her first to make sure she was on board and everything worked out. The Kelces aren't the only celebs Miles has rubbed elbows with. In fact, he hobnobs with quite a few big-name celebrities, including some famous rappers and actors.

Kevin Miles has famous celebrities in his inner circle

Kevin Miles has met some pretty cool people over the years by playing an insurance agent. You may have first recognized the new Jake From State Farm when he shot a commercial with Drake, along with NFL stars Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers. "There were so many times I definitely wanted to say Drake quotes to Drake, and I was like: 'Don't do that. Don't hit that man with his own words," Miles shared with the Chicago Tribune. It seems they struck up a genuine friendship after the commercial, as Miles shared a pic with the rapper in February 2021 with the caption, "Goin In For Life." Not one to leave anyone out, Miles also shared a snap of him posing with Mahomes and Rodgers the year prior. "Hey, send my homie @patrickmahomes legendary vibes for tonight! Go boss up fam, happy kickoff day."

Although it's unsure how Miles and "The Kissing Booth" star Joey King became pals, as she hasn't joined the State Farm family yet, they showed their love for each other on Instagram. In a September 2023 Instagram post, Miles shared a carousel of pics with King and other famous faces like Matt Rife. "From leg days, to cvs trips, to mom talks in the middle of the night to so much more. Love you forever," King replied. "love you forever jo elbow amigo," Miles wrote back.