All The Worst-Dressed Celebs At The 2024 Oscars

The Oscars are Hollywood's glitziest night, with all of the biggest and brightest stars gathering together to celebrate their box office achievements. But forget the winners and losers, the tears and tantrums, and the never-ending congratulatory speeches — we're here for the red-carpet action — specifically, the worst-dressed celebs and epic wardrobe malfunctions you can't unsee.

The Oscars are the pinnacle of the awards season. Stars pull out all the stops in hopes of grabbing the spotlight, with decidedly mixed results. Despite having a glam squad and a team of stylists to hand, A-listers still manage to fall flat in the fashion stakes. Going by the worst-dressed celebs at the 2024 Golden Globes and the worst-dressed at the 2024 People's Choice Awards, plenty of stars have failed to learn their style lessons this year. Which, ka-ching! Means guaranteed rich pickings at the Oscars.

The Academy Awards have solid form when it comes to actors committing fashion felonies. Few can forget Lizzie Gardener's gold Amex atrocity from the 1995 awards. Or Demi Moore's 1998 Spanx and tapestry curtain cape ensemble. And, less said the better when it comes to Edy Williams' 1986 barely-there string of pearls monstrosity. So, bust out the gown, dust off the Louboutins, and fire up the limo — we're off to the red carpet to check out all of the worst-dressed celebs at the 2024 Oscars.

Diane Warren's Elvis cosplay

Diane Warren was taking her Oscars nomination very seriously. The songwriter was up for best original song for "The Fire Inside," which she wrote for "Flamin' Hot."

Warren went full-on method dressing, with flame-embossed lapels on her tuxedo jacket and flames rising up the sides of her pant legs. She finished off the unique look with a cut-out high-neck sequin top. Although she has to be commended for dressing to fit her nomination, the overall effect was more Elvis Presley circa 1970s Las Vegas than the 2024 Oscars red carpet.

Erika Alexander's Party Cita piñata look

Erika Alexander's red carpet gown was...interesting. The "Living Single" star's white strapless full-length dress was beautiful. However, she wore a see-through black net skirt over it. The skirt-thing was trimmed with multi-colored layers of fluffy taffeta frills, resulting in a look that was decidedly Rio de Janeiro Carnival.

Alexander completed her fashion statement with elbow-length black satin gloves, a black clutch, and a cute three-flower choker necklace. One major plus to her gown appendage was it helped Alexander slay it on the Glambot. In a video posted to her Instagram, the actor is seen twisting and swirling like a piñata in the breeze.

Billie Eilish was en route to a parent-teacher conference

Nobody could accuse Billie Eilish of being overdressed. The singer looked like she'd dialed it into the red carpet from a parent-teacher meeting at the local Sunday school. Eilish was nominated for best original song, so you'd think she might have made an effort. But, hey, rock 'n roll — even if it is in the style of your grandma.

Eilish's houndstooth mid-calf skirt, black blazer, Mary Janes, and little houndstooth bag were all Chanel. This goes to show that money does not automatically buy you style. But one thing's for sure: Eilish's 2024 Oscars red-carpet look is certainly one for the worst-dressed history books.

Julianne Hough's dress is straight from the big top

Julianne Hough was channeling a pregnant Koko the Clown in a billowing white pants jumpsuit number by Alexandre Vauthier. The bottom half of Hough's get-up was so voluminous that it took away from the tiny sequin boob tube on top and made her look like she was about to give birth.

The dancer was co-hosting ABC's "The Oscars Red Carpet Show," which made her style pick all the more mysterious. Joan Rivers wouldn't have been seen dead on the red carpet in that monstrosity. 

Leah Lewis's half-eaten cotton candy gown

Poor Leah Lewis! The actor's beautiful pink silk tulle and taffeta Lever Couture gown got caught in a shredder and was totally ruined. Still, props to Lewis as she soldiered on and made the most of a bad lot. Sadly, the bottom half of the dress had been totally ripped off, leaving a crotch-skimming mini-dress in its wake.

The train that hung from her side contained remnants of Lewis' original dress. Unfortunately, it suffered the same fate as her gown, though, and was left in literal tatters. On a positive note, Lewis got to show off her awesome toned legs.

Molly Sims auditioned for The Avengers

Molly Sims took the motto "If you've got it, flaunt it!" and ran with it — really ran with it. The model-turned-actor was pretty in pale pink. However, she took Va-Va-Voom to the next level with an open-fronted neckline edged with chunky silver chain embroidery that plunged to her navel. A solitary piece of string held things together and saved her modesty. Still, it definitely left little to the imagination.

Sims' ensemble included a matching chiffon cape that hung from her shoulders, giving her the look of a sultry superhero.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson skipped the iron

Awards season red carpets can be tough for men if they want to stand out. They usually just meld into one giant black tuxedo suit. However, that certainly wasn't the case for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. His metallic silver sateen Dolce & Gabbana suit ensured nobody put him in the corner.

Unfortunately, Johnson didn't get time to iron the suit, so it was full of wrinkles. Even worse, it seemed to be a size too small—which is never a good look when combined with satin fabric—causing it to pucker and pull around the crotch. Adding to the eye-catching ensemble, Johnson wore a burgundy-lined silk shirt underneath that was open-fronted and cut to his navel.

Emma Stone's mint dress wasn't the freshest

Emma Stone was bringing the early-aughts peplum back with her Louis Vuitton 2024 Oscars gown. Unfortunately, there was a reason why peplums went out of style two decades ago, but Stone clearly didn't get the memo. In her defense, she's not the only offender. Per Harper's Bazaar, pesky waist frills have been creeping onto runways for a couple of years now.

Stone's dress's mint green pastel color didn't do her any favors. It made the actor look washed out. The jacquard fabric added further to the fashion fail, making the dress seem even more outdated. Still, Stone's make-up was soft glam on-point, and her auburn hair was styled perfectly.