The Internet Gives Prince William's Rumored Mistress Rose Hanbury Brutal Nickname

Speculation has been abounding about the Royals, and the latest one to add fuel to Kate Middleton's odd disappearance is talk of Prince William's affair rumors with Rose Hanbury. While the hush-hush topic of conversation has been swirling around since 2019, author Omid Scobie shared with ET that the rumors kept going because the palace has never admitted nor denied them. "Unfortunately, if a rumor's left to kind of do its own thing it can run 20 laps around the world before you even think about what, how you want to kind of address it."

Amid Kate's health scare, there has been speculation that her and Prince William's marriage is on the rocks, particularly after an image was shared of the Princess of Wales and their three children months after her planned abdominal surgery. As shared by Newsweek, she's seen without her wedding ring in the obviously edited photo. This only flamed the rumors that Hanbury was the cause of Middleton and Prince William's issues, and unfortunately, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley got caught in the internet fire.

Rose Hanbury is being compared to Queen Camilla

Is history repeating itself with the royal family? King Charles III and Queen Camilla (then Parker-Bowles) had an affair for years before splitting with their respective spouses. It was a well-known secret that even the late Princess Diana knew about. With rumors swirling about Prince William and Rose Hanbury's alleged affair, the internet has given the Marchioness a telling moniker. "If this is how they launch Camilla 2.0 it really is going to break the internet... and maybe the monarchy," Henry VIII wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. "William soft launching Camilla 2.0," another X user predicted.

The internet is also ablaze with rumors that Hanbury's daughter Iris is Prince William's. "I called this one back in 2019! I'm also hearing that Rose Hanbury had a love child with William! So much for Meghan Markle causing the filthy scandals!" a fan shared on X. Another wild theory shared by Virus Geezer on TikTok is that Kate Middleton is pregnant with the late Thomas Kingston's child. "Thomas was in a relationship with Kate's sister Pippa Middleton for quite some time. And he stayed in contact with Kate ever since," he speculated. Kingston, who was the Prince and Princess Michael of Kent's son-in-law, was found dead with a head wound on February 25, per The Guardian. While these theories are unsubstantiated, more and more people will be worried about Kate until the palace finally gives them answers.