We Detect Kate Middleton Shade In Meghan Markle's New Lifestyle Brand Promo

Did Meghan Markle just embrace her shady side after getting dragged into Kate Middleton's fake photo controversy? With Kate out of the picture, Meghan raised her visibility in a big way by launching an Instagram account for her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard. As of this writing, the page doesn't feature any pictures of Meghan and Prince Harry relaxing underneath a shade tree for the Daily Mail to point as erroneous evidence that they also release edited photos.

Meghan can't seem to avoid getting dragged by the British media whenever something is amiss with William, Prince of Wales and Catherine, Princess of Wales, so she might as well launch her brand whenever and however she pleases, right? Kate might be missing, but in a promo on her brand's Instagram Story, Meghan can be seen cooking in her spacious Montecito kitchen as Nancy Wilson's song "I Wish You Love" plays. She looks totally at peace while her in-laws across the pond are embroiled in a PR nightmare.

The kitchen was a fitting setting for the promo, as Page Six reports that kitchenware and jarred foods will be among American Riviera Orchard's offerings. "[Meghan has] been working on this for over a year and it's all the things that are close to her heart — all the things she's passionate about," a source said. However, some people are convinced that the timing of the promo release was very suspect.

Meghan Markle's brand launched on a significant date

Hardcore conspiracy theorists might see the roses being arranged in Meghan Markle's promotional video and connect the imagery to the rumors of an affair between Prince William and Rose Hanbury. But it's Meghan's decision to drop it when she did that may speak volumes. It came after a Mirror headline urged Meghan to speak up in support of Kate Middleton — and some royal watchers believe that Meghan's business move is an act of defiance. "Meghan Markle saw your 'now is the time for the Duchess of Sussex to come to Princess Kate's defense' and raised you a 'f*** that my guy I'm launching my new lifestyle brand.' You love to see it," read one tweet. Meghan might be signaling that she won't take into consideration what is going on with the rest of the royal family when she makes plans to continue building her business empire.

Meghan's brand launch also came on the anniversary of the 2020 "freedom flight" she and Prince Harry took from Canada to California. It marked a new chapter in the couple's lives, and Meghan's date choice may signify that she views her brand as another big step away from having her future tied to the royal family. Or maybe she had a different reason for launching it when she did: She needed an excuse to get back on social media. "Meghan Markle returning to Instagram just to see the Kate Middleton memes," one X user suggested.