Here's What Ryan Gosling's Sister Mandi Really Does For A Living

When Ryan Gosling hit the red carpet at the 2024 Oscars on March 11, he was accompanied by not one, but three members of the Gosling clan. Proving smoking hot looks run in their family gene poolRyan, along with his sister Mandi, their mother Donna, and their stepfather Valerio Attanasio, stepped out together in coordinated black and gold ensembles: Ryan in a custom-made Gucci suit with silver trim and no tie, and Mandi in a houndstooth Zhivago dress with crepe paneling and a deep V neckline. This year's ceremony wasn't the siblings' first awards show rodeo; in 2017, Ryan also brought his sister as his mystery date to the Oscars when he was up for best actor for his role as Sebastian Wilder on "La La Land." Additionally, he and Mandi attended the 79th Academy Awards together when Ryan was nominated for his film "Half Nelson" in 2007.

Born to parents Donna and Thomas Gosling on January 1, 1977, Mandi is Ryan's only sibling. The two grew up together in Ontario, Canada, and have always been very close. "I was literally raised by my mother and my sister," Ryan told The Independent in 2011. "My sister was my best friend and my hero growing up." He also shared to ET Canada (via People) how Mandi is, in retrospect, his original Barbie. "She was doing all the things all the time. You know, getting me to school safely and then she was the president of that school," he said. And like Ryan himself, Mandi was also part of the entertainment industry.

Mandi Gosling is a former TV producer

Mandi Gosling is a former associate producer who is known for her work on shows like "Dateline NBC" and 2012's "Miss Advised." In 2014, she served as the casting director of Pharrell William's music video for his hit single "Happy," which featured guest appearances from stars like Steve Carell and Jamie Foxx and which took home Best Music Video at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. Speaking to Fast Company, directors Clement Durou and Pierre Dupaquier of the creative duo We are From L.A. (or WAFLA) said, "We went through a few casting directors before finding Mandi Gosling. She has a background in theater and really got the feel for what we were going for."

As noted on her LinkedIn profile, Mandi studied musical theater at the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts in Toronto, Canada before heading to California State University in Northridge to earn her bachelor's degree in journalism. In addition to being a producer, Mandi also served as the managing director for Ryan Gosling's production company, Phantasma Films, that produced his directorial debut "Lost River" in 2014. Moreover, she is also credited as one of the co-founders of the film outfit Uprise Productions based in Canada. However, these days, Mandi serves as a full-time coordinator for strategic events at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management, a position she has held since early 2022. 

She is proud to be Ryan's sister

It goes without saying that Mandi Gosling is a proud big sister to her not-so-little brother Ryan Gosling. And like Ryan, she has been open about her admiration for her famous sibling, gushing about the "Drive" actor in social media posts and during interviews. For instance, in July, she took to Instagram to praise Ryan on his May 2023 cover story with GQ to promote "Barbie." Mandi shared how lucky she is to be Ryan's sister. "He is everything you read in this article in @gq and, if you can imagine it, even more," she wrote. "Introspective, humble, hilarious, full of integrity, impossibly thoughtful, a dream dad and partner — I am the proudest sister in the world and had to share this piece that captures him so well." 

That same month, she showed her support for Ryan at the Canadian Press Day of "Barbie" in their hometown of Toronto, where Mandi gushed about her brother's "KENergy" in an interview with ET Canada. Shorty after the event, she shared a viral TikTok clip showing Ryan fixing her hair while posing for pictures on the red carpet. "I always say I won the sibling lottery and this is just one of a zillion examples – they are generally not so public!" she captioned the video. She then thanked Ryan's fans for their support. "I thought my whole heart would burst with how proud I am of what Ryan brings to the world and it's so kind how he shares the excitement of his world with me," she concluded.