Is Melania Hitting The Campaign Trail With Trump? Her Answer Leaves Everyone Guessing

As Donald Trump's presidential bid gathers steam, people are asking if Melania Trump will be hitting the campaign trail. Since leaving the White House, Melania's been living her life out of the spotlight. She's rarely seen by Donald's side and has been noticeably absent from his rallies.

Melania's absence after Donald was arrested in April 2023 sparked rumors of divorce. Speculation was fueled when she was MIA again to celebrate him winning Super Tuesday on March 6. "He's trying to get more women to support him, but it doesn't look good when the most important woman in his life doesn't appear to support him," a comment on X, formerly known as Twitter, read. A source close to Trump shot down the rumors, though. "Melania is busy with her son and family and she pays only so much attention to these issues which captivate the media," they told People in August 2023.

So, will Melania join Donald on the campaign crusade? Well, it's anybody's guess. The former first lady was decidedly vague on the subject when reporters asked her about it as she left a Florida GOP primary voting station on March 19. "Stay tuned," Melania replied, smiling as Donald grinned by her side. Her vagueness didn't go unnoticed by social media. "'Stay Tuned' is Slovenian for 'NO,'" a comment on X read. "'Stay tuned' = 'when the check clears, I will consider it, and then reject the idea as ridiculous and keep the money,'" another sniped.

Melania is keeping everybody guessing

Melania Trump attended Donald Trump's 2024 campaign announcement in November 2022 but has been missing from the presidential race ever since. Still, Melania insisted in an interview with Fox News in May 2023 that she was fully behind her husband's POTUS bid. "He has my support, and we look forward to restoring hope for the future and leading America with love and strength," the former FLOTUS said.

It's not just Donald's campaign that Melania has been absent from — she has been absent from the public spotlight, period. However, there was a rare sighting of Melania with Donald on March 9. A video surfaced on X of the couple hosting a meet-and-greet at Mar-a-Lago for the Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orban.

Meanwhile, Donald insisted there was no cause for concern over Melania's nonattendance and said there was no need for her to always be by his side. "She's a private person. It's funny, she was a very successful model, very, very successful, and yet she was a private person," he told Laura Ingraham at a town hall on February 22 (via Newsweek). "If I didn't introduce Melania; she'd be very happy about it," he added.