Who Is Rebecca Ferguson's Real-Life Husband, Rory St. Clair Gainer?

As a celebrity, keeping your love life out of the headlines can be difficult, but Rebecca Ferguson has done a pretty good job at it. The "Dune" actor has been extremely private about her love life, so much so that you may not have even known she is married to Rory St. Clair Gainer.

Ferguson and Gainer's meet-cute is still hush-hush, but Hollywood Life reports that the couple first met in 2016. It didn't take long for the two to make their way down the aisle, as they wed just two years later. Their nuptials were as low-key as their relationship. Dishing about the special night with Extra TV, Ferguson said, "[It] was more for our family and us, and we rented a cottage. It was our friends and family and Wellington boots and big woolly socks and big ruggy jumpers, games, snooker, table tennis." Ferguson didn't even wear a wedding dress and instead rocked a skirt she said she could reuse for a trip to Greece. When asked if anything changed, Ferguson said no, but she explained that "what's fun is we keep on saying 'hey hubby, hey wifey.'"

Ferguson and Gainer have now been married for over five years, but little is still known about her husband despite her fame and net worth increasing with the "Dune" movie series. However, there are a couple of things we do know about Ferguson's spouse, and we're diving into the details of his life with the actor.

Rory St. Clair Gainer and Rebecca Ferguson have a child

Rebecca Ferguson has been in mommy mode for a while, having welcomed her first child, Isac, in 2007 with her ex, Ludwig Hallberg, per Hollywood Life. Nearly 10 years after welcoming her first child, Ferguson and her now-husband, Rory St. Clair Gainer, had their baby girl, Sage, in 2018. Much like the rest of her life, Ferguson and Gainer have kept their daughter out of the limelight.

Ferguson has mentioned her in a couple of interviews, even sharing a story of how she thought Timothée Chalamet was her dad. Ferguson was speaking with U105 Radio when she shared the hilarious story of how her daughter got her "Dune" co-star mixed with her husband. She said, "So it's Valentine's Day, right ... And my daughter is in a shop with my husband. I was told this today. She goes up to a card and she goes, 'This is perfect for mummy.' It's a picture of Timothée [Chalamet], who she thought was her dad because it looks like my husband." But that's not where the hilarious moment stopped. The card had an inappropriate tagline that completely went over her daughter's head. Ferguson continued, "It [the card] says, 'Will you Wonka my Willy?' But she doesn't get it. She's like, 'Oh it's Willy Wonka! Willy Wonka, my Willy dad! Like, no." 

Rory St. Clair Gainer and Rebecca Ferguson's public love

Rory St. Clair Gainer and Rebecca Ferguson may be one of the most secretive celebrity relationships, but that doesn't mean they don't like a little outing here and there. In March 2023, the Daily Mail captured the two out and about in London alongside her agent, Chris Collier. The couple looked laid-back as they wore casual clothing, and Ferguson wasn't in the usual glam that we see on her red carpet appearances.

Just a couple of years prior, Gainer and Ferguson were photographed taking a stroll in sunny California. In October 2020, the couple were seen taking a scenic walk in Venice, per Daily Mail. They weren't alone, as they were accompanied by their then-two-year-old daughter, Sage. Whether it was because of the pandemic or trying to lay low, the couple wore casual-style clothing and wore face masks as they watched their daughter. Gainer is more than willing to step out with Ferguson in a more casual setting, but when it comes to her red carpet events, he lets her shine on her own. Gainer may be private about his relationship with Ferguson, but there's no doubt that the love is there between the two.