Doctor Predicts Fate Of Barron Trump's Staggering Growth Spurt After 18th Birthday

Barron Trump's transformation, particularly his growing stature, has caused quite a stir, but how much taller will he get after entering adulthood?

At 6-feet, 7-inches, the youngest Trump child has made an array of headlines for his staggering height. In 2021, when Barron was 15, he stunned spectators as he towered over his mother, Melania Trump, while exiting Trump Tower, per the Daily Mail. At the time, a user on X, formerly known as Twitter, wrote, "Dude should be playing basketball." Another individual echoed similar sentiments, writing, "Wow. 6-foot-7 at 15. And he's not done growing."

The public hasn't been the only one to comment on Barron's height, though. The former first son's older brother, Eric Trump, joked that he was upset at his sibling for taking his title as the tallest Trump family member. "I'm very mad at Barron because I was the tallest guy in my family until he came along," he said during a 2021 episode of the "First Class Fatherhood" podcast. "My father calls me the short son now and I'm six-five." With Barron turning 18 on March 20, we spoke to a medical professional to get a better grasp on what lies ahead for Barron's growth spurt.

Medical expert says Barron Trump is most likely done growing

As Barron Trump turns 18, we asked a pediatric anesthesiologist if the former first son will continue to grow or stop at his towering 6-foot-7 stature. "Height is very genetically determined (thought to be about 80%) but hard to predict because other factors also play a role," they explained. The medical professional went on to say that hormones, and the mother's nutrition and surroundings during pregnancy can affect a child's growth process. The also revealed that medical conditions, like Marfan Syndrome, are connected to height outcomes, with some tall, thin individuals having the connective tissue disorder. "Individuals with Marfan Syndrome will have a variety of other characteristics besides height, which might include scoliosis... [and] cardiovascular issues such as mitral valve prolapse," they explained.

As for Barron's growth spurt timeline, the pediatric anesthesiologist revealed that his height will most likely cap at 6-foot-7 since most boys' growing period takes place between the ages of 12 and 15. "Nonetheless, at 6'7" he is well above the 95th percentile for height on both the WHO and CDC growth chart," they added. While Barron's height is quite a marvel, not everyone is a fan. According to journalist Michael Wolff, Barron's height has supposedly rubbed his father, Donald Trump, the wrong way in the past. During a 2019 Lawrence O'Donnell interview to promote his book, "Siege: Trump Under Fire," the media professional said, "He's jealous of everyone's height. He never lets himself be in a photograph with someone taller than he is."