90 Day Fiancé: Jasmine And Gino's Biggest Fights Caught On Camera

Almost all of the relationships in "90 Day Fiancé" are filled with red flags and the TLC couple Jasmine Pineda and Gino Palazzolo are no different. Perhaps meeting on a sugar baby website wasn't the best start to their relationship, but there were also plenty of signs that the couple would have to take on their fair share of rocky times. "There are some things that can come between us, like Jasmine's jealousy and trust issues," Palazzolo shared right before meeting her for the first time in Panama. He continued, "But I already picture my future with Jasmine so my heart will be broken if it don't work," (via "90 Day Fiancé").

Their first meeting was a success but Pineda and Palazzolo would soon start having explosive fights while filming. Perhaps because of the way the couple initially met, Palazzolo and his family were suspicious of Pineda's motives for being with him. Finances caused a lot of tension between the two and that was just one of the reasons the "90 Day Fiancé" couple found themselves going at it during their many screaming matches.

Jasmine and Gino fought about peeling vegetables

What started out as Jasmine Pineda wanting to cook Gino Palazzolo a vegan dinner soon turned into a screaming match about the proper kitchen equipment. Pineda asked Palazzolo to peel a potato but didn't have a peeler or a cutting board so she handed him a knife and a plate instead. Palazzolo reluctantly sat down and attempted to peel the potato while complaining. She asked him to speed things up a bit, to which he replied, "I don't hurry up when I cook, especially without the proper equipment," (via TikTok). Pineda then asked him to peel a carrot and he flat-out refused.

As Palazzolo and his hat sulked in the bedroom, Pineda yelled from the kitchen that all she wanted was to cook a vegan meal for him. "Just because I asked you to peel a few potatoes," she cried. "I don't want to upset her but Jasmine needs to understand that she can't walk all over me and I'm going to stand up for myself," Palazzolo told the cameras (via TLC).  He finally came out to see Pineda sobbing and she told him she was upset because he was mad at her. "I'm not mad ... I just like to have the proper equipment, you know, to cook," he stated. Pineda acknowledged his need for cooking supplies and hopefully, they eventually got to enjoy her vegan meal.

Jasmine got angry because Gino wanted a prenup

While Gino Palazzolo had previously attempted to bring up a prenup with Jasmine Pineda prior to their engagement, she'd instantly dismissed the idea. Increasingly concerned about her financial expectations while on a trip to Panama, Palazzolo mentioned the prenup again, in Season 6 of the spinoff series, "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days." While he assured her that they would be together forever, she replied, "You see how stupid you sound right now? You know what? If you want to hear me, like, from the bottom of my heart — like f*** you a hundred times." Pineda then took off her engagement ring and gave it back to Palazzolo. As they left the restaurant, she was so upset that she wouldn't let him hold open the door for her. The next day, he showed her a proposal that stated she would be protected if he initiated a divorce, only to have her rip it up and throw the pieces at him.

After their fight, Pineda spoke with her sister Liz, who suggested that she leave Palazzolo. Pineda told her that she loved her fiancé and didn't want to break up with him. She admitted that she tended to lash out at him and was leaning toward just signing the prenup. Pineda and Palazzolo met up and he told her that he was willing to forego the contract. Unfortunately, their makeup session was brief after Pineda suggested Palazzolo draw up a will in case anything happened to him. "We're like a few months away from being married, and you're worried about me dying?" Palazzolo questioned in his confessional (via People).

Jasmine demanded that Gino hire an immigration lawyer

While shopping for an engagement ring, Jasmine Pineda expressed to Gino Palazzolo that she didn't want to wait over a year for her visa and asked him to get an immigration lawyer (via Entertainment Tonight). He pushed back, saying that they hadn't reached the time limit yet. "Tell you what, you give me the money for the lawyer and I'll get one. How does that sound," he quipped. "I knew that it was all about the money," she accused him, to which he agreed. "I'm not going to waste money, do you waste money?" he asked her. After arguing some more, Palazzolo told her he wasn't happy with her demands and stormed out of the jewelry store.

The fight about money continued when Palazzolo wanted Pineda to move to a cheaper apartment but she didn't want to move. In a confessional, Pineada stated, "I know that he could afford it, so paying for the apartment until [my] visa comes through shouldn't be an issue. But for me, it is not just about the apartment. Gino has had so many opportunities to show me that I am his priority," (via People). After he called her "spoiled" and told her that she wasn't a bigger priority than his family, things escalated. "F*** your family. Your family is trash," she told him, adding that her ex-boyfriend Dane was better than him in bed.

Gino sent his ex NSFW photos of Jasmine

One of Jasmine Pineda and Gino Palazzolo's biggest fights was after he sent his ex nude pics of the native Panamanian and denied it — at first. When she found out by looking through his phone, she confronted him about it. "I did not do that. That's for darn sure I didn't do that," he told her (via People). However, she showed him the screenshot of the pics Palazzolo had sent his ex-girlfriend and told him that he was the only one she had given them to. Ultimately, he fessed up, claiming that he only sent them to show his ex how "hot" Pineda was.

Gino's ex ended up leaking the photos, which got the "90 Day Fiancé" star fired from her teaching job back in Panama. Gino asked Jasmine if she had done anything to his ex to make her seek revenge, which wasn't very smart of him as she was holding a very sharp knife. Jasmine couldn't believe he had the audacity to ask such a thing and yelled, "She was making fun of me, insulting my physical appearance ... and you are really asking me if I provoked her," (via Entertainment Tonight). After Gino told her, "Calm down," she screamed, "What the f*** is wrong with you?" Suffice it to say, it was one of the most uncomfortable "90 Day Fiancé" moments.

Jasmine found out about Gino's secret bachelor party

When Jasmine Pineda came to Michigan, Gino Palazzolo's sister suggested they have a girls' night out since he had a bachelor party. This was news to Pineda who instantly got upset that he didn't tell her. When she confronted Palazzolo, she told him the wedding was off. "That's up to you. I can't marry someone that gets upset and angry like you. You're way overreacting. You're way out of control and I think you need some help, is what I think," he told her. Pineda tossed her engagement ring at him and yelled, "Give it to someone else. I want to go back with my dog to Panama. I want to be with my kids and people that love me. I know you don't want me. You make me angry. F*** you, Gino," (via WKYC).

During the "90 Day Fiancé" tell-all special, Palazzolo and Pineda revisited the strip club issue. After watching footage of Palazzolo enjoying himself at his bachelor party, Pineda cried, "I would have never gotten married to you had I seen this before the wedding. You were hugging them, Gino. You never look at me that way. You never make me feel desired! You never compliment me this way," (via ET Online). Pineda got so upset that she hysterically walked off the set and had to be consoled by Nikki Exotika before being able to resume her seat.

Jasmine flipped out after finding lipgloss in Gino's car

It's no secret Jasmine Pineda has trust issues and those came roaring out when she found lipgloss in Gino Palazzolo's car. As shared by Entertainment Tonight, Palazzolo told her, "Stop assuming that I was with a girl because it's not true. I've never been with a girl since I've been with you ever." Pineda didn't believe him and accused him of cheating on her. "You are so ridiculous. Sickening," he muttered. "You're a f***ing cheater!" she screamed at him. The fight got so bad that Palazzolo pulled over and told her he'd call her an Uber. As Pineda walked in the rain, she sobbed, "I want to go home. I don't have my passport, I don't have anything. I didn't bring any f***ing money because I don't have money."

When asked about the lipgloss, Pineda later told Extra that it wasn't a fake "90 Day Fiancé" storyline and stated, "Two things I can tell you, number one, the lipgloss was fresh. It was not expired because I checked even the laboratory who made the freaking lipgloss. And number two, it could have never been my lipgloss. That's number one a color that I don't usually wear ... and it was not vegan and cruelty-free." Palazzolo added that he had his car for over six years and had driven other women around, including his sister. He added that he doesn't clean under the passenger seat so the lipgloss could have been anybody's. Until the owner of said lipgloss comes forward, we'll never know whose it was.