The Property Brothers' Biggest Behind-The-Scenes Scandals

If you're into DIY shows, then "Property Brothers" was probably up there on your most-watched list. Starring twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott, one is a real estate guru, while the other is a contractor — and together, they help couples find and rebuild the home of their dreams. The two have always hustled since they were young and Jonathan shared on "Conan" that he and his brother were child actors and wanted to earn money so that they wouldn't have to struggle. "So, we thought let's get into real estate, let's play for our own productions ... fast forward 10 years and we thought let's make a show about this," he revealed.

"Property Brothers" aired for 14 seasons before coming to a halt in 2019. While there was no official statement as to why the show ended, "Property Brothers" soon got a bad rap after its last season, and a lawsuit that Drew and Jonathan had to deal with was just one of the many scandals that followed the brotherly design duo.

The Property Brothers were sued by a couple over a botched job

Real-life couples apply to get on "Property Brothers" in order to get a dream home remodel by Drew and Jonathan Scott, but a Las Vegas couple ended up with a nightmare. As reported by KTNV, Paul and Mindy King signed up to be on an episode of the HGTV show and shelled out $193,000 to the production company Cineflix for their home renovations. Upon the reveal, the Kings discovered major issues with the house, such as uneven baseboards and not enough plugs for their appliances — and that's not all. "They actually grouted the range to the wall and it's not even a straight grout line. But on top of that, there's actually grout in the burners and our brand new range was totally scratched," Mindy told the outlet. The Kings filed a suit against Cineflix and contractor Villa Construction after the couple tried to get the situation remedied, but claimed that things were made worse.

After the renovations, Mindy told the New York Times that she had been dealing with health issues since living in the crudely built house. In another claim, Mindy and Paul stated that the dishwasher wasn't properly installed, leading contaminated water to flow into the appliance while cleaning. The Kings initially asked for over $1 million in the suit but the Nevada State Contractors Board found the costs to be quite lower than that. "This is an obvious attempt by the Kings to garner attention and financial gain while the matter is still before the courts," Cineflix stated.

The Property Brothers fake a lot of scenes

We all know that reality shows aren't always real, but "Property Brothers" has too many fake elements to ignore. Jonathan Scott even admitted to PopSugar that the home searches by couples are staged. "We have homeowners who have identified a house that they already like. Because everything moves so fast for the show, we have found that it doesn't work well for people who haven't even started searching," he revealed.

Jenny Reimold, who participated in an episode of "Property Brothers," shared that there is in fact some behind-the-scenes editing going on. "I didn't think they were going upstairs, but my teenage daughter's bathroom was presented as the downstairs powder room," Reimold told People. She also divulged that her backyard wasn't really hers. "When we first saw that, we were a bit shocked, because we didn't see that edit coming. Although we like to think our yard was a bit more aesthetically pleasing than the one shown, we imagine the other yard was used because they had a tall, wooden fence that offered more privacy," she noted. One thing that Reimold said that wasn't fake, however, was the two brothers' affable personalities and she made sure to mention how warmly they treated her.

Jonathan Scott got into a bar brawl

There's plenty of relationship gossip surrounding Jonathan Scott, from turning down a spot on "The Bachelor" to being in a relationship with Zooey Deschanel, but on the whole, both "Property Brothers" are known for their friendly personalities — which is why it was so surprising when one half of the duo got into a fight while out a bar. As reported by TMZ, Jonathan was in a North Dakota pub in 2016 where he ended up in a chokehold by a bouncer. He then proceeded to call the cops, accusing the man of assault. According to the Star Tribune, no charges ended up being made, and the City Attorney stated, "Upon review of the police report and associated evidence, I found there was not sufficient evidence to establish a violation of either simple assault or disorderly conduct ... beyond a reasonable doubt."

Jonathan later opened up about the scuffle in his and Drew's book, "It Takes Two: Our Story." "I could feel this weird tension between our group and the staff." After ordering their drinks, a staff member yelled that it was time to go and the group had to leave. When someone complained that they had just arrived, the bouncer physically herded them out. "My friend was out front by herself, and so I planned to cross through the bar to get to her. I turned around and took about five steps back inside when one of the bar staff grabbed me by the throat in a chokehold," the contractor described (via RadarOnline). He went on to reveal that the police said it wasn't the first time they'd received a similar call to the establishment.