What Michael Jackson's Bodyguard Spilled After The Singer's Death

This article includes mentions of prescription drug use. 

Both during his life and after his death, Michael Jackson has been characterized as an eccentric personality. However, according to the late singer's bodyguard, a lot of what he did was misunderstood and misinterpreted. In fact, in the years since Jackson's passing, businessman-turned-bodyguard, Matt Fiddes has frequently spoken to the press about the truth behind peoples' misconceptions. 

In an interview for "Anything Goes with James English," Fiddes revealed that he'd first been introduced to Jackson by their mutual friend, Uri Geller. What initially started with Jackson asking for martial arts training from a successful businessman turned into a friendship, and eventually, Fiddes offered to be his unpaid bodyguard. Emphasis on the unpaid, there — as Fiddes pointed out to English, he didn't need the money. More importantly, though, he realized that one of the tragedies of Jackson's life was the financial exploitation he faced by almost everyone else he knew. Fiddes wanted to be someone the singer could count on without giving anything in return. 

Given that Fiddes and Jackson were friends, first and foremost, it's not exactly surprising that in the years since the latter's death, Fiddes has made a point of trying to correct the rumors surrounding the star. From reminding people that "Wacko Jacko" was a persona to addressing some of the stranger things the singer did, Fiddes has presented a very human side of the icon.  

Michael Jackson was less outlandish IRL

While "Wacko Jacko" was often the name given to Michael Jackson thanks to his eccentricities, Matt Fiddes has often explained that that was his persona. As he said on "Anything Goes with James English," "It takes, like, hours to become Michael Jackson. It's all an act, right? You can probably work that one out. He's not really Wacko Jacko, behind it all." In another interview, with YouTuber Steven Sully, Fiddes doubled down on that. "He would make himself ridiculous to wind the media up," he revealed. 

Granted, not every instance of Michael being perceived as quirky was intentional. Speaking to English, Fiddes explained that when it came to the singer's kids wearing masks, that had been to keep them anonymous. Of course, that ended up backfiring to some degree, when the press offered a whopping £1 million payout to anyone who could snag a pic of their exposed faces. 

As for the bigger parenting scandal Michael was involved in — holding his infant son, formerly known as Blanket Jackson, over a balcony — Fiddes has shared that he was present when it happened. And, while he told Express that he thought the angle of the picture made the situation look more dangerous than it was, he added that the star was inconsolable over the poorly thought-out stint. "He knew he'd made a massive mistake and locked himself in his room for a day afterwards. He was devastated," Fiddes recounted. 

Matt Fiddes detailed the extent of MJ's drug use

Michael Jackson's death was ultimately attributed to a prescription drug overdose. His doctor at the time of his death, Conrad Murray, was sent to prison for involuntary manslaughter, having supplied him with the narcotics. Matt Fiddes wasn't at all surprised. In fact, one of the most devastating revelations he has made is that he knew his friend was in danger. 

Speaking to Sky News in 2009, Fiddes revealed that he and Uri Geller had realized that Jackson was misusing prescription drugs in the tragic final months of his life, and even intervened on a number of occasions. Some of their attempts to stop him gaining access to painkillers included Fiddes confiscating what he found. Another tactic? "We went to great efforts to keep the doctors away," he revealed (via KINGofPOPRULES4EVER). Heartbreakingly, they weren't able to prevent Jackson from his overdose — and in the Sky News interview, Fiddes didn't mince his words about who he felt was at fault. "As far as I'm concerned ... [the doctors] have Michael's blood on their hands, and they know what they've done," he said.

Sadly, Fiddes revealed on "Anything Goes with James English" that when Jackson passed away, the family cut ties with him completely. Fiddes admitted that he didn't know why, but mused that money may have had something to do with it — a heartbreaking sentiment, given that Fiddes wouldn't even accept money from him as his bodyguard. 

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