Fergie And Josh Duhamel's Son Axl Is Growing Up Fast

Fergie and Josh Duhamel's son Axl Jack is all grown up! The former Black Eyed Peas singer and "Transformer" star announced they were expecting their first child together in February 2013, four years after they tied the knot in Malibu, California in January 2009. They welcomed Axl — who was named after Guns N'Roses' Axl Rose and Fergie's late uncle, Jack — on August 29, 2023. "It was really special," Fergie said of her son's birth in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. "I see Josh's face. They're pulling Axl out... And I see Josh, and he's going, 'Aw,' ... and I'm going, 'Wow, I'm so happy. This moment is so special, so tender.'" 

As a child, Axl has exhibited a knack for music and has been even featured in some of his mother's projects, including her 2017 single "Enchante (Carine)" from her album "Double Dutchess." "Axl sings around the house all the time," Fergie revealed on ITV's "Lorraine." She was, however, adamant that she would never force her son to pursue a career in music if he doesn't want to — a sentiment Duhamel shares when it comes to acting. "I just try to expose him to a bunch of different things," Josh told E! News in a separate interview. "I know for sure he's very creative." For all they know, Axl could become an artist, or an engineer. "He loves to tinker with a bunch of recycled junk," the actor said.

Turns out, Axl is into sports too, specifically football and basketball — and he seems to be growing up fast.

He turned 10 years old in 2023

Axl Jack Duhamel is growing so fast! On August 29, 2023, Fergie took to Instagram to share a heartwarming tribute to her son in honor of Axl's milestone birthday. Sharing pictures of Axl, including ones with his friends, the "Big Girls Don't Cry" artist said, "To my caring, funny, outgoing, loving, smart, talkative, creative super hero enthusiast. Happy 10th birthday punky!!! I love you Axl Jack." Several of Fergie's friends also reacted on the sentimental post, including Australian fashion exec Malcolm Carfrae, who couldn't believe that Axl has officially turned double digits. Others agreed, with one fan noting how it was just yesterday when Fergie announced her pregnancy to the world. "Wow! Just like that, enjoy every minute. Happy birthday!" said another.

Meanwhile, some couldn't help but notice the close similarities between the mother-son duo, with several commenters saying Axl is his mother's mini-me. Others, however, argued that he has his father's features. "Awww he looks just like him... with your colors... the blond, the eyes, the skin," one fan said.

In May 2023, several months before her son turned 10, Fergie shared another photo to Instagram in which Axl towered over her while standing on a concrete bench. In the caption, the proud mom of one shared how grateful she is to have Axl. "I love being a mother," Fergie once told The Standard in 2016, as she opened up about motherhood. "I had no idea what this feeling would be like. It's a complete balancing act."

Axl is a big brother

Axl Jack Duhamel became a big brother in January 2024 when his father, Josh Duhamel, and stepmother, Audra Mari, welcomed a baby boy together named Shepherd Lawrence. The pair — who has been married since September 2022 — announced they were expecting a child together through an Instagram post in September 2023. Speaking on "Live with Kelly and Mark," the actor  — who split from Fergie in 2017 — said Axl couldn't be more thrilled to have a younger sibling. "Yeah, I think it's going to be good for him because he's been an only child up to this point," Josh said. "And now he's going to have some responsibility." He added, "He's excited. He's going to be a great older brother, too."

Recalling Axl's initial reaction to his wife's pregnancy in an interview with Parade, the "Shotgun Wedding" star said, "He's like, 'Wait, now, am I going to be — You're still going to love me, though, too, right?' I was like, 'Of course, I'm going to still love you!'" Despite his concerns, Josh was confident that Axl would have no trouble adjusting to his new role as big brother as he's always been fond of babies. "He loves babies!," Josh revealed, adding that he was exactly the same way when he was a child.

Ahead of welcoming Shepherd into their family, Josh paid tribute to his firstborn son in honor of Father's Day 2023, telling Axl in a sweet post on Instagram, "You bring my life a lot of joy. Love you kid." Aww!