Jennifer Garner Suffers Heartbreaking Loss Of Her Father

On April 1, Jennifer Garner took to Instagram to announce that her father, William John Garner, passed away over Easter weekend. "My dad passed peacefully Saturday afternoon," wrote Jennifer. "We were with him, singing Amazing Grace as he left us (did we carry him across or scare him away— valid question.)" She continued, "While there is no tragedy in the death of an 85 year old man who lived a healthy, wonderful life, I know grief is unavoidable, waiting around unexpected corners. Today is for Gratitude."

"We are grateful for Dad's gentle demeanor and quiet strength," she added. "For how he teased with a mischievous smile, and for the way he invented the role of all in, ever patient girl dad. We are grateful for his work ethic, leadership and faith." Although Jennifer didn't list a cause of death, she thanked the staff at Charleston Area Medical Center and City of Hope for helping to extend her father's life and affording him more time to play sports and spend time with his family, before reflecting further on her father's legacy and memory.

In January, William celebrated his 59th wedding anniversary with Jennifer's mother, Patricia English Garner. "Happy 59th anniversary to my incredibly sweet and loving parents," wrote Jennifer alongside their anniversary photo. "Thank you, Mom and Dad, for giving my sisters and me such a secure, happy start to life." Besides Jennifer, William leaves behind his wife and his two other daughters, Melissa Garner Wylie and Susannah Kay Garner Carpenter.

Jennifer Garner thought highly of her father

Although Jennifer Garner has admitted in numerous interviews that she came from humble beginnings, she was incredibly proud of her father's work ethic. 

In September 2022, Jennifer gave her fans a rundown of her father's accomplishments on his birthday. "Happy birthday. Billy Jack Garner..." posted Jennifer to Instagram. "Eagle Scout. @tamu Corps Cadet and Ross Volunteer. Class of 1960. Union Carbide Chemical Engineer for close to 40 years. Beloved member of Christ Church United Methodist for 47 years. Adored father to my sisters and me for 53 years..." Jennifer also revealed that she and her sisters were daddy's girls. "We have the OG Girl Dad — the best Granddad out there, the ultimate problem solver and world class hugger," added Jennifer. "We are so proud to be yours, Dad. We celebrate you every day and love you."

Fittingly, Jennifer's last birthday post for her father was just as heartwarming as her announcement. Although Jennifer rarely posts family photos, she included photos of William during various stages of his life, and spoke on behalf of her sisters. "Billy Jack Garner is 85 today. We love you, Dad," Jennifer wrote on Instagram. "We love that you are our first call when life throws a curve ball, the guy we hunt down to open stubborn jars, and our favorite hug." She added, "We love that you mow the lawn in the dark and always have enough change in your pockets for ice cream... We are so so lucky to be your girls."