A Look At Trevor Noah's Celeb-Packed Relationship History

Like his jokes, Trevor Noah's thoughts on love and marriage are far from conventional. "I'm a big advocate for not living together ever, even if you're married. I think one of the biggest reasons people get divorced and relationships break up is because of this cohabiting bull**** that we've come to believe is the way relationships are supposed to be," he said during a 2019 appearance on "The Howard Stern Show." And as for having kids, the famed comedian initially had his doubts. "Sometimes I will meet kids who make me go, 'I want a kid'. And then sometimes I'll meet children where I go, 'I hope that my sperm doesn't do anything because this person is a terror,'" he quipped during an interview with Lesley Stahl.

In a later appearance on the "Archetypes" podcast, however, Noah shared that he had changed his mind about kids and was looking forward to starting a family. Though he has yet to set the plan in motion, Noah already knows the kind of father he would be. "I want to be the kind of dad who appreciates the human being that I brought into the world. I would hope to be a dad who is soft and tough, and fun and stern. Someone who wants the best for my child and also isn't afraid to engage with the child in me," he shared.

But while marriage and kids are currently not in sight for the former "Daily Show" host, Noah has racked up an undeniably interesting dating history through the years.

Dani Gabriel

In 2014, while still living in South Africa, Trevor Noah started dating Dani Gabriel, a South African native working as a physiotherapist. Still in the early days of his career at the time, Gabriel proved to be a great support system, often accompanying the comedian to his shows and celebrating his wins on social media. "I knew you had it in you and they saw it too. Now the world gets to share it. Couldn't be prouder," Gabriel wrote in a congratulatory tweet following Noah's announcement as host of "The Daily Show." Sadly, as Noah's career took off, his relationship with Gabriel reached its end.

While Noah relocated to America to pursue his exploding career, Gabriel remained in South Africa, choosing instead to stay close to her family and continue her physiotherapy practice. "Dani is an ex-girlfriend. They decided to go their separate ways and are not together anymore, they split a few months ago but are still friends," a source told the Daily Mail. Despite the split, however, Noah continued having a friend in Gabriel, with the physiotherapist gushing to the Daily Mail how proud she was of the comedian. "I don't need to show my support publicly for Trevor, it doesn't need validating to anybody else besides me and him. Anything that needs to be said I've said to him personally," she explained to the outlet. 

Jordyn Taylor

In November 2015, a few months after his split from Dani Gabriel, Trevor Noah went public with a relationship — this time, with a woman called Jordyn Taylor. During their time together, Taylor and Noah kept their relationship private, hence little is known about the pair's romance. Taylor, however, occasionally gave fans a glimpse of their relationship on social media, often sharing pictures of herself and the comedian on Instagram. "Chrissy, John, and Trev all photobombed my pic with Baby Legend," Taylor wrote in a group picture featuring John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen. 

After nearly three years, Noah and Taylor split up in the summer of 2018. Though not much was revealed about their split, Taylor ended up speaking on it during a January 2019 Instagram Q&A session. When asked if she still loved the comedian despite their breakup, Jordyn replied, saying: "Of course I love him. How could you not love him?" (via Times Live). "I love him so much but you guys should know we broke up this past summer but yeah, I love him." While the reason for their split remains unknown, things between the two seemingly ended amicably considering that the model is yet to delete Noah's pictures on her Instagram.

Minka Kelly

In August 2020, news broke that Trevor Noah was dating "Friday Night Light" star Minka Kelly. "They're very happy. It's a very serious relationship," a source told People. The following month, Kelly and the comedian were spotted together in public for the first time as they arrived at Noah's New York Apartment. The following year, the couple took their romance to the next level when they moved into Noah's newly purchased $27.5 million LA mansion. "They're making plans for a future together, and it's a very stable relationship. They've been spending time between coasts over the last year and had been looking for a place in L.A. as a couple," an insider told People of the pair's romance.

After a brief split in May 2021, Noah and Kelly reconciled, with sources confirming they were trying to figure things out. The pair seemingly ended up figuring things out as they soon went Instagram official with their relationship. Sadly, things eventually fizzled out between the two stars. In May 2022 Noah and Kelly officially called it quits. "Minka is single now. She is very happy. She'd rather be single than waste her time with the wrong guy," an insider told People at the time. 

Dua Lipa

Following his split from Minka Kelly, Trevor Noah, and singer Dua Lipa sparked dating rumors after they were spotted enjoying a night out in New York City in September 2022. After an intimate dinner at a Jamaican restaurant, the pair was spotted kissing and cozying up as they went on a stroll. Despite the rumors, however, Noah and Lipa denied being in a relationship with the comedian reportedly laughing it off and insisting she had been flying solo since 2021 split her split from Anwar Hadid. "For me, this is the first year I've not been in a relationship for a very long time," she said during an episode of her "At Your Service" podcast. "It's been really great to just be alone and only think about myself and kind of be quite selfish."

But while they might have denied any romantic links, Noah and Lipa shared a beautiful friendship as revealed by the comedian. "Dua has always been the sweetest. "You've always been really wonderful and gracious," he gushed while appearing on the singer's podcast. "You've always been a really wonderful light, just like in the spaces that everybody's in. So, thank you for taking the time. I appreciate you."

Zoë Leila Mabie

In January 2024, The South African magazine reported Trevor Noah's romance with a woman named Zoë Leila Mabie. Mabie, an influencer and business expert was reportedly invited on a Capetown trip Noah put together for a number of his friends. Seemingly fueling the rumors, Mabie took to social media, sharing an Instagram reel that featured snippets from the trip. According to the outlet, Noah and Mabie run in the same social circle and were reportedly introduced by mutual friends. This, apparently was confirmed by an Instagram post shared by Xolisa Dyeshana, chief creative officer at Joe Public United.

Though she is not quite as famous as her alleged beau, Mabie's LinkedIn reveals her role as a Business Lead at the South African office of Meta, Facebook's parent company. Mabie also previously worked as the office's chief of staff — a role she held between June 2019 and June 2020. But while much is not known of Noah's alleged romance with Mabie, the famed comedian looks forward to settling down. "I would want to be the kind of husband that my wife would want me to be. Even there I think we have so many limiting ideas on what marriage is. That's where I loved seeing Gen Z, as they are called, just play with the ideas of what a relationship is and how a relationship is defined," he explained during an appearance on Meghan Markle's "Archetypes" podcast.