The Worst-Dressed Celebs At The 2024 CMT Awards

The CMT Awards are one of the biggest nights in country music as they celebrate the achievements of all our favorite artists and songs from the year — and 2024 is set to be one of the biggest years yet. With the CMT Awards, you never truly know what you're going to get at the show. Will your favorite artist be snubbed? Will there be guest appearances? It's all up in the air until the moment the stars step out on the red carpet — including what they choose to wear.

If there is one thing guaranteed about the CMT Awards besides plenty of cowboy boots and cowboy hats, it's that artists will go all out with their fashion choices, but we're not saying they're all good. There has been a long list of celebrities who have had their worst-dressed moments at the CMT Awards — just take a look at last year. Unfortunately, for several of your favorite country music artists, this year is no different. The 2024 CMT Awards saw a couple of styling misses that will be burned into our memory forever. So, let's take a look at who should just stick to country music and not fashion.

Sammy Hagar started the party too early

The CMT Awards are definitely a reason to celebrate, but Sammy Hagar got the party started a little too early. The former Van Halen singer might as well have attended a backyard barbecue because his outfit was about as casual as can be. We have to credit the musician's shirt choice because it did catch some eyes but for all the wrong reasons. His T-shirt had the saying, "But first, tequila," and if it wasn't clear that he was ready to skip the award show and go straight to the after-party, Hagar accompanied it with a red solo cup. Yikes!

Did Brandi Cyrus get her outfit from Forever 21?

When you hear a Cyrus is attending an awards show, you expect the best of the best! But lately, the Cyrus family has been missing the mark. Miley Cyrus stepped out on the 2024 Grammy's red carpet with disastrous hair, and now her sister Brandi Cyrus has a wardrobe fail at the CMT Awards. Brandi sported a denim dress with black accents that honestly, didn't flow together at all. The dress looks like something you can find at Forever 21 rather than the hot couture that we know the Cyrus family members have access to.

Reyna Roberts has us plain confused

Denim and cowboy hats — you would think nothing could go wrong with that pair, but Reyna Roberts has proven us wrong. The "Miranda" singer sported denim pants that looked like shorts but turned into bell bottoms. If that sentence confused you, well that pretty much sums up the entire look. The top was just as confusing as the bottom half of her outfit as she wore a denim crop top with an attached collar. Roberts paired the look with a black hat, jacket, and tights that had cross patterns on it. There was a lot going on with the look, but not one part was good. 

Cody Belew's waist was snatched but his outfit wasn't

Whenever a guy steps out on the red carpet in something other than a plain black suit, it's usually a major win. However, Cody Belew's attempt to make a fashion statement fell flat. The musician rocked a shimmered brown suit that makes us wonder if his tailor has the rest of his jacket because it crops about midway at his waist. Underneath the suit jacket, a whole different mess is on display as he wore a sheer black shirt with a shimmered corset waistband that just didn't fit the look.

John Carter Cash and Ana Cristina Cash are giving double trouble

Listen, we love it when a couple hits the red carpet, but it can either be a power duo or double trouble. In John Carter Cash and Ana Cristina Cash's case, it's nothing but trouble. Ana Cristina wore a black dress that looked like a garden had thrown up on it due to the amount of dark flower appliques covering it. As for John Carter, he went full country with a beige cowboy hat, a white shirt with a red scarf, a brown jacket, and black jeans that were so mismatched it looked like he just picked the first things he saw in his closet.

Keith Urban gave us nothing

Keith Urban has hit enough red carpets that you would think he would know what to wear by now, but instead, it looks like the country music singer has had enough of the glitz and glam. The "Blue Ain't Your Color" singer had us snoozing when he stepped out wearing black jeans and a button-up shirt. The only interesting part of Urban's outfit, besides his tattoos, was that his button-up was ombre styled and went from black to a lighter black, but even that's not enough to save the boring fashion choice.

Amanda Kate Ferris' throwback to the '80s

There was no missing Amanda Kate Ferris on the red carpet, that's for sure! You wouldn't be able to miss the musician even if you tried because Ferris went out like it was the '80s all over again with bright colors that were a little too much for the eye. The singer wore a bright embroidered green jacket and paired it with a neon pink skirt and neon yellow shirt. As if that wasn't enough, Ferris had to bring some glitz into the questionable outfit choice with a sparkled silver bag and silver shoes to match. 

Leah Turner dress was a major distraction

Leah Turner rocked a beige cowboy hat with a denim dress, which doesn't seem too bad, right? Except that at the top of her dress was what looked like a 3D rose-inspired aspect that was a major distraction. The end of the so-called rose also led down her dress as denim material stuck out and made the look all the more confusing. Not only that, but there was also a set of fringe attached to one side of the dress, perhaps to add a country flare to it, but nothing could have saved this look.

Dasha's cheetah mishap

Dasha gave fans something to roar about at the 2024 CMT Awards, but not in a good way. Cheetah print has been making its way back into fashion, and while we're all for living out "The Cheetah Girls" dream, there is a way you can overdo it, and Dasha proved that. The musician stepped out in a floor-length dress entirely covered in a cheetah pattern. We're not sure what statement she was trying to make with the dress, but it wasn't giving country in any way.

Did Minnie Driver have a funeral to go to?

It's not only country music stars that attend the CMT Awards, as Minnie Driver stepped out for the award show. Driver has had some major career moments, but this award show won't be one of them. The "Circle of Friends" actor sported an all-black look that put us in a somber mood. It wasn't giving the glitz and glamour that were used to seeing on the CMT Awards red carpet and instead looked like she was heading to a funeral afterward. The only noteworthy part of her outfit was that she had a giant rose attached to one side of her blazer, but we expected more from the actor.