Keith Urban Follows Nicole Kidman's Footsteps With Tuned-Up Look At 2024 CMT Awards

As expected, Keith Urban graced the 2024 CMT Music Awards with his presence and got fans talking — but not necessarily in the way he'd hoped. Forget his record-breaking 20th performance at the awards show or his Taylor Swift-inspired new music tease (spoiler alert: he's set to release a new album). This time, it's all about his face. Some fans suspect that the "Blue Ain't Your Color" crooner has undergone a facial overhaul, taking a leaf out of his wife Nicole Kidman's book.

Urban surprisingly pulled up to the red carpet without Kidman, but her absence could probably be chalked up to being busy filming projects elsewhere. But even without his usual date, Urban couldn't resist talking about his wife, especially when asked about how they're sustaining their nearly two-decade marriage. "I have no advice for anybody," he told E! News. "You guys figure out whatever works for you. We're figuring it out. You figure it out. Everybody's different." What probably helps, though, is their mutual love for music, with Urban dishing that he might even ask the actor to participate in his future records. "We sing around the house a lot. So, why not?"

While Kidman might not be ready to trade the silver screen for a rockstar career, Urban, on the other hand, appears to have already followed in her footsteps — at least when it comes to plastic surgery. Some eagle-eyed fans couldn't help but comment on his altered appearance, with some even suggesting easing up on the nip and tuck. Ouch!

Fans are criticizing Urban's facial transformation

What in the world happened to Keith Urban's face? That's a question that some of his fans questioned while watching the singer perform at the 2024 CMT Awards. Urban took the stage for a show-stopping performance of "Straight Line," but while many applauded his work, some were distracted by his look. Had he gone from a recent trip to his plastic surgeon's office?

"What is wrong with Keith Urban? He looks so swollen in the face???" one fan posted on X, formerly Twitter, with another speculating that his makeup artist might have gone all in on the foundation. "Golly. Keith Urban has more makeup on tonight than I wear in a year," they said. Meanwhile, some assumed that his altered look was the result of some cosmetic enhancements. "Keith Urban and the botox," one tweeted, and another noted, "It's the plastic surgery for me."

Unlike Nicole Kidman, Urban hasn't outright commented about all the plastic surgery rumors directed at him, but hey, if not for yet another new look down the line, fans can look forward to new music from the singer. We may not get answers about his face, but we can at least expect some fresh tunes. "Every song on this album – even the ballads – carries an energy and a life force that became a very strong through line," he said in a statement during "Straight Line's" release (via Rolling Stone). "I hope you feel it. I'm so excited for everyone to hear the whole thing."

Inside Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman's plastic surgery rumors

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have long been surrounded by rumors that they were frequent visitors to their plastic surgeon's office. Some have suggested Kidman has had a facelift and dermal fillers, while others have theorized that Urban may have attempted to stop aging by opting for Botox treatments. However, Kidman is adamant that her beauty is au naturel, chalking up her perfect complexion to a meticulous self-care routine. "I have nothing in my face or anything," she told Marie Claire in 2007. "I wear sunscreen, and I don't smoke. I take care of myself." She did admit to experimenting with treatments years later, but she soon discovered that they were not for her. "No surgery for me," she fessed up to Italian newspaper La Repubblica (via Glamour). "I did try Botox, unfortunately, but I got out of it and now I can finally move my face again."

As for her husband, Kidman once said he opts for a "less is more" approach, which seems to be working for him. "My husband is low maintenance. And he also goes in the sun all the time, so he wears the sunscreen but he tans! I've snuck little products into his routine, but he's erratic," she shared with Yahoo! Life. "I have to say he is a total dude."

Then again, it was once reported that the couple practically treats cosmetic appointments as dates. "They've gone in for solo treatments, of course, but they also have a cosmetic surgeon who comes to see them in their own home," a source told Life & Style (via New Idea). A couple who Botoxes together stays together, we guess!