Hallmark Star Andrew Walker Once Suffered A Devastating Family Loss

Hallmark star Andrew Walker suffered an unfortunate family loss. With over 22 Hallmark films under his belt, Walker is one of Hallmark's buzziest stars. Over the years, Walker's work has encompassed everything from Christmas and Valentine's Day flicks to mysteries and heart-pounding romance. So it's not surprising that he's brought immeasurable joy to the network's millions of loyal viewers — a feat he's happy about. While speaking with Us Weekly, Walker boasted about his enduring contract with Hallmark amid its content evolution. "It's exactly what I would hope for in my evolution [on] Hallmark," said Walker. "Being on Hallmark for 10 years now and [nearly] 26 movies later, or whatever it is that I'm in, it's crazy," he added. "This is exactly where I want to be."

Unfortunately, Walker has also faced difficult and challenging times in his personal life. In addition to the financial struggles he faced prior to joining Hallmark, Walker has also had to overcome the death of his mother, Joyce Francis Crossley Walker, with whom he was especially close. In 2020, Walker even revealed that his mother's career path inspired him to eventually join the arts. "My mother was an artist, an incredible artist, and if it wasn't for her encouraging me to pursue my acting career, I don't think I'd be doing what I'm doing today. So thank you mom," said Walker in a video for Hallmark's YouTube channel.

Three years later, Walker opened up about his mother's death.

Andrew Walker's mother had Alzheimer's

Andrew Walker's mother, Joyce Walker, dealt with Alzheimer's for over a decade before her death. In 2021, Andrew spoke with TV Fanatic about his mother's condition. "Fortunately, it's been ten years, but only really started to get bad during the pandemic," Andrew said about the length of her diagnosis. He also revealed that her condition prepared him for playing Kris in "My Christmas Family Tree," a character who'd lost his parents. He added, "And so there's a piece of Kris that I was able to draw from in losing his parents because I feel like I am processing the inevitable loss of my mom and the way she's not at all who she was, who I've remembered her being throughout my life. So it's therapy."

In March of 2023, Andrew Walker celebrated International Women's Day with a bittersweet Instagram post featuring his mother. "The most dynamic, talented, strong willed, loving and protective woman," wrote Walker alongside her photo. "I'm so lucky to call you my mother." He continued, "As you leave us in this material world, I'll be able to feel your presence wherever I go which gives me so much comfort. I love you eternally mom." Unfortunately, Andrew's mother had passed away by the time her May 10th birthday rolled around that year. "Happy birthday mom. Miss you. Get a double scoop and party like you just don't care!" posted Andrew alongside an Instagram photo of Joyce posing with an ice cream cone.

Andrew Walker is dedicated to finding a cure

Andrew Walker was one of several Hallmark stars working to raise money for Alzheimer's research in 2023. During an interview with Southern Living, Walker spoke about his mother's death. "My mom passed this summer from Alzheimer's," said Andrew. "She had to battle over 10 years, it's an awful disease. For so many people that get it, they are full of life people. My mom was the life of the party. She brought people together." Andrew also stressed the importance of people banding together in search of a cure. "So it means everything to me. And to be surrounded by so many people that have also been touched by it means the world," he added.

In the meantime, Walker has been working hard to keep his mother's memory alive for the next generation. On March 21, 2023, Walker posted a video of his mom teaching his baby son, West, how to play the piano. And while the adorable baby really only pounded on the keys, it was a sweet moment nonetheless. "Grateful West was able to learn from the best," wrote Walker on Instagram. "She always had music running through her veins." Walker has also since gotten his oldest son into official piano lessons. "He started his first piano lesson last week, and he loved it." Walker, who wasn't a fan of the lessons he took as a child, shared with TV Fanatic. "So I think I am definitely incorporating music in their life at a young age, and hopefully they'll continue." Here's to that!