Cyrus Family Feud Rumors Explode After Noah's Sly Gesture To Miley's Ex

Did Noah Cyrus shade her sister, Miley Cyrus? It sure seems like it! The Cyrus family has been facing plenty of feud rumors, and Noah only added to the speculation that tensions are rising in the household after getting caught red-handed liking one of Miley's ex's photos.

Miley's ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth, shared a thirst trap on social media, showing off his muscles at the gym. Hemsworth captioned the post, "#legday A massive thank you to everyone that has watched Land of Bad! The feedback has been awesome. Extremely grateful for all the love and support!" The photo got a lot of attention from the internet and even from a Cyrus family member after people noticed that Noah had liked the post. One user on X, formerly known as Twitter, wrote on social media, "Can't trust your own fam I swear."

Many found this to be a shady move on Noah's part, considering Hemsworth's history with Miley. Miley and Hemsworth had a strange decade-long relationship with plenty of ups and downs. The couple married in 2018 but ran into roadblocks not long after. By 2019, Miley and Hemsworth separated and were officially divorced a year later. The couple had a complex relationship, and with Noah liking Hemsworth's post, many felt she was betraying her sister. It wouldn't be surprising if Noah took this as a chance to throw a dig at Miley, though, as tensions are reportedly rising among the Cyrus family, specifically between Noah and mom Tish.

Did Tish Cyrus steal Noah Cyrus' man?

Speculation surrounding a Cyrus feud has taken off after a story broke about Noah Cyrus briefly dating Tish Cyrus' husband, Dominic Purcell. In March 2024, a source told People, "Noah and Dominic were seeing each other in a friends with benefits way, off and on. They stopped seeing each other and then Tish started something up." Apparently, Tish knew about Noah's relationship with Purcell, but it didn't stop her from sparking a romance with the "Prison Break" star, which is just one of the many strange things about their marriage. The source continued, "Tish never gave Noah the chance to talk about all of this before they got married." This might have left a sour taste in Noah's mouth as the source revealed she has been closer to her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, following his separation from Tish.

As for how Miley Cyrus falls into this drama, a source told People Miley was unaware of the messy situation. They said, "Miley had no idea about the drama with Dominic. No idea at all." Even though it all seems a bit weird, the "Flowers" singer is reportedly backing her mom. They explained, "She [Miley] confronted her mom about it. She thinks it's a strange situation, but she loves her mom and wants her to be happy." From the drama with Purcell, to Noah liking Liam Hemsworth's selfie, the Cyrus family drama does not seem like it will end any time soon.