Demi Moore Proves She Still Has It With Copycat Outfit Worn By Star 30 Years Her Junior

Who wore it better: Demi Moore or Kelsea Ballerini? The choice is yours, but there's no denying that Moore is proving age is just a number after wearing the same outfit Ballerini rocked just days later at the CMT Awards.

On April 6, Moore stepped out for the Dolce & Gabbana 40th anniversary party in Milan, Italy. The "Ghost" actor left the internet's jaw on the floor after wearing a sheer floor-length dress, bejeweled from head to toe. Moore paired the look with black undergarments and black strappy heels that complimented the entire outfit. The actor's stunning fashion choice could have convinced anyone that she's much younger than her 61 years, as social media users were left in awe. One user on X, formerly known as Twitter, simply wrote, "she's 61!!?!??!£);!!?;!:£:!/!" Listen, we're just as shocked, especially after seeing that Moore looked equally as good as someone 30 years her junior.

At the 2024 CMT Awards on April 7, Ballerini, who is 30 years old, didn't make the worst-dressed list, but she did sport a copycat look. The "Miss Me More" singer wore the exact dress Moore wore just a day prior in Italy. The two looked identical as they both wore black undergarments and black heels. The only difference was that Ballerini's heels sparkled and Moore's did not. Both women stunned in the look, but people were really impressed by Moore's ability to rock such a daring look!

Demi Moore prioritizes her workout and skincare regimens

One thing you might not know about Demi Moore is there's a reason she looks as young as Kelsea Ballerini, and it's because the "Indecent Proposal" actor makes sure to take good care of herself. Moore broke down her skincare routine with Harper's Bazaar in 2019 and revealed her secrets to staying young. She emphasized serums and using a gua sha tool, saying, "It activates the blood flow in your skin. When you're over 50, and you feel like your skin is hitting the floor, this is an incredible uplift."

As for how Moore stays so fit, she has had ups and downs with her workout journey, per the Daily Mail. However, as she got older, the "G.I. Jane" star tried to find a more relaxed workout regimen that included a lot of yoga. From her skincare to her workout routine, Moore puts in work to keep up with youngins like Ballerini, but at the end of the day, the actor believes beauty comes from within.

While appearing on a Goop panel, Moore told the audience about her secret to looking good. She said, "Look, I don't have any super big secret. But I definitely think beauty starts on the inside. You can do anything you want to the outside, but if the inside isn't looking or feeling good, then I don't know if anything you do on the outside is going to be good enough."