Kimberly Guilfoyle's Outfit For Her Son's Prom Is Her Most Tasteless Yet

Kimberly Guilfoyle is famous for her unique sense of style, which detractors criticize as lacking in taste and accuse of being, well... tacky. For instance, the frightful frock Guilfoyle wore to address the Mar-a-Lago crowd on behalf of Abe Hamadeh in March 2024 left very little to the imagination and was more suited to an adult cabaret performance than a political fundraising speech. Still, the outfit she wore for her son Ronan Anthony Villency's prom is possibly Guilfoyle's most inappropriate outfit yet.

Most mothers want to take a backseat and let their son and his date shine on their big night. Guilfoyle, though? Not so much. Ensuring she was the show's star, Guilfoyle donned a lilac-colored monstrosity that looked like it was purchased at Forever 21, with three diamonté bows semi-covering her ample décolletage. Adding to the style travesty were puffy sleeves and platform heels. (Of course, Villency's date's mom was arguably the worst offender, but the less said about the pink lace mini-dress that pushed up her bountiful bosom, the better.)

However, Guilfoyle was clearly proud of her son, posting a carousel of pictures on Instagram, including one of Donald Trump Jr. posing with the bros. "As a mom, there's no greater feeling than witnessing your child embark on milestones like this with confidence and excitement. Ronan, you make me so proud every single day. Here's to you and the journey ahead!" she captioned the photos.

Kimberly Guilfoyle loves the décolletage and diamanté

Eric Trump's wife, Lara Trump, was recently appointed co-chair of the Republican National Committee, but Kimberly Guilfoyle and Donald Trump Jr. are the leading GOP power couple, with their celebrity currency and agency seemingly increasing by the day.

When it comes to political ideology and agendas, the two are perfectly aligned. However, when it comes to style, Guilfoyle and Don Jr. are totally mismatched: he favors dressing for the boardroom or a day out slaughtering animals, while she prefers a come-hither bedroom look, plumping for seethrough dresses and necklines cut down to her navel. But it appears that after six long, blissful years, Guilfoyle and Don Jr.'s relationship is still going strong, despite those pesky rumors that Ivanka Trump wants to cut the former Fox host out of the picture — quite literally.

Nonetheless, Don Jr. and Guilfoyle's decidedly different fashion preferences aside, they are totally aligned regarding comedic Halloween outfits — especially if they can make a political statement simultaneously, natch. In November 2021, Don Jr. and Guilfoyle had fellow partygoers in stitches when he rolled up in head-to-toe camo, brandishing a weapon, while she was decked out in full witch regalia (minus her broomstick). The joke? They went as a "witch hunt," in case anyone was left scratching their head. "With all the bulls**t the Democrats are throwing out there, we just couldn't resist," Don Jr. captioned a pic.