Kimberly Guilfoyle & Donald Trump Jr.'s Mismatched Looks In New Photo Speak Volumes

Kimberly Guilfoyle and Donald Trump Jr. have plenty of things in common, from politics to family, but the one thing that can't get on the same page about is their outfits.

Guilfoyle and Trump got engaged in 2020, and in their pre-wedding bliss, the former legal analyst posted a photo of her and her fiance on Instagram. She wrote, "In each other's corner, taking on life together head-on with determination and dedication." The sweet post to Trump had people in the comments showering them with love, but it also showed that the two may not be as like-minded as the caption says because of the contrast in their outfits. Unlike many of Guilfoyle's former outfits that have been slightly inappropriate, she rocked a stunning dress for the outing with Trump. The former Fox News personality wore a mini gold mirrored-textile dress, pairing it with a pearl necklace and pearl earrings as she wore a full glam makeup style. Guilfoyle was dressed to the nines for their outing, but Trump was a bit more laid back in his look.

Trump's look would have you confused about where the couple was heading because although he was wearing a suit, he took a more casual approach as he had no tie and his shirt was slightly unbuttoned. He was not even close to matching his fiancee, which speaks volumes about how they might not be as united as they seem and it just shows how strange Trump and Guilfoyle's relationship is.

Donald Trump Jr.'s fashion choices have faced backlash

Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle's mismatched look shared on social media may have raised red flags about their relationship, but this isn't the first time Trump has been on the other end of backlash for his questionable outfit choices.

In November 2023, a photo of Trump went viral after he stepped out in a camouflage sweater over a button-up shirt and sported it with matching camouflage shoes and khaki pants, giving another reason for celebs not to like him. Camouflage is already a hot topic in fashion as people either love or hate the pattern, but it seems that when it's on Trump, it's a major fashion no-no. Attorney Ron Filipkowski mocked the political figure in a tweet simply saying, "Nice sweater." The tweet garnered over three thousand likes as people were clearly not a fan of Trump's look. One user even poked fun at Trump's wealthy status as it relates to his fashion choices. They tweeted, "Just goes to show money can't buy taste." Funnily enough, Guilfoyle was also in the photo, and once again, she was not matching her fiance as she wore a bright pink dress and zero camouflage.

So, perhaps Trump isn't the biggest fashion icon, as he continues to wear whatever he wants even if it may not match Guilfoyle, and even if he may get roasted.