Trump Gives His Haters Fuel With Most Troubling Hair & Trial Look Yet

Each day Donald Trump shows up in court, his appearance gets worse and worse, and his latest look tops them all. Trump has become the first former president to stand trial on a criminal count for allegedly having his lawyer, Michael Cohen, pay hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels to keep their affair quiet before the 2016 election. Unlike many of his other legal issues, the former U.S. president is required to appear in court every single day. 

The case can have a huge impact on his life and the 2024 presidential election, and it seems like it has all taken a toll on Trump. From his eyebags clashing with his tan to his hair, the businessman hasn't looked his best, and today has been his worst. Trump sat at the defense table with sleepy eyes, his usual bright orange tan, and disheveled hair. His locks are what made his physical appearance look so terrible, as it seemed like someone had scruffed his hair with their hand and didn't even attempt to run a hairbrush through it afterward. 

Trump's appearance in court is much different than how he has looked on the campaign trail. During a few stops in Wisconsin and Michigan, the former president had his hair intact and looked as energetic as ever. It's no wonder there's such a stark difference from the campaign trail, because in court, he's having to deal with some damning testimony being thrown his way. 

Hope Hicks' testimony should scare Donald Trump

Donald Trump's criminal case didn't just feature the businessman's terrible hair, but a former close friend and White House employee — Hope Hicks. One thing you may not know about Hicks is that her and Trump go way back, and she eventually became one of his White House aides. In the past couple of years, however, Hicks has found herself having to testify regarding some of Trump's legal issues, including the January 6 riots. Turns out, Hicks' days of testifying were far from over as she has been the latest to take the stand for Trump's criminal case.

It's not surprising Trump has looked terrible at the defense table, especially with testimonies like Hicks'. From the infamous Access Hollywood tape to personal conversations, Hicks left no detail out about her relationship with Trump and his team. At one point, she even claimed she asked for Jared Kushner's help in trying to delay the information about Daniels' affair with the former U.S. president. She said (via the Associated Press), "He had a very good relationship with Rupert Murdoch and I was hoping to see if we could buy a little extra time to deal with this." Kushner apparently told Hicks that it didn't seem like a possibility to delay the news, but this testimony showed the jury there was worry about the affair getting out. Hicks' testimony is just one of the many to come as the trial appears continuously takes a toll on Trump.