Stormy Daniels' Most Inappropriate Red Carpet Outfits To Date

Before her alleged affair with Donald Trump was publicly exposed, Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, was best known as an adult actor. Given her line of work, it's little surprise that Daniels often hit the red carpet in outfits that some would deem inappropriate. However, in fairness, that's a difficult bar to set when judging outfits worn for the Adult Video News Awards (aka the AVNs, which are basically the X-rated version of the Oscars).

Daniels first sold the story of her alleged affair with Trump to In Touch in 2011. However, it was killed following legal threats. In 2016, The National Enquirer learned Daniels was considering going public with her story again. So, she was offered $130,000 "hush money" by Trump's former fixer, Michael Cohen, in return for signing an NDA preventing her from telling her story again. However, all bets were off after The Washington Post reported on the attempted cover-up in 2018. Daniels was thrust into the spotlight, subjected to sensationalist headlines, branded a money-grabbing liar, and sent multiple death threats.

Since news broke of Trump's alleged affair with Daniels, she's dressed more conservatively, except for her dance and magazine work. As she's begun segueing from acting to being an author, director, and media personality, Daniels' transformation is a sight to see. She's swapping super sexy for glitzy glamor at public events. Still, she's had some memorable moments over the years. We're looking at some of Daniels' most inappropriate red carpet outfits to date.

Stormy's sexy Super Bowl Sunday ensemble

Many Philadelphia Eagles fans would argue that Stormy Daniels' most inappropriate red carpet outfit to date was her Super Bowl LII get-up. Not for reasons that most would think, though. Because there was no disputing that Daniels rocked her see-through mesh shirt and super tight, super short bootie shorts. Still, it was all about the coloring, not the clothing.

Even though Daniels didn't go all out New England Patriots white, red, silver, and blue, she definitely didn't go Eagles' silver, black, white, and green. In fact, her top was white with blue lettering, and her shorts were blue with white trimming. So, it didn't take a genius to work out her allegiance. The Patriots were 4-and-a-half point runaway favorites to win against the Eagles. However, in a fantastic display of sportsmanship, skill, determination, and pure Chutzpah, the Eagles shockingly trounced the Patriots 41-33.

Daniels wasn't the only one left crying into their Ward 8s — which, according to Vinepair, is the Pats' cocktail of choice: a mix of rye, OJ, lemon juice, and grenadine. Ironically, Donald Trump is also a huge Patriots fan. Although he famously doesn't drink alcohol, he reportedly always has cans of Diet Coke nearby, which could be handy for commiserating over the shocking defeat — albeit not with Daniels, presumably. Trump also lashed out at the Eagles by disinviting them to the traditional post-win White House visit — after many of the players had already announced their intention to boycott the event.

Stormy's chesty leather and fur

Donald Trump was front and center at the launch of Trump Vodka, his failed venture into the alcoholic beverage market. He looked dapper in a black suit, shirt, and tie at Les Deux nightclub in Los Angeles, California, in January 2007, posing with a bottle designed to resemble a skyscraper, with a golden "T" embossed on all four sides. Still, forget Trump and his mediocre vodka; the most interesting aspect of the party was the presence of Stormy Daniels.

Daniels wore a gloriously inappropriate outfit that definitely caught the interest of the red carpet paparazzi, in addition to Trump, presumably. She was clad in a pair of pelvis-skimming jeans and a skin-tight leather and fur monstrosity held together with one solitary button, allowing for maximum display of her ample assets. There were no reports of any conversations or interactions between Trump and Daniels during the evening. However, it was just one year before that Daniels had engaged in a one-off sexual encounter with the then-reality TV star.

In October 2018, Daniels told "60 Minutes Australia" that she had sex with Trump after meeting him at a celebrity golf tournament in 2006. Daniels claimed that despite never sleeping together again, Trump kept in regular contact for 18 months, keeping Daniels dangling with the hollow promise of a role on "The Celebrity Apprentice." When it failed to materialize, Daniels soon realized that, to the surprise of nobody, Trump's offer was as good as people say his vodka is.

Stormy Daniels' pink satin corset contraption

Stormy Daniels was dressed in a delightfully inappropriate red carpet outfit for the 22nd Adult Video News Awards (aka the AVN Awards) at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas in 2005. Daniels was decked out like an early-aughts Paris Hilton, resplendent in a pink satin corset contraption that allowed maximum ta-ta display with a short handkerchief-looking pretense for a skirt. Daniels finished the inappropriate outfit with a matching fringed mini-purse and Hilton-appropriate diamante tiara.

For once, Daniels didn't clear the board of awards — Jenna Jameson was that year's top winner. Instead, Daniels had to settle for a nomination for Best Supporting Actress: Video for her role in the private eye detective thriller "Suspicious Minds." Daniels also had the honor of presenting the Best New Starlet accolade to Cytherea.

2005 was a busy year for both Daniels and Trump. She had her AVN Awards commitment while he married his third wife, Melania Trump. The couple said "I do" in an extravagant ceremony at Mar-a-Lago in January. Melania became pregnant within months. "I expected we were going to have children, so I wasn't totally surprised," Donald told People in January 2006. "But I was surprised by the speed of it. It happened very quickly." Meanwhile, Daniels claimed she had sex with Donald in July 2006, three months after his and Melania's son, Barron Trump, was born.

Stormy Daniels' racy red riding hood

Stormy Daniels was prepared to perform at Gossip Gentlemen's Night Club in Melville, New York, in February 2018. This was just as well because otherwise, Daniels' racy Little Red Riding Hood number would have definitely been deemed an inappropriate outfit by the standard theatergoer. Her adult fairytale-inspired ensemble consisted of a sequined red hooded cape; a matching flared mini skirt edged in layers of frills, and a black latex corset belt that allowed her ample bosom to overflow. Daniels finished the look off with some black heels and a sultry smile.

Following the news of her alleged affair with Donald Trump, Daniels was left terrified for her life and desperate to make a living. So, she owned her notoriety and engaged on a nationwide strip tour. Obviously, there was the usual gaggle of salivating men dishing out the dollars. However, at the same time, there were several women in the audience, many of whom had never set foot inside a peeler bar but were there to cheer Daniels on. "Look what she's doing for women in this country," a 70-year-old told The Cap Times in June 2018. "She's suing our president. What could be stronger than that?" Another praised Daniels for being a "sex-positive, strong woman."

According to the outlet, Daniels was flattered but shocked to unexpectedly find herself a feminist icon and inspiration. "It's a lot of f**kingpressure," she admitted. "It's super fun. But it is a lot of pressure."

Stormy Daniels' vampish vampire vixen

One of Stormy Daniels' most inappropriate red carpet outfits was the vampish vixen get-up she wore for the 2020 AVNs in Las Vegas. Daniels would have been on point for a Goth gathering but was out of place for an erotica event. However, despite the black lipstick and red-lined eyes, Daniels still looked super sexy, clad in black latex outfit, with a corset-style tie-front top, short tulle skirt, and long black lace fingerless gloves.

In January 2019, when she was crowned Mainstream Star of the Year, Daniels had taken her attorney in her Donald Trump case, Michael Avenatti, as her plus-one. He took to the stage to make a series of lewd jokes. "I was a little surprised to learn that Trump wasn't here tonight. Because he's f**king more people than anybody," Avenatti quipped (via Daily Beast). Just two months later, Daniels and Avenatti parted ways after it was determined he'd defrauded Daniels of nearly $300,000. In June 2022, Avenatti was sentenced to four years.

At the 2020 awards, Daniels won Mainstream Venture of the Year for her memoir, "Full Disclosure." In a twist of fate, Avenatti had written a forward for the book, noting, "What makes Stormy Daniels so unique — and so prepared for the important role she has undertaken — is that she always owns who she is. She is entirely confident in her own skin — every day. She doesn't pretend to be something she isn't."