Trump's Flashy Mar-A-Lago Mother's Day Lunch Without Melania Speaks Volumes

You'd expect Donald Trump to celebrate Mother's Day with his wife and the mother to his look-alike son, Barron Trump, but that wasn't the case. Melania Trump was MIA for the former president's Mother's Day luncheon and it says a lot about where their relationship stands.

On Sunday, May 12, 2024, Donald took part in a Mother's Day lunch at Mar-a-Lago. A video of the businessman captured him walking into the event...solo. Melania, nor any other Trump family member were in sight. Still, that didn't stop the political figure from looking like he had a good time. Donald posed for photos alongside some of the attendees, but people still couldn't get past the fact that he had shown up to a Mother's Day event without his wife. Ron Flipkowski, an editor, shared, "...Hosting this Mother's Day dinner, but no sign of Melania. Again. Fake Marriage."

Melania and Donald's relationship has faced a lot of criticism in the past couple of years. With the former first lady being absent from the campaign trail and Donald's court appearances, it has had the public questioning how real their romance is and whether it will last much longer. With Melania skipping out on the Mother's Day lunch, it has only raised concerns about the couple's relationship even more. 

Donald Trump didn't post Melania Trump on Mother's Day

Not only did Donald Trump not attend the luncheon with Melania Trump, but he didn't celebrate her with a social media post on the actual holiday. The former first lady shared a Mother's Day post on social media, which read, "Mothers are the cornerstone of a flourishing society. I take great pride in embracing this responsibility. And, although nothing makes me prouder than the relationship I have with my son, only a mother knows that some of our efforts remained unnoticed." Donald reposted this message on Truth Social, but that was all Melania got.

The former president shared a general Mother's Day tribute on Truth Social, writing, "I hope that all of the incredible MOTHERS out there had an incredible day. You are the most special people of them all!!!" Nowhere in his post did Donald mention Melania, which seemed a bit odd.

However, the political figure did take the time to briefly shout out the mother of his son just a day prior. While appearing at a campaign rally in New Jersey, "NewsMax" captured Donald saying, "I also want to say happy Mother's Day to all the moms in America, especially to my wife, Melania. I'll be home in a little while." So, Donald didn't completely forget about Melania, but when Mother's Day arrived, it came and went without a message from the former president to the former first lady.