Hallmark's Lacey Chabert Looks So Different Without Makeup

For her TV movie roles, Hallmark loyalist Lacey Chabert has her face festooned with makeup that gives her that eternal merry glow, and she always looks flawless as freshly fallen snow — the leading lady can't get outshone by a charming small town's twinkling Christmas tree, after all. Chabert also rarely allows fans to see her without makeup when she isn't filming, but the Hallmark star will show off her bare face once in a blue moon.

When Chabert was just 12 years old and starring in "Party of Five," she told the Los Angeles Times that getting to wear makeup was a highlight of her first major acting gig: playing Cossette in the Broadway production of "Les Miserables." But what she loved most about her stage look was her fake black eye.

Now, when Chabert doesn't look as perfectly polished as one of her Hallmark characters, she has to worry about people quoting her "Mean Girls" character, Gretchen Wieners, at her. "I was at the pharmacy and I was sick and trying to get medicine, and the pharmacist just looked at me and goes, 'You don't look like you feel very fetch today,'" she recalled to Entertainment Weekly in 2014. So, who can blame her if she usually makes an attempt at enhancing her natural beauty a bit before she goes out in public? However, Chabert goes au naturel for a good reason whenever she doesn't have to worry about mean-girl pharmacists seeing her.

Why it's rare to see Lacey Chabert without makeup

In a 2014 interview with Allure about her makeup and hair secrets, Lacey Chabert blamed her roots for her inability to step out the door with uncovered pores. "I'm from the South, and I was raised that you don't go out of the house without your face on," she said.

Chabert's skin might not be so fond of her preference for looking put-together in public. "I try to do as little as possible when I'm not working, because my hair and face are tortured so much when I'm on set," she shared. Fans got to see what Chabert looks like when she's giving her skin a breather from being battered with makeup brushes in 2023. The "Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up" star posted a makeup-free selfie on her Instagram Story, revealing that she snapped it while waiting to pick her daughter up from school (via Good Housekeeping). It turns out that Chabert is one of those celebs who look totally different without makeup, and it's likely skipping her signature beauty look — eyeliner on her upper and lower lashlines — that made the results of her makeunder so drastic.

While she'll sacrifice makeup for her daughter's sake, Chabert wasn't about to skip it when she met her "A Christmas Melody" co-star Mariah Carey for the first time. "I was so nervous on the car ride over that I touched up my makeup, like, 17 times," she told TV Insider.

Lacey Chabert's beauty issue caused by a teenage habit

In a 2012 post on her Tumblr blog, Lacey Chabert decided to share a photo of her freshly washed face to show her followers what a difference a glam team can make. "I'm FAR from perfect and I too look very different without makeup and hair extensions etc," she wrote. "It's taken me years to get to this place, but I'm finally okay with that!" She also revealed she struggles with insecurities about her appearance and admitted that it was somewhat frightening for her to let people see the face behind the glamorous mask.

Chabert shared one of her most bothersome beauty issues on X, formerly known as Twitter, in 2012. While tweeting the praises of RejuvaYu medical director John Shieh, M.D., "The Wedding Veil" actor wrote, "TY 4 helping correct my love of tanning when I was a teenager." She revealed that the doc's Triniti laser treatment was responsible for diminishing the appearance of the sun damage caused by her youthful folly of catching too many UV rays. 

A decade after she tweeted at Shieh, Chabert told NewBeauty that she now relies on a drugstore staple, Neutrogena sunscreen, to protect her skin from further damage. She also shared her new favorite skincare procedure. "I recently tried a microcurrent treatment and liked it a lot. It left my skin feeling soft and lifted." If it's fetch enough for Gretchen Wieners, then it's fetch enough for us.